Asthenic syndrome - the state of constant fatigue

asthenic syndrome asthenic syndrome - a condition which is characterized by a constant feeling of fatigue, which is independent of lifestyle, that is, the person may feel tired after the operation, and in the morning, barely awake.In most cases, constant fatigue is associated with various diseases, and after successful treatment of the symptoms of asthenic syndrome disappear.However, in some cases, asthenic syndrome occurs in generally healthy persons.


asthenic syndrome, or simple exhaustion?

This is one of the first questions, which tries to answer the doctor during the examination of the patient, which are signs of asthenic syndrome.The main difference between this disorder is that the symptoms are almost never disappear completely, while the fatigue goes away after a shorter or longer vacation.In some patients, the symptoms of asthenic syndrome are most pronounced in the morning, and fatigue, on the contrary, enhanced the evening.Fatigue, weakness, lethargy patient with asthenic syndrome may be accompanied by pain in different parts of the body, constipation, bloating, flatulence power.


reasons asthenic syndrome

Numerous studies indicate that, in recent decades, the number of patients suffering from asthenic syndrome is increasing steadily, and the reasons for this are numerous socioeconomic factors: poor living conditions, problems with work,heavy and / or prolonged stress.

Regular processing is one of the most common causes of asthenic syndrome.Currently, many people are working overtime and devote a lot of time further education for a successful career, which in itself is not bad, but could have negative health effects, especially if such a lifestyle brings man a little pleasure.Other factors, such as divorce, moving, birth, illness, relatives significantly increase the likelihood of asthenic syndrome.A man who lives long in a state of extreme stress may eventually begin to notice that sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams longer recovers his strength, he almost always feels the muscle tension, becomes irritable without any objective reasonsand works less efficiently.He always want to rest, but the rest does not help get rid of fatigue.

reasons for asthenic syndrome can also be brain damage, some cardiovascular diseases, infections and disorders of the endocrine system.Some types of cancer can also cause long-lasting fatigue and weakness.



When complaints asthenia patient is usually prescribed a blood test (to prevent infection and anemia) test to check liver function tests for thyroid hormones Tests for thyroid hormones - surveyin diseases Tests for thyroid hormones - a survey for diseases .If necessary, it can be used, and other diagnostic procedures.If any disease is found, the doctor may refer the patient to a specialist in mental disorders, to prevent depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood .



If asthenic syndrome is caused by certain diseases, appointed a special treatment using antibiotics, hormones, antidepressants, and so on.

When asthenic syndrome have no obvious cause, the patient is generally recommended lifestyle changes.Of the drugs generally used only vitamins, amino acids, and moderate amounts of promoters (typically caffeine).

balance of work and rest - one of the most important aspects in the treatment of asthenic syndrome, the cause of which is not a disease.The patient has to find time for their own interests (even if he loves his work, from her you still need to be distracted), to communicate with his family and friends to simply unwind and bring thoughts in order.It is desirable (though not always possible) to the patient was a strict schedule - should be given a certain number of hours at work, training and leisure.

Healthy food - another important factor in the treatment of asthenic syndrome.Modern inhabitant of the western world consumes more calories than it consumes people who lived here fifty (and even more - a hundred or more) years ago.However, an increase in caloric intake is not accompanied by an increase in its nutritional value: many people lack essential vitamins and minerals.The diet of a person suffering from asthenic syndrome, must include fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein foods and unsaturated fats.At the same time, it is important to avoid strict diets - lack of energy supplied in the diet may lead to an even greater fatigue.In addition, even a completely healthy, fresh man is not always possible to sustain a diet - slimming often frustrated and begin to "eat off" rolls, chips, chocolate, and other foods that contain large amounts of simple carbohydrates.A person suffering from asthenic syndrome, it can lead to increased stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? (due to feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction with himself) and, consequently, to a deterioration in his condition.

For patients with asthenic syndrome is very important regular exercise.

is strongly recommended to choose the types of stress that bring the patient to the greatest pleasure - then training can be really effective cure for constant lethargy.

Healthy sleep - is another effective remedy for asthenic syndrome.The patient must get enough sleep every day, no matter how it is loaded with work or study.Sleep should be in a quiet, cool room and, preferably, in total darkness.It is very important to go to bed every day and get up at the same time - the studies show that it promotes the most complete relaxation.