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remedy for insomnia Insomnia makes people irritable, unstable, prone to make mistakes when performing simple tasks,always tired and listless.What is the remedy for insomnia is best to choose as soon as possible to regain the ability to sleep properly at night and wake up refreshed and full of energy?

The way you feel in your waking hours, much depends on how well you sleep.As we had not dreamed at all to sleep to save seven or eight hours a day when there is something, which is why it is impossible to sleep for a few days or more, we immediately realize that without sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams we can not be normal.When a person can not sleep, it decreases the concentration of attention, there are problems with memory, the rate of reactions, perception of the world dulled.


We treat insomnia without drugs

  • Changing the order of the day - this is probably the best remedy for insomnia.At least, it is perfectly safe, and it's worth a try in the first place - before you start to try and folk remedies, especially sleeping pills.
  • Exercise as much as possible, or go on foot.Physical activity improves sleep, even if at first you will be able to deal with only twenty or thirty minutes a day.Try to finish a workout for five or six hours before bedtime.
  • Note what medicines you are taking.Formulations which include caffeine, pseudoephedrine, can cause insomnia.If such drugs has appointed you to the doctor, tell him that you have problems sleeping.
  • Do not sleep during the day.A little nap in the afternoon - a pleasant experience, but because of that you will be even more difficult to fall asleep at night.If you really can not do without an afternoon nap, sleep less than thirty minutes, and do not allow yourself to doze off after three hours of the day.
  • Limit consumption of caffeine and alcohol, and abstain from nicotine.All of these substances can cause sleep problems.Avoid any caffeinated drinks after lunch, and the number of alcoholic drinks consumed in the evening, kept to a minimum and try not to drink alcohol for at least two hours before bedtime.Of course, you can completely abandon at once all of these substances - it will only benefit you.
  • not suffer pain.If insomnia is associated with the disease, which causes severe pain, because of which you can not fall asleep at night, take analgesics.If you do not know the causes of this pain, do not wait until it passes by itself, and go to the doctor.
  • Do not overeat before going to bed.It is best not to eat three or four hours before bedtime, but if you really want, you can afford a light snack (eg an apple or pear), even for an hour before going to bed.Heavy meal shortly before bedtime can cause an attack of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which will give you a sleepless night.
  • Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex.Do not read, do not work and do not eat on the bed.For half an hour before going to bed, do not watch TV, do not operate the computer, do not use the phone (except to make Service).The light that emit the screens of these devices can lead to a violation of your biorhythms.
  • Make your room comfortable for sleeping.Keep it comfortable temperature, ventilate her bedtime.Make sure that the bedroom was dark - a man much better than sleeping in the dark simply because it is natural for him to sleep at night.Do not sleep with the lights on, as if in your area there are white nights, hang curtains on the windows of thick, dark fabric.Remove from the bedroom or the glowing clock ticking.Service put up at a distance from the bed, so you could not reach it with his hand.So you can not constantly check what time it is, and this habit, by the way, can aggravate insomnia.
  • Find a way to relax before going to bed.Allow yourself to forget about the problems until the morning - it will not immediately, but over time will become a habit.Take a warm shower, do yourself a scalp massage head massage - the best way to relax Head massage - the best way to relax or legs, listen to calm, relaxing music for a few minutes, breathing exercises or meditate.Create your own ritual of bedtime, and never regret spending time.If you do not sleep enough, then because of the lethargy and problems with concentration you lose much more time.
  • Do not try to fall asleep.There is no contradiction with previous advice.Sleep should come very easily and naturally, and the more you try to sleep, the more difficult it will be to do it.If you feel that sleep is not, read (not in the bedroom), something that is not too exciting, and lie down when you feel sleepy.If you are already formed, and about half an hour do not fall asleep, get up and go do something - a dream come.Contrary to some of the stories of people suffering from insomnia, a person simply can not sleep for weeks, so you're sure to fall asleep, if not right now.
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