Hazardous week of pregnancy - the risk of possible complications

dangerous weeks of pregnancy In some cases, pregnant women are at risk for various complications, which may adversely affect the health of women and the unborn child.Throughout the period of fetal development stand out the most dangerous week of pregnancy during which the risk of complications is as high as possible, so they are called critical periods.

Effect of harmful factors in the body of a pregnant

very first weeks are the most critical for the further correct the course of pregnancy.The action of various damaging factors can cause a threat of termination (spontaneous miscarriage in early pregnancy), the formation of defects or developmental abnormalities and other complications.The most crucial week of the embryonic period, is the third week, that is just the period of implantation.Fertilized egg must attach itself to the uterine wall, and if it is successful, the pregnancy will develop normally.From that moment all the necessary material for the development and growth of the embryo receives from the parent body, so women need to remember that it was from her will depend largely on the health of her unborn child.On the fourth week, when the placenta is actively education, any harmful effects may lead to defective formation of FPC (fetoplacental complex).A pregnant woman should be observed at first sight simple, but very important recommendation:

  • properly and fully fed.Food should be fortified, varied and balanced.Salted, pickled, smoked, fried foods, and various herbs and spices better excluded from the diet
  • longer be outdoors.Be sure to walk before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , that makes it easier to transfer the changes that occur in the nervous system during pregnancy
  • alternate moderate, measured physical activity and recreation
  • the use of alcohol, tobacco
  • impact dyes, occupational exposures may adversely affect the development of the fetus in the early stages, so in some cases a question of changing jobs

five weeks within the period laid neural tube - this is another dangerous period of the first trimester.If for some reason the process of laying is violated, then the fetus malformations are formed.Flaws may be different depending on the level of damage - total absence of the brain (or anencephaly), herniated spinal development.Both of these defects to the fetus incompatible with life.A special place in the issue of prevention of these defects receiving a pregnant woman takes folic acid.Based on numerous studies it has shown that this drug helps significantly reduce the risk of neural tube defects.From the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman must take folic acid every day to an average of 800 micrograms per day until the deadline for the first trimester.At the same period the process of bookmark and development of the fetus thyroid gland, so a period of five weeks is still critical in terms of the full formation and subsequent operation of the thyroid gland.Also foods fortified with iodine, it is imperative to take complex preparations which contain up to 150 mg of iodine.The only way to prevent the development of severe disease in the fetus and the pregnant woman.

critical periods for the development of hormonal disorders

With the growth of the fetus he begin to actively operate the glands that produce hormones.This is for a fixed term so the woman endangered by the development of hormonal imbalance, must undergo a special treatment course in a timely manner, especially hormonal.The first dangerous period is the period of 13 weeks, especially if the next male child.In this period of his body begins to produce the hormone testosterone.If a pregnant woman has abnormalities in the level of hormones in the background pathology enzyme system adrenal or ovarian cancer, then it must pass additional tests to determine hormone levels.If any abnormalities doctor prescribes hormone therapy, which should be strictly controlled in laboratory parameters (blood, determination of metabolites of hormones in urine analysis).The second critical period for women with hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous , a period of 27 weeks.Those pregnant women who are at risk of developing complications of this kind must necessarily be under the supervision of a doctor gynecologist-endocrinologist for examination and correction of the therapy.

Due to hormonal imbalance in pregnant women (the presence of hyperandrogenism Hyperandrogenism - if the female body behaves like a male Hyperandrogenism - if the female body behaves as a male on the background of pregnancy) is isolateddangerous period for the formation of pathology of the cervix or CIN (cervical incompetence).This happens in the time after 17 weeks.This complication can lead to spontaneous abortion, so it is important for a pregnant woman to undergo hormonal examination period of 16 weeks, as well as an ultrasound scan, during which you can reliably investigate the condition of the cervix, measure its length.The imbalance in the content of natural hormones in a woman is the cause of the structural changes in the cervix, so in some cases is not possible to provide further child bearing.Timely hormonal correction of violations is an essential constituent of the prevention of CIN and reduces the possible loss of the pregnancy.Surgical treatment of this complication must necessarily be carried out in conjunction with the appointment of hormonal drugs Hormonal drugs - not just contraceptives Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives .

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