How to learn to kiss: practical advice

How to learn to kiss In his youth, almost all concerned about how to learn to kiss, the kiss is correct, bringing pleasure to yourself and your partner.To master the art of kissing everyone can, but this requires not only basic theoretical knowledge but also practical training.It is necessary to learn a little bit to literally maddening kisses his partner.


Why do people kiss?

In modern society, a kiss - one of the easiest ways to express their warm feelings.Kiss the children and their parents, relatives and friends, acquaintances, and sometimes even pets.But these kisses are not erotic painting.It is quite another thing - kissing lovers.Such kissing, no matter how chaste they may seem, always sexy and full of bright emotions.

particular importance is the first kiss, he is usually remembered for a long time, if not forever.However, in the future with the development of relationships kissing play an important role.It is known that couples who kiss each other often, and a lot more happy than those who refused this affection.


Preparing to kiss

dry and chapped lips do not look too attractive and do not cause the desire to kiss them.At the same time soft and smooth lips to name just a kiss.To achieve such a tenderness and smoothness quite easy as the girls and the guys, just enough to give up the habit of licking his lips and get a special scrub for lips.However, the scrub is quite possible to cook yourself, using any hypoallergenic fat cream and fine sugar.Also, it makes the skin more smooth lips will help ordinary honey.

Girls often try to make your lips more attractive with makeup, but so often reach the opposite effect.Few people want to be spoiled in a bright and oily lipstick or touch the sticky gloss.Therefore, travelers are more suitable balms, which will only make the lips more vivid shade and add a little sparkle.

Fresh breath - the key to the success of a kiss.Perhaps unnecessarily remind you regularly cleaned and, if necessary, to treat teeth.But for many people forget cleaning the tongue, and it is in vain: for language usually is actively involved in a kiss.Immediately before his appointment should not get involved eating ostropahnuschih products and smoking - these flavors are not added to kiss appeal.


Education kisses

Of course, it is best to learn to practice kissing with a gentle and understanding (and ideally even with a loving and beloved) partner.The beauty of the first kiss in his modesty and lack of experience is compensated by feelings experienced by kissing.Yet many dream not to lose face and have the very first time to demonstrate the ability to kiss a partner.It is possible, if you study the typical mistakes kissing.

What mistakes people usually allow a kiss?Here are the most typical:

  • Excessive passivity.If a person dies and does not react to kisses his partner may be perfectly natural to doubt that his affection pleasant;
  • Excessive activity.You should not rub on the partner, as if trying to swallow him whole.Do not use your teeth - like it is not all, and certainly out of place during the first kiss.There is no need to push the language as deeply as possible into the throat of the partner.To what step up the pace - the charm of a kiss is not in the speed of movement;
  • too tight lips.Muscles tense mouth with a kiss, but do lips should be soft and relaxed.It should work out to achieve this result;
  • Slobbery kisses.If the partner has to wipe the kiss, it is unlikely that he or she will appreciate caress high.During a kiss must constantly swallowing;
  • too dry kisses.At the same time, dry kissing too many find boring, formal, fresh and sensual enough;
  • Monotonous kisses.It often happens that young people learn one technique and calm down on this.As a result, all the kisses are obtained in one way: for example, grasping the lower or upper lips, or tongue retraction with a partner, or vice versa, with the insistent use of their own language.But the monotony kills love.It is better to try different techniques and alternate various techniques, seeking to please your loved one.

is enough to avoid these errors to earn the rank of a man who knows how to kiss.At the same time the most important thing - it does not take the time to show your loved one knowing all the tricks, and be sensitive to your partner.Taking into account all the preferences of the partner can give him great pleasure.The first kiss is a test of what tricks your loved one seem particularly attractive - in the future these techniques should be given special attention.

And what do those who have a partner yet?If the theoretical knowledge is not enough, you can work out ... on tomatoes.This method of training kisses to try out more than one generation of people.Bite tomato, should be carefully suck the juice out of it, trying not to spill a drop.


first and subsequent kisses

kiss should start with a light touch of his lips to the partner.Slightly closed lips to touch, move away for a moment, and then touch more boldly, tilting her head to one side and his mouth open.This is followed by gently grab his partner's mouth and lips to make soft sucking motion with the top, then lower lip.During the first kiss is better to refrain from the use of language.

Later language can and should be used can try to examine his mouth tight tongue partner spend on his lips, gently stroking his tongue.You can alternately tense and relax the tongue for best effect.You can flutter tongue, or envelop their language partner - all the options are countless, as long as they give pleasure to both partners.

Maria Bykov