How to make a competent summary: rules and tricks

make a competent summary find a good job is not as easy as it sounds, because each position claims are usually a few people.And when choosing a candidate the employer often focuses on a resume.The applicant, who knows how to create a resume, there will always be a winner: it certainly invited for an interview, where you can show all its advantages.


main recommendations

summary - a kind of business card employee, which is used to attract the attention of the employer.To resume writing must be taken very carefully, given the fact that most employers carefully evaluate not only the content but also the form of the document.Different types of design separately offered by many sites dedicated to finding work.The easiest way to use it is prepared forms, which are always well prepared and contain all the necessary information.

At the beginning of summary indicates basic information:

  • 's name (and sometimes also the middle name) of the applicant;
  • mobile phones;
  • address (in most cases enough to specify the town and street, apartment number and the code of the intercom to report, of course, it is not necessary);
  • Email (maximum security, without a touch of frivolity);
  • Here you can specify the date of birth and age (too young job seekers or those whose approaching retirement age, it is better for the age of attention not dwell).

You must also specify the name of the office to which the applicant claims.The name should sound exactly as on the website of the employer, or in its declaration.Immediately indicate the desired size of the starting salary.Too shy is not necessary, but still figures to be realistic: the secretary without experience can not qualify for a salary that is offered to top managers.

next item - experience.If the experience is limited, it should be possible to write in detail.Those who changed a lot of jobs, it is appropriate to mention just about the most significant experiences or limited to a few last job.All jobs are listed in chronological order, I very recently: first specified period of work, then - the name of the organization, the scope of its activities, hereinafter - the position and duties.Here it is appropriate to list their achievements.

Education.You must specify an education that allows to apply for this position.Information about additional education can also be not out of place, if any courses are somehow connected with the interests of the vacancy.On education writing as well as on the work, indicating the period of study, the name of the university, faculty, specialty Diploma.

Skills.In this section of the summary should be written on all their knowledge and skills that could be useful in his new job.The extent of knowledge of foreign languages ​​and computer needs to be specified - at what level the applicant owns languages, the program knows exactly what and how well.

last point - for more information.Here you can write about personal qualities, willingness to travel or move to another city, wishes to schedule.For some positions it has a value having a personal car and driver's license - in this case, this information should also be provided.On the possibility to provide recommendations from previous employers also write in this section of the summary.Here it is possible to write about the marital status and hobbies, but this information should be as brief.

optimum size of resume - one A4 page.If the resume is long, it is better to correct it by removing all the excess information.


How not to be resume

When resume writing is not worth striving for originality.This is especially true design resume - let better it will be standard than unusual.Even those who claim to be creative office, write better about yourself dry and strictly - excessive emotionality in the abstract completely inappropriate.

grammatical, spelling or stylistic errors in the summary are not allowed.Such summary does not inspire confidence among employers.

not necessary to specify in the summary of superfluous information.It is not necessary to inform employers about their weight, political preferences, religion and zodiac sign.Some more information is better not to specify in the resume and cover letter to him.

should refrain from the use of the summary of abbreviations and terms that can be understood only by specialists.HR staff simply can not understand what is being discussed.

should not be too hard to tell in the summary of his hobby.It is enough to list a few interests that would somehow indicate the applicant's compliance office.For example, love for the sport is indirect evidence of an active position in life, and the ability to do needlework characteristic of the candidate as a person assiduous and attentive.

Photo for resume must be of good quality, in any case not made on the beach or in the woods on a mobile phone.The photo should not be anything extra - other people, animals, trees, cars and buildings.Not the best option would be for photos and documents (passport, visa, right) - these photos are rarely successful.Suitable photo in the workplace appropriate clothing, always with a smile.

undesirable to write to resume with false information or an employer surprise inadequate requirements that can relate to wages and working conditions.Even outstanding professionals may refuse to work if his demands seem overpriced, so you should objectively evaluate its "cost" in the labor market and do not demand too much.

Maria Bykov