26th week of pregnancy: the fetus is viable

26 Weeks Pregnant Trying to keep up with classes for pregnant women, prepare the room for the unborn child, while at the same time doing business as usual?Do not forget that the important thing for you now - eat well and how to relax.


nerves in the ears of the child are becoming more advanced and sensitive.Now he can hear you talking to someone.He constantly inhales and exhales a certain amount of amniotic fluid, which is a necessary condition for the development of his lungs.Such unusual respiratory movements will help him make the first breath after birth.Kid continues to gain fat.His weight now - about 800 g and body length is about 35 cm. If you have a boy in the 26th week of pregnancy, his testicles are beginning to descend the scrotum - it will take about two or three days.


about this period your blood pressure may rise slightly, but probably it is still lower than it was before you became pregnant.(Usually, blood pressure is significantly reduced by the end of the first trimester, and becomes the lowest in the period 22-24 of the second week.)

Pre-eclampsia - a serious disorder that is characterized by high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine - most often develops after 37= the first week, but it could happen before, so it is necessary to know the basic symptoms of this condition.Call your doctor if you have swelling of the face and / or around the eyes, the hands, as well as a large swelling in the legs and / or weight gain more than 1.5-2 kg per week.Constant headaches, blurred vision or double vision visible objects, heightened sensitivity to light or temporary loss of vision, pain in the upper abdomen and / or vomiting may be signs of a severe form of preeclampsia.When these symptoms should immediately seek medical help.

If lately you often hurts the waist, you can thank for that growing uterus - it shifts the center of gravity of your body, stretches and weakens musclesabdomen, and in some cases causes a pinched nerve.Hormonal changes also relax the muscles and ligaments, which leads to unpleasant symptoms.In addition, the extra weight you are now wearing on itself, creates an additional strain on the muscles and joints;That is why at the end of the day many pregnant women feel particularly severe fatigue and muscle pain.If you have a lot of walk, stand or sit, the pressure on the back muscles increases significantly;if possible, you need to alternate forms of activity - that is, do not sit or stand for too long.A warm bath and hot compresses also help relieve pain in muscles.(Some women, however, helps to better cool water.) Keep track of your posture throughout the day, avoid activities, if you continue to work, take frequent breaks;sleep, put a pillow between your legs.

future Pope

Pregnancy - a difficult time not only for women.What is especially worried about the future of his father when he sees his wife's growing belly, and it comes the realization that he really will soon become Pope?Will he be able to provide all the necessary little man?What you need to prepare for his appearance?And you may have to move?Money is a major stressor for many men.And if they consciously made the decision about the birth of a child, during pregnancy they long and painful asking questions of the financial plan.

But anxiety, of course, not limited finances.Future Pope worried about the health of his favorite women about the child's health, how the appearance of another person in the family will change the whole family.

Now is the perfect time to talk about all this with yourself and with your partner.Often, families are falling apart soon after the baby is born, not least because the partners do not talk to each other about what they are worried, believing that with the advent of the baby everything will be settled by itself.But by itself, nothing happens.So try to solve their psychological problems and learn to cope with stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , before the birth of the baby.Do not be afraid to ask for help - it's not a sign of weakness, and suggests that you consciously feel about their difficulties and efforts to cope with them.

What happens in a woman's body in the 26th week of pregnancy

On the 26th week, a woman may experience as a new experience and continue those that were before.Of the new sensations there is some tenderness in the upper abdomen, associated with stress muscles and ligaments that support the growing belly.Reduce this phenomenon will specially selected band.Big belly helps back muscle strain, it causes pain.

Due to the growing belly may be amplified phenomena such as constipation, bloating and heartburn - compressed organs of the gastrointestinal tract.Help in this case, frequent small feedings Fractional power: how to lose weight Fractional power: how to lose weight , dairy products, vegetable dishes (one is better to cook mashed potatoes).Heartburn remove receiving half a glass of milk or brackish mineral water.From flatulent will receive two tablets of activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable Activated carbon - old but indispensable .

remains a risk of occurrence and development of late toxicosis (preeclampsia), varicose veins and hemorrhoids.All of this can also be prevented, following a diet, motor activity and recreation.But we must know clearly that if, despite your best efforts, continue to grow headache and swelling, you should consult your doctor immediately.

overflow bloodstream at this stage can cause the phenomenon of systematic nosebleeds.Regular blood loss, in turn, will lead to iron deficiency anemia.Despite the fact that iron deficiency anemia occurs usually mild, constant lack of oxygen, which in this case arises, can cause serious complications in the fetus.Therefore, women with low hemoglobin assigned treatment and diet, fortified foods, which include the easily digestible iron (meat, liver, eggs, fish, fish eggs, seafood).

Reduced immunity can lead to tooth decay and gum disease (gingivitis pregnant), so it is very important the careful care of your teeth and mouth.

growing breasts, nipples and areola increase in size and covered with brown pigment.There are dark spots on the face (mainly on the forehead), stomach (at its midline).

The woman can appear leg cramps.They occur on the background of metabolic disorders (e.g., enough calcium in the body) or with deep varicose veins of the lower extremities.In the event of seizures need to get up and walk normally while walking seizures are.You can also bend and straighten the leg in the knee and ankle joints, and the joints of the toes.For the prevention of seizures at night is an exercise you can do at night, combining it with self-massage leg muscles.

How is the baby in the 26th week of pregnancy

Our baby is growing, and the 26th week of its weight is 900 grams, and length - 33 cm. The kid continues to move, his well developed musclesarms and legs, they were so strengthened that his movements can feel not only my mother, but the father - this is a big surprise for him!Sleeping child often does not coincide with sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams mother and she has under him adjust to - rest when he calms down.In order to get the child to sleep, you can sleep the night before to make short walks in the fresh air - it will calm him.

At this stage of pregnancy the baby is formed by high-grade neuroendocrine system - the strong link of the brain to the glands of internal secretion.Particularly strong links the brain with the adrenal glands.Pituitary begins to mature, it is now alone produces growth hormone.Under the influence of the neuroendocrine system is gradually preparing the baby to adult survival.

already well developed hearing and sight: the baby hears the voices of the people and features a mother's voice from other voices.He was very worried when her voice catches in fear or excitement, and if a woman has frequent palpitations.When he hears a quiet mother's heartbeat, it calms him down.He sees and strong light sources that can penetrate the tissue of the abdomen mother and fetal membranes.

child's face already finds certain traits.If at this time the woman for some reason carried ultrasound, you may be asked to take a picture of the baby - the first time so parents can see what he looks like.Of course, it's hard to see, because even a wrinkled face - under the skin is not enough fat.But she continues to develop.

Our baby has overcome many obstacles, and just around the corner of his birth.

Galina Romanenko