8 weeks of pregnancy: signs of recognizable

8 weeks of pregnancy symptoms eighth week of pregnancy - is another milestone on the long stage, carrying a child.Many women in this period as primiparous and multiparous already aware of his condition, which is not surprising.When already 8 weeks of pregnancy, signs of its pronounced and leave no doubt that very soon (time flies imperceptibly), a woman becomes a mother.At this stage of pregnancy, the time has come, if it has not been done before, to visit a doctor and get registered in the antenatal clinic.It is worth thinking about vitamins, review the diet, and even a few new wardrobe (in terms of underwear).

development of the fetus at the eighth week of pregnancy

Eighth Week in the development of the unborn child is abroad during its development.The final stage of organogenesis (ie embryonic stage) and start a new round - the fetal period.It is from this period, the embryo already has a proud name "fruit."

On the eighth week of pregnancy, the fetus reaches a body length of four centimeters and weighs about four grams.The little man covered with fuzz, and looks like a kiwi.The embryo has finally turned into a fetus tail disappeared, the body is formed, continue to develop the fingers, which has seen the beginnings of polish disappearing interdigital partitions appear rudiments of milk teeth Milk teeth - how they are formed? Milk teeth - how they are formed? .Continues to develop the brain, the cerebral cortex appears, stand apart hemisphere.Fetus begins to form a diaphragm.The kidneys are functioning actively, producing urine.In the stomach, the gastric juice begins to be synthesized.Fruit is actively moving, able to build on the wall of the uterus, thumb-sucking, bending and extending the legs.

Signs of the eighth week of pregnancy

manifestations inherent in the eighth week of pregnancy, similar to the earlier signs, but will join the new changes:

  • Weight gain women

At this stage of pregnancy the body weight decreased slightly, the maximum weight gain is less than half a kilo.Exceptions are those women who are at the heart of two or even three children.Of course, to increase the weight and influence of early toxicity symptoms (loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting).But worry about it should not be.The body is still time to make up for all the lost time.

Whatever like the expectant mother, but visible changes (to others) are not yet available.The only evidence of pregnancy may serve only to increase the waist in the volume, so that pregnant women at this stage to be stirring by buttons on skirts and trousers.

  • changes in the mammary glands

Hypersensitivity, bloating, breast tenderness and itching of the nipples take more pronounced.In addition, the mammary glands start to prepare for lactation therein expands glandular and fatty tissue, which may lead to an increase in bust and require a change to a larger size of the bra.It is likely, and absolutely normal nipple discharge (clear or unclear).This is due to the secretion of colostrum (first milk).In hygienic purposes can be purchased in a pharmacy special chest pads.Also in the peripapillary region there are so-called Montgomery tubercles (bumps in the areola).

  • Increased uterine

During a pelvic exam Gynecological examination: an important component of women's health Gynecological examination: an important component of women palpation of the uterus is determined by its texture (soft) and dimensions.In the eighth week of pregnancy, the uterus, doctors compared to the size of a goose egg or female fist.

  • Abdominal pain

In the first weeks of pregnancy, in particular, and on the eighth, there may be pulling or tingling pain in the abdomen Abdominal pain: when to sound the alarm? Abdominal pain: when to sound the alarm? .In the event of such pain is not anything dangerous, they just show a higher blood filling the uterus and its tension.If the pain became intense, moving to cramping, and even accompanied by a bloody discharge Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology from the genital tract, you should consult your doctor immediately.Firstly, it may indicate a threatening miscarriage or start, and, secondly, evidence of previously undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy.That's because doctors warn pregnant women to limit heavy lifting and exercise.

Anna Sozinova