The exact symptoms of pregnancy - errors

the exact symptoms of pregnancy course, all women, who are eager to have a baby, making this the most power.And in the case of (their estimate) conception of what happened, I wish to know as early as possible, a pregnancy or not.To do this, in the course are all possible ways of determining early pregnancy.Most of the fairer sex are interested in the so-called exact signs of pregnancy.However, this is not quite correct definition, all the symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages of most of the relative and may indicate the presence of a gynecologic pathology.

delay menstruation

delay the next menstruation is increasingly talking about pregnancy.However, not all women know that the menstrual cycle is very rarely occurs like clockwork.That is virtually impossible to find a woman who confidently say that today, tomorrow or the next day she should start menstruating.Typically, the length of the menstrual cycle varies, it may lengthen or shorten by two - five days.This is considered a normal variant.In addition, delayed menstruation can be seen in the following cases:

  • stress, overexertion;
  • obesity;
  • climate change;
  • changing work environment;
  • various diseases, especially infectious;
  • intense exercise;
  • underweight;
  • premenopausal;
  • formation of ovarian cysts;
  • taking certain medications;
  • error in the calculation of the menstrual cycle.

menstrual irregularities

menstrual disorders in the form of unusual monthly (meager and short) or the emergence of inter-menstrual bleeding intermenstrual spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology : it is important to immediately clarifycause Intermenstrual bleeding: it is important to immediately find out the cause also be attributed to one of the "exact" signs of pregnancy.It is possible that on the background of the accomplished fertilization and implantation of the egg in the uterus on the day of the expected start of menses scant spotting.This is primarily indicative of a possible termination of pregnancy, but can also speak of a gynecologic pathology.The appearance of mid-cycle bleeding spotting possible by attaching the egg to the uterine lining, so-called implantation bleeding, but also can not be excluded a female disease.

Increased basal body temperature

Increased basal body temperature also refers to one of the typical signs of pregnancy, provided that its measurement is carried out correctly.The basal temperature is measured in the rectum (some experts say that it is possible to measure the basal temperature basal temperature - try to move less Basal temperature - try to move less in the mouth or the vagina) in the morning, immediately after waking up, that is, not getting up.Rectal temperature control better than usual, and not an electronic thermometer.

evening temperature on the thermometer is necessary to bring down to 37 C. The duration of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams should be at least fourhours.Normally, the basal body temperature graph biphasic (a curve and the broken line) at its control over the entire menstrual cycle.In the second phase there is an increase in temperature above 37 ° C, and on the eve of her menstruation retraction, which is associated with the game of sexual hormones.During pregnancy, rectal temperature also exceeds the mark of 37 ° C is indirectly coming fertilization can be judged if the temperature numbers above 37, in the absence of her depressions before menstruation.If your period does not start, basal temperature remains at high figures.It should be kept in mind that the temperature rise in the rectum and may in some gynecological problems or an infectious disease.

presence of hCG in urine

pregnancy test based on the detection of urinary hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin).The test can be carried out in two weeks after the alleged conception.If the pregnancy test will give a positive result (two red lines on the test strip).Note that the test may be negative for the threat of abortion or for violations of the rules of the meeting (too much fluid is drunk, damaged packaging, etc.).It is advisable to carry out a pregnancy test in the morning, that is, to take it the morning portion of urine (it is concentrated and the Level of hCG in the urine is higher).

Anna Sozinova