28th week of pregnancy: the health of women and children are interrelated

28 Weeks Pregnant On the twenty-eighth week of the child already can turn head down - towards the nearest exit out of your body.His weight is now about 1.2 kg.He is learning new skills - for example, blinking, coughing and hiccups.In the dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams the child has marked the phase of rapid eye movement - which means that he was dreaming.

your body is in the 28th week of pregnancy

That child turned upside down, taking the position that is convenient for families - it is certainly good news.The bad news may be considered that in such a situation it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve sciatic nerve: how to avoid the agonizing pain? The sciatic nerve: how to avoid the excruciating pain? mother, which passes through the lower back, hips and legs.Sciatica, common among pregnant disorder can cause sharp, shooting pain and / or tingling and numbness in the lower back, legs and hips.The best that can be done with sciatica in pregnant women - to accept the idea that the pain may persist up to the birth, and in the hope that the baby is a little change position and place more convenient for you way.Medication is not only harmful to pregnant women, but also ineffective sciatica having such a cause.

Council at 28 weeks of pregnancy: sign up for classes in preparation for childbirth

Before the birth is still far, but this time will be much faster than you think, so get ready to start them too early.Ask for advice from a doctor - he certainly will be able to recommend a good course for pregnant women.Do not delay registration for courses to complete them for a few weeks before the expected date of delivery.It is advisable to choose the courses, which include classes on newborn care and breastfeeding.You have special needs?There are special programs for pregnant women who want to give birth naturally after cesarean, and courses designed for those who expect more than one child.There is even an intensive course, which can take place at hotels in the country - they are perfect for those who continue to work and can not be several times a week to go to regular classes.When choosing courses, make sure that your instructor is a professional degree and a license that gives him the right to provide such services.

Choosing a name

28th week of pregnancy - it's time to begin to choose a name for the baby.Some parents name is prepared in advance, while others argue for a long time before settling on something.Enjoy the process!Listen to the suggestions of friends and relatives, but do not forget that the final decision is yours alone.Explore the genealogy of your family - perhaps someone from ancestors were very interesting names;or maybe you want to name the baby How to name the baby - a responsible choice How to name the baby - a responsible choice in honor of someone from living relatives or friends.

considered as a variant of the names of favorite characters.Of course, it is important to feel a measure - it is not necessary to name the baby intricate names or names that are strongly associated with certain characters (the child is unlikely to be grateful if it would be called Frodo or Sauron).But in the Russian classics and fairy tales have many beautiful names that are now used rarely.However, the rarity of the name should not be a priority - remember that you give a name, not for himself but for the child.

status of women in the 28th week of pregnancy

this week in normal pregnancy status and well-being of women is satisfactory.Of course, it is already worried about mild shortness of breath on exertion and fatigue, but she was used to it.The woman, who has the necessary training on pregnancy, has already adapted to his condition and can cope with such little trouble as heartburn, constipation, light headedness.On all occasions it already has recipes struggle with certain symptoms.And she clearly knows, in any case an urgent need to see a doctor or call an ambulance.

is especially dangerous for a woman to high blood pressure.Normally, the top figure - the systolic pressure - should not rise by more than 30% from baseline.The bottom number (diastolic pressure) should not exceed normal parameters.Increased blood pressure in pregnant women can occur with hypertension, kidney disease and late toxicosis (gestosis).These women stand out in a group of risk observed in women's consultation on an individual schedule.In order not to miss the beginning preeclampsia, a pregnant woman is better to buy and most tonometer monitor their pressure measuring it several times a day.Blood pressure should be recorded in order to show them to the doctor then.

During this time, you may experience bleeding or spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology due to incorrect (too low) position of the placenta - sometimes it is located at the site of the internal cervical os.It is very dangerous for these women should be constant monitoring obstetrician-gynecologist, so they are usually in the antenatal department of the hospital up to the birth.

To the doctor should contact if:

  • there was a growing headache, nausea and vomiting;
  • growing swelling;
  • very frequent false contractions - spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the uterus;
  • if the child has ceased to actively move.

ambulance should be called:

  • if there were severe pain in the abdomen or in the lumbar region;
  • if there were abundant bleeding from the genital tract;
  • if the background of a severe headache convulsions.

condition of the fetus in the 28th week of pregnancy

By the end of this week, the length of the fruit is 35-36 cm, weight - 1000-1200, there has been a significant deposition of fat in the subcutaneous tissue, marked active movementsextremities.Vigorously develop the placenta, umbilical cord, fetal membranes, increasing the amount of amniotic fluid.But

born on this term fetus still has a kind of old: wrinkled skin, subcutaneous fat layer is poorly developed, the length of the hairs on the head reaches half a centimeter, the skin is covered with grease syrovidnoy.Respiratory function is not yet fully formed, but the baby at birth, breathes and emits a faint resembling squeak, scream.Ears adjacent to the head, soft (cartilage in them have not yet formed).In boys, the testicles are not left out in the scrotum, the girls clitoris extends beyond the labia majora.Nails on hands and feet do not reach the fingertips.Suckling a child is missing, so it is fed through a tube.

During this period, the functional state of internal organs can already ensure the viability of the fetus when creating a certain temperature (thermoregulation own undeveloped fetus) and certain hormonal correction.

At this time of great importance for the proper circulation of the fetus is the mother, as violations of the cardiovascular system may cause insufficient supply of fetal tissue oxygen, and it is very dangerous, as the first to suffer the central nervous system of the child and violated his nerve-psihicheskoe and physical development.

What can a mother for the proper development of your baby

child to grow and develop properly, it is necessary: ​​

  • to eat - not to increase the weight, but not to starve to receive full food rich in proteins,complex carbohydrates, vegetable and dairy fats, vitamins and minerals;
  • develop its own individual mode of the day, which should alternate walking, Physiotherapy and rest in a horizontal position with raised upside down;in any case not to engage in heavy physical labor, and do not lift heavy objects;
  • monitor their health and, above all, for the blood pressure and edema and in time to seek medical help.

Galina Romanenko