The state of health in the early days of pregnancy - all the "upside down"

It is in the first days of pregnancy Pregnancy - is a special condition of the woman, which for others is a complete mystery.This is not surprising.The birth of a new life - a mystery inherent nature, and know all about it optional.Formed a certain system "mother - fetus", whereby a bond is formed between the woman and the embryo.The state of health in the early days of pregnancy is largely the same for women, but sometimes some signs perplexing not only surrounding the expectant mother, but also the very pregnant.Important as the experts advise, is to tune in to a positive perception of the world and if possible to avoid stressful situations.

What a feeling in the first days of pregnancy

feels - it is subjective sensations of man, his in any case should not be confused with the state.As noted above, almost all symptoms described pregnant at the beginning of new life are similar.First.Turn to change the health impact produced by the body's hormones of pregnancy (hCG and progesterone).

  • Fatigue

Almost all the women, from the first days of pregnancy first days of pregnancy - taking care of the baby from the first minute The first days of pregnancy - taking care of the baby from the first minute , experiencing enduring fatigue, fatigue, drowsiness.Sometimes there is a fascination to take a nap in the middle of the day, while returning from work or on weekends, when it would seem, is not particularly important cases.All of these symptoms are associated with a powerful hormonal changes that occur in the body during pregnancy.

First "fool" the body clue where did the new "unknown" hormones, but eventually he realizes that the birth of a new life begins, and begins to allocate the costs of energy and strength for two: a woman and her unborn child.It is not necessary to deal with persistent drowsiness, the woman should get plenty of rest, to sleep, as they say, for two, and to review the list and to reallocate their duties (which really needs to be done that can be entrusted to carry out the other, but from what should be avoided at all).

  • general malaise

From the beginning of pregnancy, women are experiencing a period of general malaise, which, of course, is due to the influence of the "great and terrible" hormone- progesterone.It appears weakness, low temperature (within 37.0 - 37.5 degrees), and even nasal (mucosal edema also causes progesterone).Many of these symptoms are referred to the beginning of colds.Increased body temperature due to the influence exerted progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology the center of thermoregulation in the brain, it is based on this method of measuring basal (rectal) temperature in the first trimester of pregnancy (normally it is above the37 degrees).

In addition, the body from the beginning of pregnancy "has a policy of" immune suppression Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults (immunosuppression), which prevents rejection of the embryo as a foreign object.Therefore, in the first days of pregnancy a woman should pay special attention to their health, avoid visiting public places where it is possible to pick up an infection.

  • signs of early toxicity

early toxicosis - one of the women had heard about all the "charm" of this condition?Nausea and vomiting, mostly arising in the morning, accompanied by almost every pregnancy.Only a few lucky to avoid such symptoms.Firstly, the early toxemia of pregnancy due to the action of hormones, and secondly, as a body to prevent pregnancy, it is necessary to refrain from harmful child products.

often appears aversion to smells.More recently, the aroma of cooking food seemed unusual, and today is disgusting.It becomes unbearable smell beloved husband, you can not open the refrigerator and cook food in general torture.Do not overpower you.A pregnant woman should only have what he wants, and is engaged in preparing dinner let somebody else.After the meal should be in the upright position to Whole Foods "settled" in the stomach.It is useful to arrange a light snack (fruit, cookies, nuts), and the number of meals to increase, following the principle: less but more often.

Anna Sozinova