Pregnancy Calendar by date of conception - to help expectant mothers

Pregnancy Calendar by date of conception Who of women waiting for the baby do not worry, everything is going as it should be, whether the baby is developing what the exact date with me and when the time comes to give birth?It was to reassure expectant mothers pregnancy calendar was created by the date of conception.It is possible to find answers to their questions, but of course not forgetting to consult your obstetrician, who monitors the pregnancy.Of course, pregnancy calendar on the date of conception will not be calculated until the day of the entire pregnancy, but indicative data within a week he is able to provide.

Pregnancy and conception calendar

all know, pregnancy is impossible without the conception and birth, respectively, without ovulation.Conception - a fertilized ovum by sperm after the final out of the bursting of the follicle in the ovary (ovulation) and got into the fallopian tube.From this definition, we can conclude that the conception and pregnancy calendar interrelated.

ovulation and several days before it is the most optimal and increase a woman's chances of getting pregnant.You can draw some parallels between the calendar ovulation and conception calendar.To calculate the day of ovulation How to calculate ovulation date: choose from five methods How to calculate ovulation date: choose from five methods , there are many ways, which include:

  • temperature method

This method is based on measuring the temperature in the rectum.In women with regular cycles schedule basal (rectal) temperature is biphasic.In the first phase rectal temperatures below 36C, on the eve of ovulation she is slightly reduced, and at the time of release of the egg from the ovary rises above 37 ° C mark.Hence, favorable days for conception will be the day of ovulation (hereinafter it may be noted in the calendar of pregnancy from conception) and multiple (up to seven) days prior to ovulation, so the sperm retain their activity for five - seven days.

  • calendar method

Calendar pregnancy and conception can start to conduct if ovulation count Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? calendar method.In women with regular menstrual ovulation occurs at approximately its midpoint (ie, if the cycle length is 28 days, ovulation to occur on the day 14-15).But there are some changes in the day of ovulation in one direction or another (from 13 to 17 per day).Given the longevity of sperm in an average of four days, and the duration of activity of the egg for one day, the most successful days for conception will be considered period from the ninth to the eighteenth day.If the menstrual cycle is irregular, then to calculate the fertile days should be subtracted from the shortest cycle 19, and from the longest cycle of 10 days.For example, the longest cycle is 30 days (30 - 10 = 19), and the shortest 25 days (25 - 19 = 6).The favorable days for conception will be considered, from 6 to 19 day menstrual cycle days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases .

Opportunities pregnancy calendar date of conception

Pregnancy Calendar on the day of conception to determine the most accurate gestational age, which is different from obstetric two weeks.The fact that pregnancy gynecologists are counting from the first day of the last menstrual period and an average of the entire gestation period corresponds to forty weeks.If we focus on the conception calendar Calendar conception - is inaccurate, but popular Calendar of conception - is inaccurate, but popular and pregnancy, the entire amount of time allotted for childbearing, the average will be 38 weeks.

Calendar pregnancy, birth, and at some famous women day, allows to calculate the approximate dates of the fetus, which methods need to pass examinations and tests, it is recommended that the dosage of drugs and products in a given period of pregnancy, as well as set a date for delivery.But, of course, the calendar is interactive and does not rule out a visit to the gynecologist.

To calculate your own personal pregnancy calendar on the date of conception, on the Internet there are many sites where there is a program to calculate the duration of pregnancy and conception.You only need to enter your personal details: date of last menstrual period, the duration of the cycle duration of the second phase of the cycle.

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