Significant signs of pregnancy when there is no doubt

reliable signs of pregnancy Despite the great desire of all women to learn about their pregnancy as soon as possible, the signs are not always specific to the condition of the incident indicate fertilization and implantation.The characteristic symptoms that occur during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the body and the growing uterus.But the first signs of pregnancy may replace stress, infectious and endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders menstrual cycle and its response Menstrual cycle and its characteristics and severe gynecological pathology.All the signs of pregnancy Signs of pregnancy: how to avoid wishful thinking Signs of pregnancy: how to avoid wishful thinking on this basis, divided into three groups: doubtful, probable and reliable.Significant signs of pregnancy are unquestionable and is usually determined in the later stages.

definition of fetal movements

fetal movements, according to experts, the woman begins to be felt in the second trimester of pregnancy.And in nulliparous felt the first stirring of twenty weeks and multiparous respectively eighteen weeks.Although many women (especially sensitive) argue that fetal movements they "hear" with sixteen weeks.Undoubtedly, the fetus begins its movements in the womb from eight to ten weeks, but feel it wiggling in this period is not yet possible.The uterus does not protrude beyond the symphysis pubis, and the fruit is still too small, and his movements are weak.

earlier and better start to feel your baby move women with severe asthenic physique and emotional reactions.Complete women, do not reflect the absence of menstruation, can not ignore the growing belly and fetal movements almost to the birth.However nevsegda fetal movements may mean it was his movement in the uterus.Often taken for stirring peristaltic contractions of the intestine.

definition of large and small parts of the fruit

definition of large and small parts of the fruit is the prerogative of the obstetrician-gynecologist.With palpation (palpation of the abdomen), the physician determines the position (longitudinal, transverse or oblique) and presentation (head, leg or pelvic) of the fetus.Also, on palpation can determine the number of fruit (one or more).The methods include the so-called palpation techniques Leopold.The first is to determine the reception location back fetus (normally the right or left with respect to the pelvis).The second method detected the presenting part (the largest part of the fruit, which is localized in the direction of the small pelvis, ie, head, or pelvic end).The third method allows the child to test the small parts (arms and legs).

Listening to fetal heart

Obstetricians hearing to determine the fetal heart using a special obstetric stethoscope (wooden pipe).To do this, after palpation of the fetus back to this place puts the stethoscope and hear the heartbeat.The normal fetal heart rate corresponds to 120 -140 beats per minute.It is believed that to listen to the beating heart of a child may have from twenty weeks of pregnancy.But there are cases when the fetal heart doctors confused with aortic pulsation.

for the differential diagnosis must be one hand to determine the woman's pulse at the wrist, and the other to hold auscultation.If the cuts coincide with the pulse of the pregnant woman, it indicates the pulsation of the aorta.For a more accurate diagnosis methods used ultrasound and electronic fetal monitoring.On ultrasound fetal heart rate may have to define three weeks of pregnancy.

X-ray and ultrasound studies

Undoubtedly, no one now to confirm the pregnancy will not use X-ray, because it harms the child.But not so long ago in the case of doubt, this method was used.On X-rays clearly defined fetal skeleton (spine, skull, ribs, etc.).Today commonly used ultrasound, which is carried out in the presence of three pregnancy (10-14 weeks, 22-24 weeks and 32-34 weeks).Ultrasound reveals the presence of the fetus or fetuses uterus, its / their heart, and among other things, and malformations.

Anna Sozinova