Transsexuals - who they are

Transsexuals Transsexuals - people whose gender identity does not match their biological sex.That is, it is men who feel like women, and women who feel men.This condition is still relatively poorly understood, and creates a lot of fear and prejudice, as it is related to a fundamental aspect of human identity - its floor.

Transgender refers to behavioral disorders of personality, and included in the ICD-10 under code F 64.0.However, themselves transgender people are quite adequate, and the only one, though substantial, unlike most is that they are convinced that they must have been born with a different set of chromosomes.In the process of diagnosis of transsexuality doctors are convinced that it is not caused by mental disorders such as schizophrenia Schizophrenia - to blame civilization Schizophrenia - to blame civilization .


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Transsexuals should not be confused with transvestites - that, in general, do quite often.Transvestites do not feel the need to change their sex - they just like from time to time to wear clothes of the opposite sex, usually because they are suffering from a mild form of gender dysphoria (the inability to fully accept their own biological sex).As a rule, the appearance and behavior of transvestites is consistent with their biological sex and does not hide any clothes of the opposite sex, no make-up.Transsexuals, by contrast, often have the characteristics of his mental sex: female transsexual, even in women's clothes can look too manly, men, on the contrary, very feminine.Dressed in clothes of the opposite sex transsexuals are often quite indistinguishable from the real thing (from a biological point of view) of men and women.

Transsexuals are not to be confused with homosexual and bisexual.All that unites them - a social movement LGBT.However, lesbians and gay men, unlike transsexuals usually quite happy with their biological sex.Furthermore, homosexuality and bisexuality - is much more common than transsexuality.

Finally, hermaphroditism and intersexuality, too, should not be confused with transsexuality.Both of these phenomena are very rare, and are connected in the first place, not with the perception of their gender, but with the peculiarity of the perception of their own sex.

Despite the fact that transgender people are healthy people who can think rationally completely, in most countries, people who want to start a process of sex change must go through a consultation with a psychiatrist.The doctor must make sure that the person is indeed transsexual and that his mind is stable enough to transfer the normal change of sex.



Transsexualism was recognized as an independent violation of some forty years ago;before an acute dissatisfaction with own sex was considered a symptom of various psychiatric disorders.For years, transgendered tried to treat with the help of psychotherapy, substance use and other means, but as far as we know, it was not possible to cure anyone.

Among the main causes of transsexuality doctors called chromosomal abnormalities, the result of which becomes a hormonal imbalance.Because of him, probably a man with a certain age no longer identify with their biological sex.

Exposure to chemicals during pregnancy (such as DES), and hormonal contraceptives after conception can lead to the development of a child's transsexuality.Sometimes a child's brain biochemistry is changing due to anemia Anemia - when you do not have enough blood Anemia - when you do not have enough blood mother, and the lack of various nutrients.One way or another, a predisposition to transsexuality has formed in utero and after birth at a certain age it will inevitably manifest itself.



Most transsexuals undergoing a very difficult period, when they realize that they feel women in a man's body, or vice versa.The first reaction is often denial - they are trying to ignore the feature, hoping it will pass by itself.There is considerable evidence that many transgender people who could not overcome the stage of denial, voluntary withdrawal from life.

Some transsexuals, despite the fact that they understand your problem, consciously choosing not to change the floor, and live by suppressing discomfort due to a mismatch of biological and psychological sex.They can do it for religious reasons or for fear of hurting his family.Currently, however, more and more transsexuals at a certain age are left trying to overcome his nature.Most of them are just starting to wear clothes of the opposite sex and behave accordingly, but are hormonal therapy to bring their appearance in line with the psychic sex.The results of this treatment are reversible if refuse to accept hormones at an early stage.

Gradually, however, the body changes begin to occur, which can not be corrected by a simple cessation of therapy.For men who want to change sex to female as a result of hormone therapy Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? reduced testicular volume, there are deposits of fat on the female type, inhibited spontaneous erection Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man (though sexual arousal can still cause an erection), gradually increasing the chest.In women, the clitoris increases, increased libido, going faster than usual build muscle mass, begin to grow hair on the body, often the skin is oily and acne appear - it is the result of the fact that under the influence of androgens the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively.

last stage of treatment may be a sex-change operation.It lasts a long time (about four hours) after the person is not less than ten days spent in the hospital, followed by a long and rather painful period of recovery and adaptation to his new body.Such operations do not all transgender people - not least because of their high cost.However, after the surgery a person can face a lot of problems - psychological, social and economic.Many transsexuals lose their family, friends and a job because of prejudice and misunderstanding.Discrimination against transgender people remains an urgent problem that is unlikely to be fully resolved in the foreseeable future.