38th week of pregnancy: soon it will be easier

  • 38th week of pregnancy: soon it will be easier
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38 Weeks Pregnant you are already on the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy, and nowwe can confidently say that the pregnancy does not last very long.Most expectant mothers in this period is already looking forward to the birth.If in the next two weeks will begin labor does not naturally likely, the doctor will ask you to take action to artificially initiate them.Here we'll talk about ways in which you can speed up the onset of labor, but before trying any of them, talk with your doctor or midwife.

What happens to the mother and the child

child: body length of the child from head to rump is about 36-37 cm. Its weight - about 3200-3250, he still lays subcutaneous fat, which helps regulate body temperatureand serves as a shock absorber for the internal organs - which is especially important during childbirth.Now, when deliveries very close to the baby's skin opal most of lanugo that covered his body earlier.

Mom: At the thirty-eighth week of pregnancy, many mothers feel regular training bout.It provides an excellent opportunity to perform breathing exercises that you will be very useful during labor.When regular contractions begin with an interval between them lasting less than five minutes, immediately call your doctor, as this is likely to mean that labor has begun, and enter into an active phase.

This week it's time to collect a bag that you take with you to the hospital.Fold back the necessary clothing, underwear, hygiene products, as well as documents.In case you have a long wait for the start of the active phase of labor, bring a book, player, or even a laptop.

If you have not already done so, make a note in your phone memory phone number of your doctor and the hospital in which to give birth plan.Also, just in case, print a detailed map of directions to the hospital - it can be useful if, for example, you have to go around the traffic jam.You may want to do a photo shoot - then you will be able to show these pictures the child, explaining that there, in the big belly - it is a few days before the birth.

natural childbirth methods call

In the last weeks of pregnancy, many future moms are thinking about how to induce childbirth - the fatigue of pregnancy causes a desire to give birth as soon as possible.However, before using any of these methods, you need to be sure that the child has turned head down and his natal development is almost completed.

Walk - one of the safest ways to call delivery.The effects of gravity and muscle tension contribute to the fact that the baby's head is lowered closer to the birth canal.Moreover, during the walk there is additional pressure on the cervix, which also prepares your body for the upcoming birth.

Sex is another way to induce labor.It helps in two ways.First, the female orgasm female orgasm: A Guide for Women Female Orgasm: A Guide for Women causes uterine contractions.Secondly, prostaglandins contained in seminal fluid may also cause birth.When cause birth in the hospital, doctors sometimes use the gel also containing prostaglandins.

primrose oil is considered a medium capable to soften the cervix and cause expansion.It is sold in capsules that can be inserted into the vagina before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams ;it can simply be rubbed into the vagina.

Nipple stimulation induces the release of oxytocin, a hormone that causes contractions.(Pitocin used for artificial call delivery, is a synthetic form of oxytocin).Note: many doctors do not approve the use of this method call delivery, because it can lead to a very long and painful struggles, which may adversely affect your baby.

Castor oil is used to call the birth for centuries.However, its efficacy and safety into question.Castor oil is a laxative;it is assumed that, causing intestinal cramps, and it stimulates uterine contractions.Talk to your doctor before using castor oil as a means of calling for delivery.

However, it is better not to rush things.38th week of pregnancy - a perfect time to check again whether everything was ready for the life of the baby in your home and, of course, sleep - will soon find the time for it will be very difficult.

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