How to increase the probability of conception: tips, techniques, rules

how to enhance the probability of conception There are many ways to increase the ability to conceive a child: to improve the diet, take vitamins every day to play sports and learn relaxation techniques Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic! Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic! , as well as to resort to using drugs, such as Clomid.Some natural herbal products also help to increase the likelihood of conception.

Healthy food - a pledge of conception

is well known that a healthy woman's chance of becoming pregnant anymore.It is also important to get rid of bad habits before conception (or even before pregnancy planning).To bad habits are not just smoking and alcohol abuse, but overreliance on junk food and other harmful food containing a lot of fat and sugar.

Before planning a pregnancy, overweight women should strive to return to the optimal weight (optimal for their growth and age).Your doctor or dietitian will help develop a suitable diet, which without harm to health will allow to lose weight or gain weight.A healthy diet is helpful not only for women but also for the future of the child, as for the development and formation of the fruit essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.Men also need to follow a healthy diet, because the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of sperm, in particular, their mobility, worse, if a man is too lean on alcohol, smoking, or improperly fed.Eating healthy food improves sperm quality and motility.Women were encouraged to take prenatelnye vitamins containing all necessary to normalize the ovarian cycle of conception and nutrients, in particular, folic acid.

  • Folic acid - a vital vitamin that helps prevent neural tube defects in the unborn child, such as a fracture of the spine (where the newborn spinal canal remains open, with exposed spinal cord and nerves), or anencephaly (congenital absencebrain and spinal cord), hydrocephalus, encephalocele.

regular fitness

physical exercise play a key role in the conception, because they not only tone muscles, relieve stress and How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .Everyone knows the saying about "a healthy mind in a healthy body", besides, reducing stress helps to normalize all processes in the body and relax, which also contributes to fertility.Fitness also helps maintain a healthy weight.But here it is important to find a "middle ground" and not to overdo it.Exercise moderately, without fanaticism, because excessive exercise a negative effect on the reproductive function of both women and men.Thus, women who performed in the gym bole four hours a week for a long period of time, impaired ability to conceive.In addition, they may have problems with the implantation of the embryo and the threat of pregnancy loss.It is enough to engage in sports for 45 minutes several times a week.If you just do not get pregnant, remember that the average probability of conception and pregnancy in one menstrual cycle is 20%.

Clomid Clomid - a synthetic estrogen, which is usually prescribed for women who have difficulty conceiving.Clomid is used for normalization of ovulation: it stimulates the release of gonadotropins by the release of certain hormones (luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating Ormonov) and restores women's ovarian cycle.Although medication is designed for women, and its effect is manifested in men: it acts as an anti-estrogen and gonadotropin simulator.The use of Clomid causes a rise in the level of hormones that stimulate the testicles, and luteinizing hormone.The drug acts directly on the pituitary gland, thereby increasing the natural production of testosterone.Highest efficiency Clomid reaches the first three to six months of application.Clomid is not recommended for a long time.Possible side effects, including "hot flashes", nausea and temporary visual disturbances.Also, the application of Clomid to stimulate ovulation and increases the likelihood of multiple births.

Natural Products

Some natural products contribute to conception.So, almonds and olives are rich in monounsaturated oils have a beneficial effect on women's ability to conceive.For men's health is important sweet pepper, which is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C increases sperm count, morphology and motility.Other excellent sources of vitamin C include peppers, peaches Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits Peaches: benefits and harms of sun fruits , strawberries, broccoli, orange juice, papaya.

Goat cheese and other fatty dairy products increase fertility, while the low-fat and low-fat dairy products reduces a woman's ability to conceive.The researchers found that women who ate two or more servings of dairy products with low-fat in a week, more likely to have problems with ovulation than women who consumed fatty dairy products.

Oysters contain a lot of zinc, which helps to keep the optimal number of sperm, reducing the excess of estrogen Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health men.This mineral is also important for women because it reduces the risk of miscarriage, but the source of zinc in this case should be different: during pregnancy or when trying to get pregnant women should avoid oyster.To improve fertility, reduce the intake of saturated fat and discard the use of refined fats.