Calendar Girls conception - is there a grain of truth?

conception calendar girls Methods of planning sex of the child, there are many years, including existing and conception calendar girls.But nature has arranged everything so that it is very difficult.And rightly so, as it may disrupt the demographic situation in the world.In addition, the child in the womb is perfectly perceives her emotional state and react to it.

planning sex of the child - is it worth doing?

Recent studies have found that if a woman is planning a child of the same sex and all the time thinking about it, then the unborn child of the opposite sex may develop mental disorders such Mental Disorders - when life is not a pleasant Mental Disorders - when life is fun , as a handicap,feelings of worthlessness, and so on.Some researchers even argue that it is a breeding ground for the development of transgender violations.

But sometimes planning sex of the child is justified.For example, some hereditary diseases transmitted by women who do not suffer from them.There is a well-known disease like hemophilia, which interferes with blood clotting, and a person can die from just a scratch.This disease occurs only in men and women pass it.

Despite the fact that this issue has long been very concerned about the future parents, accurate, scientifically proven and safe methods of planning sex of the child today, no.To calculate the time of conception to apply special calendar - Conception girls conducted strictly on certain days.

Calendar Girls for conception to update the blood parents

Calendar Girls is based on the conception that a complete upgrade of the bloodmen and women takes place at different times: men every 4 years, women - once every 3 years.The calculation is carried out, starting from the date of birth or the last major blood loss.The authors of the method are of the opinion that the child will inherit the sex of the parent, whose blood younger at the time of conception.Therefore, maternal age is divisible by 3, 4 and her father received the remains are compared: one residue greater the floor and give your child.If one of the spouses had significant blood loss, then counting from that point.

Calculate conception calendar Calendar conception - inaccurate but popular Calendar of conception - is inaccurate, but popular girls can be as follows: if, after dividing the mother's age at 3, 4 and her father her mother got more radical, you get the girl.These calculations should be performed before conception.If a woman has received less residue and a girl so very much want, you can help one-time blood donation.

This method is not confirmed by any serious research.

Calendar for conceiving a girl using a mode of sexual activity

It has been observed that the birth of a child of either sex depends on the sexual activity of men.For example, girls are more likely born after a long abstinence, birth of a boy requires an active sex life.

for birth of a girl a man recommended to take a break from sexual activity for at least a month.For the birthday boy should always sexual activity.

Conception girls - the calendar for the calculation of conception ovulation

Ovulation - a release of an egg from the ovary.After the release of the egg from the ovary lives day.Released fertilized egg or sperm that hit the woman's body at the time of ovulation, or those who "wait" its release from the ovary (the sperm is viable in women up to 6 days).

Sperm are of two types: containing chromosomes XX and XY.It was found that the sperm with Y-chromosome are more mobile, but less viable.It is based on this method is the use of ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? to determine the sex of the child, if the sexual contact coincides with the time of ovulation, the sperm reaches the egg first with a Y-chromosome, that is, there is a good chance the birthday boy.If sexual contact occurred a few days before ovulation, the more likely a girl, as a chance "to wait for" the egg longer in the X-chromosome.

method complicated as to accurately calculate the time of ovulation is not always possible: rarely have a female menstrual cycle is the same as the day.Some women (but not all) at the time of ovulation feel short abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms - it can help them find their way in this matter.

method is quite reliable and logically justified, but serious statistical studies of its effectiveness have been conducted.

Thus, today in the world there is no reliable, scientifically proven, safe and effective methods of obtaining the desired sex of the child.Neither conception calendar not reliable - the girl, the parents so desire, it turns out not always.

Galina Romanenko