Signs of pregnancy after IVF - listen to your body

signs of pregnancy after IVF Unfortunately, in Russia, and in all other countries, a growing percentage of infertile couples.But as you know, medicine does not stand still, and now there was a set of techniques that help a woman become pregnant.One of them is the IVF procedure.Trying to get pregnant after IVF from the first time is 35%, and every subsequent reduces the chance to be a mother.But then a miracle occurred, pregnancy after IVF was confirmed.And, of course, in such cases, all women want to know what are the signs of pregnancy after IVF, what characteristics of pregnancy and childbirth, and more.


ECO ECO - a shortened term of the phrase "in vitro fertilization".Held IVF seemingly almost hopeless cases of infertility (lack of ovaries or fallopian tubes, hormonal disorders expressed Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous , immunological incompatibility between partners, and more).IVF cycle consists of several stages.First, spend ovarian hyperstimulation in women (for several dominant follicles), then punctured and removed the ovaries mature egg.At the same time the male sperm is obtained, and then artificial (in vitro) fertilized by sperm.Thereafter, the embryos were cultured in a nutrient medium and then podsazhivayut a woman's uterus.

IVF is a complex application which everything else is accompanied by medication.Pregnancy after IVF is more severe, since in addition to medication at it and imposed a variety of gynecological problems that led to infertility Causes - heredity and lifestyle The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle .

What are the symptoms of pregnancy after IVF

Pregnancy after IVF runs hard.Very high risk of spontaneous interruption of it, especially in the first trimester.The first signs of pregnancy can identify and feel within fourteen days after implantation of the embryo.These include:

  • Improved hCG

Normally, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is present in the body of any woman in small quantities (5 mIU / L).However, with the onset of pregnancy its contents in the body begins to increase (20-100 mIU / L).With the progression of pregnancy and increasing numbers of hCG.

first analysis to confirm the ensuing pregnancy after IVF can make the woman in the home.It's enough just to buy in a drugstore pregnancy test.Dip the test strip into the portion of the morning urine in the presence of pregnancy, there appeared two red lines.Whether positive or negative test, the doctor of the medical center is mandatory on the fourteenth day after the IVF will send a woman to donate blood hCG.The procedure is repeated every two or three days to observe the growth of hCG.A low positive result may indicate a delayed implantation, threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous or laboratory error.

  • ultrasound uterine

Two weeks after fertilization, women spend control ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries.Ultrasound can diagnose a yellow body and its functioning, the embryo in the uterus, its development, and the number of embryos.US as well as the determination of the level of hCG is repeated every two - three days.Once determined by ultrasound fetal heartbeat, a woman no longer seen in the medical center and sent her recommendations to the local obstetrician-gynecologist for registration.

  • Other features

After IVF in all women, usually showing signs of early toxicity.And the phenomenon of toxicity after IVF are more pronounced than after the onset of a natural pregnancy.Firstly, it is related to ovarian hyperstimulation to IVF, and secondly, affects the action of drugs that must be taken by women after the procedure.In addition, in expectant mothers after IVF is more pronounced fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, which is also associated with taking drugs.In addition, these pregnant women are often marked low blood pressure Low blood pressure - can it be considered normal? Low blood pressure - can it be considered normal? (a side effect of medication) on the background of elevated body temperature.

Anna Sozinova