Cryo - suspends aging

  • Cryomassage - suspends aging
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Cryomassage in biomedical research laboratories, the term "cryo" refers to the use of liquid nitrogen to preserve the living tissue.Fabric freezes almost immediately after she was placed in liquid nitrogen.However, when the cryomassage not always enjoy nitrogen.


cryomassage The technique uses two different methods to relieve pain and stress - kriostimulyatsiya and massaging certain parts of the skin.For effective, fast pain relief cryomassage should be carried out using a special small probe.

During the procedure applied to the skin a special gel with menthol and herbs (cryomassage also carried out using liquid nitrogen).It quickly evaporates, causing a cooling of the skin.The gel was then serves a dual purpose: it improves blood circulation in the skin, and reduces muscle fatigue.

After applying the gel massage specialist uses a probe.The gel not only improves the conductivity of the pulse to the skin, but also reduces the risk that the probe will cause skin irritation.

Trainers and doctors say many sports teams that cryomassage is a great way to treat sports injuries (at least, as an aid).Physiotherapists working with people who are recovering from serious injuries, often used for better results cryomassage primary therapy.Psychologists have found that cryomassage helps in the treatment of stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? and some of the more serious psychological problems.

also noted that cryomassage promotes weight loss in obese patients, and helps to eliminate cellulite.Unfortunately, this property cryomassage not used widely enough.

Cryomassage divided into two main types:

  • Therapeutic cryomassage - used as part of the recovery process after various injuries.In alternative medicine it is used for the treatment of asthma and various skin lesions, and for returning movable joints and muscles.
  • Sports cryomassage helps in the treatment of minor injuries, relaxes muscles, increases flexibility and, according to many experts, improves the results of performances of athletes.

Basic properties cryomassage

  • slowdown inflammation and eliminate swelling after injury;
  • Temporary removal or easing of pain on the affected areas of muscle tissue;
  • Slow transmission of nerve impulses in the affected areas, which reduces pain and spasms;
  • reducing tissue damage.

Today cryomassage person do in many beauty salons.Due process narrowed capillaries and pores, improves blood circulation and metabolism in the skin;After cryomassage skin looks fresh and smooth, her tone even.It is believed that for a while cryomassage normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, but this function has not been proven.

Cryomassage person is a painless procedure;it is suitable for people of any age and has no known contraindications.To obtain an appreciable effect, usually requires ten sessions cryomassage.Those who have any disease of the skin, before the procedure is necessary to consult with your doctor.

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