6 weeks of pregnancy: signs of obvious

6 Weeks Pregnant the beginning of the sixth week of pregnancy, a woman already knows about your condition.But in this period there is a small number of pregnant women do not suspect originated them new life.It would seem that the signs of the sixth week of pregnancy is so pronounced that it is impossible not to notice them.But unfortunately, not all women are treated with careful attention to changes in their condition.The sixth week of pregnancy, as well, all the subsequent and previous ones is fraught with information about the development of the fetus and require fundamental changes in the life of the expectant mother.It should reconsider the mode of the day, meals, start taking multivitamin complexes, go for shoes with a low heel and give up too garter waist and pelvis clothing.

status of the embryo at the sixth week

unborn child in the sixth week of pregnancy, reaches a length of about four centimeters, and its weight is about four grams.Increases the amount of amniotic fluid in the amniotic bubble (about 20 ml).The placenta continues to grow stronger and more reliable all in endometrium.The embryo already formed almost all organs and systems.Formed trachea and bronchi, the lungs begin to form.Continue to grow and develop the hands, feet and fingers, although they still exist membrane.Formed lids that cover the eyes.The heart of the embryo already has four chambers, the intestine is almost formed.Continue to develop the brain of the embryo, between nerve cells are formed due.At the sixth week of pregnancy, the boys begin to be put testicles and the ovaries in girls.

Signs of the sixth week of pregnancy

As noted above, the signs of the sixth week of pregnancy is so obvious that leave no doubt about the woman in the changes in the body (growing new life):

  • amenorrhea or absence

menstruation Amenorrhea during pregnancy is a physiological condition.By the sixth week of the delay menstruation month delay - when to sound the alarm? Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm? already reached 14-21 days.The absence of menstruation is associated with degeneration of the functional layer of the endometrium in decidua, which heavily supplied with blood and the embryo supplies nutrients and oxygen.In case of bleeding Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology different intensity (from spotting to heavy discharge) should consult a doctor immediately.Spotting the first evidence of the abortion has begun.

  • changing nature of vaginal cables

During pregnancy, especially in the sixth week of the quantity and nature of change in vaginal discharge.This is due to increased production of mucus, which becomes milky and sour smell.Due to the high acidity of the vagina during pregnancy, "raising its head" is an unpleasant disease, such as thrush.Therefore, pregnant women should be prepared for a possible disease (observe the rules of personal hygiene, sweet abandon, change to synthetic underwear, cotton, etc.).

  • Change uterus

changes that occur with the uterus, is able to determine a doctor during a pelvic exam Gynecological examination: an important component of women's health Gynecological examination: an important component of women .When viewed in the mirror is rendered bluish (cyanotic) the cervix, which is one of the signs of pregnancy.With a two-handed palpation palpable softening and slightly enlarged uterus.The size of its six weeks of pregnancy compared with chicken egg Eggs: harm and health benefits Chicken eggs: the harm and health benefits .Moreover, there is an asymmetry of the uterus, i.e. protrusion toward one of the corners.This feature determines the place where there was the implantation of the ovum.In the future, the uterus becomes rounded and leveled.Also, on palpation of the uterus observed softening of the isthmus and its reaction to palpation (uterus begins to decline).Another of the characteristic features during probing - a vaginal cervical softening.If before the pregnancy the cervix feels like the nose, during pregnancy it is similar in consistency with the lips.

  • change in sex drive

in early pregnancy, especially in the beginning of the sixth and then a woman's sex drive change.Some note increased libido, other women lose interest in sex.

Anna Sozinova