Vaginal balls - a way to delight

vaginal balls Vaginal balls, also known as the Geisha balls or Venus, were invented many centuries ago.Recently, their popularity began to grow rapidly - this is due to the fact that they are mentioned in the popular book "Fifty Shades of Grey."It is not excluded that the new sales growth of vaginal balls happen after the adaptation of the novel.However, millions of women have used and will use these tools, regardless of fashion trends - they can be used to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and vaginal wall, to solve some gynecological problems and improve the quality of sexual life.

gynecologists and other specialists recommend the use of vaginal balls along with Kegel exercises for treating urinary incontinence.Furthermore, they can be applied to sexual stimulation.


Species vaginal balls

Vaginal balls on a cord used more often.Typically, two beads, and they are located on the cord in two or three inches from one another;in some models can be three balls (rarely - more), and they can be of different sizes.The beads on a string are perfect for training the pelvic floor muscles and treating incontinence.These vaginal balls are recommended to buy for those who had never used this device.They are easy to insert and remove from the vagina - the tip of the lace is outside, but it does not cause any discomfort.However, they also have a disadvantage in the holes into which threaded lace, can accumulate vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge: normal or disease? Vaginal discharge: normal or disease? , creating a comfortable environment for bacteria.However, this does not happen, if you carefully wash balls soap and hot water after each use.

Vaginal balls without lace - the same balls are not connected to one another.They are good in that they are easier to clean and can be used, depending on personal preferences, one, two or three at a time.

other species.Quite popular vibrating vaginal balls intended mostly for sexual stimulation, rather than to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.They are expected to act on the point g Point G - a small germ of prostate Point G - a small germ of prostate , and thereby bring the woman a lot of fun.They are equipped with a remote control, which can be used independently, or entrust it to his partner.Some women are vaginal balls really help diversify sex life, while others only cause discomfort, and it is impossible to predict in advance, they are just like you or not.

Vaginal balls inside which contains several small balls can be used to train the muscles of the vagina, as well as for sexual stimulation.They cause vaginal muscles to work more intensively than usual vaginal balls, and the results of training can be noticeably faster.

In addition, there are raised vaginal balls - with smooth bulges, indentations, and so on.

materials.Vaginal balls are made of glass, metal, plastic or silicone.Use balls of any other materials, as well as damaged vaginal balls (for example, those which have broken away from the pieces of glass) is not recommended.


How to use vaginal balls

balls should be inserted vaginally, when your bladder Urinary bladder - structure and function Urinary bladder - structure and function empty.Before the introduction of the beads and / or on the walls of the vagina lubricant should be applied.Those who do it for the first time, it is better to enter the balls in the supine position, but in general this will suit any comfortable posture for you personally.

Stand up, walk around, try to sit down, quickly get up, jump and run in place, keeping balls vaginal muscles.The first few times recommended vaginal balls home and not more than fifteen minutes.When you get used to them, you can start walking with balloons at work, to the gym, for shopping, and so on, holding them for several hours.Some women hold balls vaginal muscles throughout the day - over time it becomes a habit, and does not cause discomfort.

After removing the vaginal balls wash them with soap and warm water.It is also recommended to wash them before each reuse.Keep them in their original packaging, in a dry and cool place.

Additional recommendations:

  • not leave with vaginal balls out of the house, until you feel that your muscles become strong enough for that - otherwise there is a good chance to get into an awkward position.
  • beginners hardest to hold metal and glass vaginal balls.Therefore, if you still did not do Kegel exercises more or less regularly, start better with balls made of plastic or silicone.
  • Thanks lubricants vaginal balls are not only easier inserted into the vagina, but also easier to fall out, so it is better not to abuse lubricants.
  • Do not panic if you can not immediately remove the vaginal balls.They can not get lost in your body, so just relax, sit down, if necessary, use a little lubricant - balls necessarily come out.
  • If, after using vaginal balls you have any signs of irritation of the vagina or the external genitalia, unusual discharge discharge in women when there is cause for concern Selections women when there is cause for concern or any other problems, stop using the balls as quickly as possible, refer to thedoctor.