How to increase the probability of conception through nutrition: the secret of the right foods

how to enhance the probability of conception through nutrition There are many ways to increase the likelihood of conception, but in some cases it is enough to slightly change the diet and lifestyle.Many couples who are trying to get pregnant, I would like to know how a certain food can affect fertility.

A recent study found that our eating habits can really increase the chances of conception.In general, a healthy diet Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating Healthy eating - do not limit yourself to eating , avoiding alcohol and smoking, and fitness reduce the risk of infertility to 66%.Numerous studies have shown that many products containing hormones and biologically active substances that can affect conception.

Which products are recommended for women who are trying to conceive?

Nutrient deficiencies can lower a woman's fertility and lead to complications during pregnancy.That is why it is important to eat a balanced diet to prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy.

According to research of scientists at Harvard University, the observance of certain rules of supply increases a woman's chances of getting pregnant.The diet must necessarily include foods that contain monounsaturated fats, vegetable protein, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, milk and dairy products high fat, foods with a high content of vitamins, folic acid and iron, or dietary supplements.

  • Monounsaturated fats

found in vegetable oils, especially cold-pressed oil, such as linseed and olive oil, as well asoily fish and nuts.Monounsaturated fats are not only useful for women's health - they are generally useful, as it reduces the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.In addition, they will help you not to lose shape during pregnancy.

  • Vitamins B-group

Foods rich in vitamin B group, include: meat, fish, dairy products, whole grains, eggs, bananas Bananas: benefit and harm to health Bananas: the benefits and harms health , avocadonuts and green leafy vegetables.It is possible to take nutritional supplements of vitamins B-group two-three times a week.Also of great importance to women's health is folic acid Folic acid - the value is difficult to overestimate Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate , so try to increase your intake of foods containing it: products from whole grains, fresh fruits, nuts, orange juice, spinach and broccoli.

  • Iron

contains iron in cheese, egg yolk, spinach, dried fruit (raisins, dried apricots, prunes), liver, lean meat, seafood, cereals and others.Many women suffer from iron deficiency caused by menstruation or poor nutrition.Importantly, the iron in the meat is better absorbed by the body than iron plant.In addition, along with products that contain iron, it is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as fresh fruits and vegetables (oranges, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.) - Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron.

  • Dairy products increased fat

This whole milk, yogurt and cheese.Daily consumption of these foods will provide your body with the necessary dose of calcium and other minerals.

Which products are recommended for men who are trying to conceive?

  • Vitamin C

Men are encouraged to include in the diet of a sufficient amount of vitamin C to enhance the activity and sperm quality.Smokers require supplements of vitamin C.

  • Fruits and vegetables

Recent studies have shown that men need more fruits and vegetables to enhance fertility - they contribute to improve the quality of sperm and increase its mobility.Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that protect the sperm from the deterioration of its performance and loss of sperm viability.Two antioxidant, glutathione and cryptoxanthin, which are found in green leafy vegetables, peppers, tomatoes and oranges, increase the viability of sperm, thereby increasing the probability of fertilization.

  • Nutritional Supplements L-carnitine

Vitamin L-carnitine L-carnitine - gives the body energy L-carnitine - gives the body energy increases the strength of the male seed, helping the sperm to produce energy, increases their mobility, the very ability to fertilize an egg and the number of sperm cells.L-carnitine is found in red meat, dairy products and avocados.

products that will help you get pregnant

Spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, pumpkin, walnuts, whole grain breads and cereals, tofu, yogurt, grapefruit, olive oil, salmon, whole milk, lean red meat, avocadooysters.

From what foods should be avoided?

  • «Fast" food

Fast food and other harmful products: burgers, chips, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies and the like.They contain a lot of sugar, refined flour and trans fats and have a low nutritional value, so often the cause of excessive weight.As you know, many women who suffer from overweight, infertile.

  • Seafood

Excessive consumption of seafood with a high content of mercury is often associated with infertility.Therefore, if you are trying to become pregnant, should limit their intake of seafood, such as albacore tuna, shark and swordfish.

  • Caffeine

Reduce your intake of caffeine - it lowers your chances of getting pregnant.Caffeine is contained in coffee, tea and even alcoholic beverages (chocolate, energy drinks) and some vegetable products.It is known that women who drink more than 300 milligrams of coffee a day, a 27% lower chance of conceiving a child.Another study found that men who drink too much coffee, less sperm and they are less mobile.

  • Alcohol

Refrain from alcohol, as it significantly reduces your chances of getting pregnant.Alcohol not only adversely affect male and female fertility, but also increases the risk of abnormalities and defects in the fetus.