How to win a man - prepare for the positional battles

  • How to win a man - prepare for the positional battles
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man win How to win a man?At least once in your life to think about it, every woman.Of course, it is considered that should win the stronger sex, but in practice women resort to a variety of tricks to entice vending gentleman.What kind of strategy for the conquest of man is most effective?


What not to do

It would seem that everything is very simple: it is necessary to remember how men conquered them win the hearts of beautiful women, and behave the same way.This means - daily call or send messages, constantly inviting somewhere to show their sympathy and make gifts.For men, this behavior is quite natural, but if this way begins to behave girl, it rarely causes sympathy of the stronger sex.

time immemorial, men took an active role in relations between the sexes.Although women now have equal rights with the opposite sex in all areas of life, in love men still prefer to take the initiative.If the lady too actively trying to "hunt" Well, man, it is rather a scare "game" rather than attract it to their network.


role appearance

first thing you need to win the hearts of men - to get his attention.The easiest way to do this with the help of the exterior.To stand out from the crowd of other women, not have to be prettier and slimmer them.It is enough to be unusual.No matter how beautiful blond hair, but the crowd blondes look inevitably delayed for chestnut or black head.No matter how delicious mini-skirts, but if this style are everything, but the girl in a skirt maxi bound to attract attention.Of course, it is not necessary to seek originality at the expense of beauty: it is important to just find in their original appearance, and dignity in every way to emphasize them.

clothed better to give preference bright and clear tones.Brown, khaki, beige and gray is very effective for those who do not want to attract attention.Those who, on the contrary, wants to attract views, better wear something bright.Of course, while not necessarily look like a parrot, but a couple of catchy parts of the image will surely be noticed.


Strength view

Women always lured men into its charm expressive look.Of course, the eyes should be inviting, not repulsive.You should not look too closely for too long, should not be at the same time preserve the face unassailable and stern expression.The best way to sink a couple of views and openly interested to look away, and then again we let evil and admiring glances at the subject.Such views clearly show sympathy and at the same time, neither are non-binding.

During the call, it is desirable to look like the man in the eye, trying to delay a little longer look than the required standards.And may read in his eyes a sincere interest: a man necessarily sees it, even if it will not happen immediately.


Meeting held

attract male attention - even half the battle.The hardest part - to really win the man, it become necessary, to call it a passion.What do you need?First, we need not give interest to fade away.

Modern men prefer independent women.You should not ever look him in the eye and call for far-fetched reasons.In general, the initiative is better to be approximately three times less than it takes man.

In no case should not be imposed on the man - it is always better to be a little inaccessible, elusive.How to achieve this?It just did not do some things that I like to abuse the ladies:

  • undesirable to initiate conversations about relationships.She endlessly to sort things out - the nightmare of every man;
  • Do not rush.This is a very common mistake women: dating barely held, and it already sees herself in her wedding dress and come up with names of future grandchildren.Better not to rush things and talk less about the future;
  • Lovers girls love to confess her lover, telling all their sins.They think that it is brought together with their loved ones, but the effect is actually quite the opposite.Smaller is better to talk about their problems, mistakes and sins;
  • of a loved one always wants to take care of, but it is important to know the measure of all.Healthy adult men could eat himself, pat his shirt and even earn money.Moreover, he is able to guess wear a warm scarf when outside cold.It is not necessary to surround him with care, not allowing yourself to step and step: better to inspire a loved one to the exploits.


most important

win the man is not as difficult as it seems: it is enough to treat it carefully, to show admiration and otherwise adorn his life, that he fell into the net.Absolutely every person dreams of, to be loved for what it is, with all faults taking or trying to fix it.Anyone likes to be admired, flattered every undisguised interest.These techniques are as old as the world, but they work.

however, intending to conquer a man should think about what would have to go for that.Perhaps this particular representative of the stronger sex attracts only a certain type of woman.Should I break myself in order to become the one of which he dreams?Sometimes it seems that pretend to be another favorite for quite easy, but for a long time to wear someone else's disguise is unlikely to succeed.As a result, a woman will feel a growing irritation, and a man may eventually give up on his beloved.Change for the sake of a loved one is even more difficult, and is it worth doing?

If it turns out that men need to win too much sacrifice, better to just look for another man.This, which was originally to be appropriate.This, for whom do not have to radically change the appearance and habits.In short, a man who will not have to conquer with great difficulty.

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