Vaginal bleeding during menopause - when periods unexpected return

vaginal bleeding during menopause Women who have entered menopause may be upset because of age, but most are happy about the lack of menstruation.Sometimes, however, after a year without menstruation, some women notice the return of old traditions that appear light or copious vaginal bleeding vaginal bleeding - if monthly return when they were not expecting Vaginal bleeding - if monthly return when they were not expecting .

If this happens, do not neglect the issue to self-medicate or not to pay attention to it.Vaginal bleeding should be alerted, and is immediately seem gynecologist.

The causes of bleeding are many: hormonal changes, inadequate nutrition (lack of vitamins and trace elements, nutrients), stress, rapid weight loss.

  • If a woman entering menopause, hormone replacement therapy is applied, the bleeding is due to irregular hormonal levels that therapy tries to maintain at a certain level.
  • If a woman over 60, the bleeding can indicate the presence of endometrial cancer.This is a sign that indicates to it at one of eight women.
  • If a woman is not going to conduct a passive lifestyle, a diet makes the exercise, sometimes only in order not to gain weight, which is typical for women in menopause, she can lose weight drastically and cause vaginal bleeding.
  • deficiency important substances - another result of targeted diets or irrationally organized power, which leads to bleeding.During menopause it is very important a balanced menu that will prevent osteoporosis, the rapid aging of the skin, hair loss, including, to maintain the normal activities of the reproductive system.
  • Stress.There will be an unbalanced diet, and depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , weight loss, but because of hormonal fluctuations that stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? increases can occur and bleeding.
  • The uterus can develop these types of tumors as polyps and fibroids.If you start bleeding rather meager, it is likely that it is the presence of polyps, while stronger selection - a sign of fibroids.But to determine their only possible through a medical examination, which will show the degree of development.

If you notice bleeding, consult a doctor immediately - this helps to recognize the problem in the case of serious illness cured at an early stage.

Before the visit to the gynecologist ready to answer the questions: how often and how long the bleeding lasts, what character are discharge (color, texture), whether there is pain at the same time.You will need to name all the medications that you take, say Are the diet, whether there is a diabetes and other hormonal disorders.Heredity - an important factor which is taken into account when considering women's diseases.Ask your family health history: whether in the nature of cancer.

doctor can determine by examining the presence of tumor formation, but the nature of them will be available only after the ultrasound and biopsy.In the case of cancer surgery is recommended.

In order to avoid the risk of bleeding and maintain health, you need to follow some simple rules that can help a woman feel better:

  • reduce caffeine and alcohol;
  • to exercise (but not too exhausting);
  • give up excessive amounts of carbohydrate foods;
  • take vitamin and mineral supplements;
  • include in the diet of oily fish, eat more fruits and vegetables;
  • drink enough water and avoid dehydration;
  • relaxation meditate Meditation - treats the body and the spirit Meditation - treats the body and the spirit and yoga.