How to conceive twins naturally: is it possible to plan?

how to conceive twins naturally probability of conceiving twins naturally is one to 89. This means that in normal circumstances the chances of conceiving twins are negligible.It helps increase their use of special drugs to increase fertility or fertilization in vitro (IVF).But is it possible to increase the probability of conceiving twins, without resorting to medical care?

How does the conception of twins?

The most common identical twins.Identical twins develop from a single egg.This occurs when multiple sperm fertilize the egg multi-core, or the division of the embryo into two parts with the split of the fertilized egg, when each part is obtained from a single embryo.Identical twins grow in the uterus together and have a common placenta and membranes.They have a total circulation.Since the genetics of identical twins have the same, they are always the same sex and born very similar to each other.Typically, one of the membranes is still between fruit.If not, then perhaps fusion of tissue and the formation of Siamese twins.

dizygotic twins are obtained while the fertilization of multiple eggs by different sperm.Genetics of such twins If you have twins, ten Smiles If you have twins, ten Smiles different, they can be of different sexes and do not like each other.Fraternal twins are united only by a common "place of residence" - the uterus.Each has its own placenta, independent circulatory system, its own shell.

Can I schedule the twins?

Hormone therapy increases the likelihood of twins conceived through the use of substances that stimulate ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .In another method of infertility treatment - in vitro fertilization - the uterus multiple embryos transferred into the womb.Although usually only one embryo survives, and a few may survive.Through these methods sometimes develop multiple pregnancies when born just four or more children.

Plan can not be identical twins.

Nature division of the fertilized egg after conception is not clear, the greatest role is played by heredity.If you or your partner in the family were identical twins, the chances of you go up, but to actively influence this process is impossible.

chances of conceiving dizygotic twins increases with hormonal drugs that stimulate the ovaries and lead to the maturation of more than one (usually ten) egg in the cycle.

treatment hormonal preparations must take place under the supervision of a physician and spend it only for conceiving twins inappropriate.No one method does not give an absolute guarantee of conceiving twins.

Traditional methods

  • take folic acid

Numerous studies have shown an association between folic acid supplementation and conceiving twins.For example, a study by Australian scientists has shown that women prior to conception folic acid, there is a probability of conception of twins.Moreover, the intake of folic acid at the recommended doses during pregnancy planning increases the chances of conceiving twins as much as 40%.In any case, folic acid Folic acid - the value is difficult to overestimate Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate is a must for any woman who is trying to become pregnant, as it prevents neural tube defects in the baby.

  • Dial weight

Healthy weight - the guarantee of health and normal ovarian cycle.But it turns out that women are overweight higher chances of conceiving twins!Also, the twins often born to women of high growth.

  • Increase your intake of milk and dairy products

According to a recent study of multiple pregnancy, women who daily drink milk, yogurt Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians and yogurt to eat cheese and cottage cheese, often give birth to twinsthan women who did not consume milk products.The study was conducted comparing the female vegans (vegetarians who do not consume eggs and dairy products) and women adhering to a normal diet.The study found that women-vegans probability of conception of twins less.Maybe it's not in the dairy products, but the fact that they are made from the milk of cows that were given growth hormone.

  • Breastfeed

If you already have a child, but in the future you would like to have twins, longer feed your baby breast milk.According to one study, nursing mothers twins born nine times more likely than women who had never breastfed.

  • Start planning pregnancy immediately after stopping hormonal contraceptives

In some cases, discontinuation of oral contraceptives results in the fact that the body loses its usual rhythm and begins to regulate the production of hormones.If you are taking hormonal contraceptives for six months or more, and then stop, take a couple of months to stabilize the ovarian cycle and normalizing hormone production.In this case, the level of sex hormones can go off-scale, and matures in the ovaries is not one but two or even three egg.So if you are dreaming of twins, planning a pregnancy as soon stop taking hormonal contraceptives.

  • Eat wild yam

The effectiveness of this tool is not scientifically proven, but it certainly will do you good.Wild yam regulates the female reproductive glands, reduces blood cholesterol levels and normalizes blood pressure.It is believed that wild yam stimulates the ovaries that leads to the maturation of two ova during ovulation.In support of the hypothesis about the effectiveness of yam can give an example of the Nigerian town of Igbo-Ora, with a population of tens of thousands of people, and in which are born every year, 50 twins and triplets.According to one version, this phenomenon is explained by the influence of the locals favorite wild yam.

  • plan pregnancy after thirty years

women age increases the probability of conceiving twins.For example, among women aged forty-five years the probability of conception of twins is 17%, but they have reduced reproductive function, so do not delay the birth of a child solely in order to give birth to twins.However, the older the woman, the higher her chances of multiple pregnancy.Practice shows that most often twins are born just at mature women.Scientists tend to explain this phenomenon by the fact that with age in women increased production of follicle-stimulating hormone, which stimulates egg maturation in the ovaries.Thus, the body compensates for the reduced quantity and quality of oocytes.Enhancement of FSH leads to excessive stimulation of the ovaries and, consequently, to the maturation of two or more eggs within one ovarian cycle.

  • Take natural ovulation stimulants

regularly and for a long time, take pills or teas K. prostrata - it is very useful to regulate a woman's cycle, and if the cycle is normal, it can strengthen the work of the ovaries.It is also effective in stimulating the ovaries evening primrose oil.It is very beneficial effects on the menstrual cycle as a whole and for the planned conception, its effects can help the maturation of two eggs.

In no case do not take hormones for the sole purpose of conception of twins, especially without medical supervision.In the worst case, use of these drugs may lead to hyperstimulation syndrome and ovarian failure, which could permanently deprive you of the opportunity to have children.