Vitamins in menopause: special care

Vitamins in menopause Vitamins and minerals are involved in metabolic processes, including those in the biochemical processes that result in female sex hormones are synthesized.Vitamins and minerals are also part of enzymes that speed up many times for all biochemical reactions.

Influence of some vitamins for a climax

signs of menopause - irritability, tearfulness, changeable mood, the famous "tides" of blood to the head and upper torso, poor sleep, and sometimes even fainting.All this is happening against the background of reducing the secretion of hormones.

Vitamin therapy during menopause is of secondary importance.The effect of taking vitamins, sedatives, regulation mode of the day and sleep, optimal physical activities more clearly visible for non-severe forms of the climacteric syndrome.But in severe forms of drug treatment in addition to all of these factors are also used and have a positive impact.

greatest value in menopause have the following vitamins:

  • vitamin E (tocopherol) - stimulates the sex glands, reduces the symptoms of menopause;
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - strengthens the walls of blood vessels, helps to reduce swelling of tissues, the appearance of which is characteristic of menopause;
  • Vitamin D - promotes the absorption of calcium and strengthen bones (they are in menopause become thin and brittle);
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - supports physical performance, supports the nervous and immune systems, skin condition;with vitamin E helps reduce anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper ;
  • vitamin B1 (thiamine) - regulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems;
  • vitamin B12 (tsiankobolamin) and B9 (folic acid) - contribute to the reduction of certain forms of nervous disorders.

Matter and some minerals - magnesium, potassium, zinc, chromium, selenium.All of them contribute to the normalization of the central nervous system.At the climax of the reception of these vitamins is recommended in small doses, it is best suited for the purpose of biologically active food supplements (dietary supplements).


Menopace - vitamin-mineral complex for women, regulates hormonal balance, reduces the symptoms of menopause symptoms: depression, anxiety, "catches", sweating, palpitations.Contains B-vitamins (they reinforce the effect of female sex hormones estrogen), vitamin E (inhibits the breakdown of another female sex hormone progesterone).The complex of vitamins and minerals reduce such typical symptoms of menopause, like anxiety and depression.

Contraindications This drug is only hypersensitivity to its components.Take 1 capsule daily after meals.Manufacturer - pharmaceutical firm Vitabiotics (UK).

Formula woman

Formula woman - a dietary supplement for the correction of hormonal disorders in women, including in the climax.The composition of the drug in small doses includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals.Additionally, Formula women contains essential amino acids, digestive enzymes, useful microorganisms herbs.The formula contains vitamins women (E, A, D, B, biotin) bioflavonoids, minerals (magnesium, manganese, selenium, chromium, iron, zinc, calcium, silicon), coenzymes, lactobacillus, bromelain (an enzyme derived from pineapple Pineapple: calorie content and other characteristics of sweet fruit Pineapple: calorie content and other characteristics of sweet fruit , reduces swelling of tissues, normalizes fat and carbohydrate metabolism), a complex of amino acids, phospholipids, herbal extracts (Chinese angelica, damiana, blessed thistle, garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea Garlic health: almost a panacea , ginkgo biloba, ginseng).

Gynecologists like this drug, as it has a mild regulating effect on the female body.Menopause is one of the main indications for the reception of Formula woman, with her regular intake improves the function of the endocrine glands, including the gonads.In addition, this dietary supplement improves circulation and relieves spasm of smooth muscles of the female genital organs, improves the function of the central and peripheral nervous system, including reducing tension, anxiety, irritability, depression.Some components of the Formula women have also anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-tumor effect, reduced immunity, output toxic metabolic products from the body, help strengthen bones and prevent premature aging.Lactobacillus, which are contained in the supplements that promotes the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

Take Formula women 2-4 tablets to improve, with a gradual reduction in dose of 1-2 tablets per day.The manufacturer of the drug Formula woman - pharmaceutical firm ART LIFE (Ukraine).

biologically active food supplements contain the most suitable composition of vitamins and minerals to help women in menopause.

Galina Romanenko