The first weeks of pregnancy: change has already begun

early pregnancy And you know what happens in the body of the future mother for the first four weeks of pregnancy?Already on the first day the body begins to change and get used to his new status.What happens inside it?

first or second week of

What happens to a child: It may seem strange, but true - doctors consider the gestational age from the beginning of your last menstrual period as determine exactly when conception occurred, it is difficult.So while there is really only your desire to conceive a child

What happens to the future mother: At the beginning of the menstrual cycle menstrual cycle and its response Menstrual cycle and its characteristics in a woman's ovaries ripens about 20 eggs inside the fluid-filled sacs - follicles.One of them matures and ruptures, releasing the egg, which falls into the fallopian tubes Fallopian tubes: an important part of the reproductive system Fallopian tubes: an important part of the reproductive system , where for days awaiting fertilization.If this does not occur, the egg dies and about two weeks removed from the body during menstruation.

If you plan to conceive, it is necessary beforehand to undergo a full medical examination and start taking folic acid Folic acid - the value is difficult to overestimate Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate (recommended daily dose - 0.4 mg per day).Start taking it for two months before conception Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics baby Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child , you will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing the child's neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

third week

What happens to a child: If fertilization is successful, the third week inside you already live embryoalthough he is still very small, no bigger than a pinhead.While he did not look like a man - it is a group of about a hundred cells that multiply rapidly and grow.After a while, the outer layer of cells will become the placenta, and the inner - the fruit.

What happens to the future mother: Delays are no monthly, and you're unlikely to notice any signs of pregnancy.However, if you are planning to conceive, you can already buy a pregnancy test.

fourth week

What happens to the baby: The embryo is still quite small, its length - about 0.035 cm. In the second week of development, it consists of about 150 cells.Used for growth nutrients coming from the wall of the uterus.Functions of the different layers of cells have already been identified - from the outer layers will form the nervous system, skin and hair from the interior - the respiratory and digestive organs.From the middle layer is formed skeleton, bones, cartilage, muscles, cardiovascular system, kidneys and reproductive organs.

What happens to the future mother: You probably expect that this week you will begin monthly;If this does not happen, suppose pregnant.This week, many pregnant women short notice smearing bleeding that occurs during the implantation of the embryo in the uterine wall.During this period, the majority of pregnant women feel, as usual, but the amniotic sac and placenta, which will provide your baby with oxygen and nutrients, have already begun to emerge.

this week to do a pregnancy test.In addition, you should start eating a healthy diet and drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day.During pregnancy, you need to eat every day only 300 calories more than your usual standards, and is not just for two.

around the ovum is formed watertight cavity which gradually filled with liquid.This is the amniotic sac that protects the growing embryo.

At the same time there is a formation of the placenta, a flat circular body that delivers nutrients from mother to child, and outputs wastes baby.The child is formed rudimentary face with large dark circles on it - later, they will be the eyes.Begin to form the mouth, the lower jaw and throat.Blood cells are taking shape, and the blood in the body of the fetus begins to circulate.