Early signs of pregnancy: to believe or not to believe?

Early signs of pregnancy Early signs of pregnancy, many women appear individually, even two different pregnancies in the same women sometimes appear, and proceed differently.And yet, some common signs of early pregnancy and have their need to know.

Pregnancy is one of the most important periods in the life of a woman.And the fact of its occurrence becomes almost the most joyful event.But, of course, pregnancy is not always desirable, and for some women it only brings a lot of problems.Unfortunately, even the most long-awaited pregnancy may end up frustrated woman suddenly interrupted or that it is possible, too, perhaps the birth of a child with congenital malformations.Therefore, every woman, regardless of whether she wants to become a mother, or on the contrary, must know the early signs of pregnancy in time to interrupt it (in the case of unwanted pregnancy), or radically change their lifestyle and diet, not to harm the unborn child.

there early and very early signs of pregnancy.By the very earliest manifestations are those signs on which to suspect the emergence of a new life even before a missed period.There is no doubt that the so-called very early signs of pregnancy are determined woman intuitive and very, very questionable.Obstetricians skeptical about such feelings of women and for good reason.

Early signs of pregnancy in women feelings

Every woman's early pregnancy proceeds differently, so do not completely trust other people's experience, for example, the experience of a close friend, in this case more reliable to trust the experience and expertise of the doctor.Nevertheless, the majority of women, before consulting the obstetrician-gynecologist, first wants to see for themselves that the pregnancy.This will help their own feelings and pregnancy tests.

first subjective symptoms of pregnancy - is fatigue and drowsiness (do not worry, just need more sleep), frequent urination (this is due to the increasethe level of the female sex hormone progesterone, as well as because of pressure on the bladder slightly increased in size of the uterus), swelling and breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting, occurring in the morning, and sometimes during the day (not all, istry drinking a glass of juice or yogurt Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians an empty stomach).

delay menstruation

delay menstruation is one of the typical early signs of pregnancy.However, a missed period is considered likely, but not reliable evidence available pregnancy.Sometimes, periods may be delayed for one or two weeks in the case of stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , climate change, and the time zone of any diseases (such as acute infections, and exacerbation of chronic diseases is already available), and for many other reasons.Every woman should conduct the monthly calendar, which highlights all of menstruation, and calculated the length of the menstrual cycle.

Rising temperatures

First, we should focus on increasing the basal body temperature.The basal temperature is measured in the morning, immediately after waking up in the rectum.Normally, there is increased (above 37 ° C), the temperature in the second phase of the cycle, but before the onset of menstruation takes its retraction.Before the start of the month sign is not very reliable, except for temperature measurement on the eve of menstruation.But the fever, which remains on the figures 37C and above, coupled with the delay in the monthly month delay - when to sound the alarm? Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm? almost certainly indicative of pregnancy.

In addition, often there is an increase the total (in the armpit) temperature of the body cavity.Such a low-grade temperature (not above 37,5S) and a reaction to the enhanced production of progesterone.Progesterone in turn affects the thermoregulation center, which is located in the brain.Low-grade fever gradually by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy reaches normal values.Many early pregnancy is considered a slightly elevated temperature for the start of colds.Therefore, in this period is to listen carefully to their feelings and to celebrate, whether there is a cough, sore throat, runny nose, and so on.

early toxicity manifestations

Almost all women beginning pregnancy was marked early toxicosis.Early toxicosis - rather unpleasant condition, and in some cases requires hospitalization.Typical signs of early toxicity Nausea, especially in the morning, often turning into vomit.Exhausting vomiting and inability meal makes a woman see a doctor.Also nausea occurs intolerance, and even an aversion to certain types of products and scents (including the smell and flavor of her beloved husband own perfume).It is also one of the manifestations of early toxicity is increased salivation Increased salivation - a deviation from the norm Increased salivation - a deviation from the norm .It is particularly enhanced when talking about eating or feeling aromas of cooking food.Tellingly, salivation increases, even if the woman is full.

definition of pregnancy by means of tests

today have all the opportunities to learn about their pregnancy exactly before receiving a doctor, as in the pharmacy you can buy a pregnancy test and calm at home to do the necessary research.

pregnancy test involves identifying the urine of pregnant women chorionic gonadotropita (hCG), which is called the pregnancy hormone.This hormone begins to stand out in a week after conception and consists of two parts - the alpha and beta.Alpha is similar to the structure of other hormones and beta characteristic only of hCG.

Pregnancy tests in urine can detect only the total amount of hCG or beta-part last considered more accurate.

The pharmacy you can buy the following types of pregnancy tests:

  • test strips - usually a paper strip impregnated with reagent - antibody to hCG;by reacting with the urine test strip appear colored;
  • tablet test or a test strip in a plastic plate with the enclosed pipette;the same principle, but the reaction occurs in the test windows;
  • jet test - it is inserted under a stream of urine and it does not require pre-collection;it is the most accurate test of the latest generation, which contains beta - hCG substance;
  • electronic test - after the investigation it appears: pregnancy there (pregnant), or no pregnancy (not pregnant).

sensitivity of such tests can vary from ten to thirty.These figures show how the minimum concentration of HCG in the urine can be determined by means of this test, therefore, the most sensitive tests have ten digit.

test accuracy is sufficiently high (97-99%), however, there may be incorrect results.This happens most often in violation of the instructions for the test.Sometimes, to determine early pregnancy (one - two weeks) is not used very sensitive test, in which case it should be repeated after a week, when the amount of hCG in the urine increases.

If you believe that you are pregnant, and home test fails, then you need to see a doctor, or confirm that your confidence, or to ascertain that there is no pregnancy.In any case, the sooner you will be on record in the women's clinic, the better supervision of the doctor gives her confidence that her pregnancy will proceed correctly.

first visit to the obstetrician-gynecologist

So, if a woman has a suspicion of a pregnancy (missed period, a positive home pregnancy test), as though it may sound corny, you should immediately see an obstetrician-gynecologist.Even relatives and friends vying say that there is nothing to go on doctors so early.

You can safely listen to everything you say and do what it necessary to find, that is right - it's your life and your child, and risk his health in any case not worth it.The problem is that no matter how well you are treated to well-wishers, they would never meet, including their advice.But obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation, and therefore responsible for its advice and recommendations worth considering.

main thing - to come first, and you will see that a monthly visit to the doctor's okay.When you first visit you will confirm your pregnancy by medical examination (even in the first week of the uterus will have slightly increased, not at the expense of the embryo and its proliferation through the inner layer), a blood test for hCG and ultrasound (US).Laboratory blood tests for hCG are very accurate.And in the US we can see that the embryo is, where it is necessary (in the uterus) and that it is quite viable.

Galina Romanenko