How to start a new life: Walkthrough

start a new life Probably not a man who once thought about how to start a new life.This question confronts anyone who is not satisfied with their existence and wants to change something.Not everyone, however, decide to change: many prefer to delay the start of a new life on Monday for next month, next year.Those who are willing to start a new life, it is necessary to understand how to do it.


Is it worth it change anything?

itself desire to change life means only one thing: the person feels uncomfortable, he is unhappy, it is necessary to change something.Do not ignore such a signal of his own troubles, as the desire for change.If this situation continue to usual life, eventually frustration will grow.On the other hand, the desire for change does not mean that it is necessary to radically change the life: sometimes quite small changes to freshwater life was bright, interesting, rich and rewarding life.

course, you can change a life at random, hoping that sooner or later will be able to make sense of dissatisfaction and discomfort is gone.But it's much more effective to try to understand themselves and understand what is wrong in the life that is.What is missing for happiness?Find someone?Love?Self-esteem?Tranquility?Health?Maybe money's career, family relationships?Such soul-searching can be very interesting, they will bring a lot of discoveries, if you do not forget about the honesty with yourself.After all, people often dream about something just because it relies dream, and their true needs can be quite different.

It often happens that the desire to change something in your life - it's just a desire to remove any interference from its path.And then it is important to identify these obstacles to get rid of them.


Step one: setting goals

To start with the most clearly, to the smallest details imagine what should be the newlife.After that, you can start setting goals.In formulating the objectives have a very important point: the goal in any case should not depend on others.That is the ultimate goal can not be to change the behavior of another person.Here are some examples of wrong purposes:

  • To my husband was faithful to me;
  • To my wife took care of me;
  • parents left me a legacy of the apartment;
  • To Head raised my salary.

The ancient saying that the only thing that can change a man - a life of its own.Not worth wasting energy on attempts to change or re-other, do not set goals so that their implementation was dependent on someone else.Right goals sound a little different:

  • Happy family relations (preferably with a breakdown - loyalty, mutual care, love ...);
  • become the owner of his apartment;
  • monthly earning a certain amount.

tell right goals are clear.Firstly, Delhi can achieve these different ways.Secondly, the right goals require some proactive, not passive waiting.


Step Two: planning

When the goal is, you need to think your way to it.The most convenient way to build such a plan from the beginning, and the end.It targets may lead some ways.For example, to earn a certain amount each month, you can look for a new job, find a part-time job or ask a supervisor for a raise.Thus, instead of a global goal has several objectives, it is achievable.And to achieve each should draw up a separate plan.

for finding a new job needs to improve some skills, get acquainted with the requirements of employers and possibly refresh some business contacts.To find podrabotok besides all of the above is necessary to find the resources of time.A request for the allowances should prepare convincing speech, which will make the head of the salary increase.

With multiple plans can not be afraid of failure.It did not work to persuade the boss?So, you can always find a new job.In the meantime, work is not found, will help to get the right amount of part-time work.

Such plans are drawn up for all purposes.Surprisingly, the most global targets may be achievable, it is worth only carefully plan your way to them step by step.However, a plan is, of course, is not enough.


Step Three: Action

begin we must act immediately.That is, as soon as put the last point in the plan.As a rule, the earliest items are too complex to implement.For example, if the goal is a good figure, the first item may be giving up a late dinner - it means that refuse to be dinner on the same day as the written plan.If the first item - the study of a foreign language, you should immediately begin to search for a suitable course or textbook.If you care, then why not make a mask for hair or appointment to the beautician?

Postponing the launch of the plan, the person gradually loses enthusiasm.It is tempting to put off "day X" again and again, even if the first steps toward the goal seem very simple.Everyone is afraid of change, because any change requires giving up something.Even if the old way of life has brought only trouble and pain, to decide on the changes can be difficult.

And the best way to deal with your fear - act.Methodically implement each item of its plan without seeking excuses.Sometimes it takes a few days to change the fear receded.Do not rush and jump the gun: we need only perform scheduled.At the same time we must not forget the flexibility: it is possible, in the original plans will have to make some adjustments, if required by the new, changed life.

Maria Bykov