Conception: the myths that prevent you from becoming pregnant

Conceiving Not all women are making efforts to get pregnant - specifically planning a pregnancy, and are preparing for it, to schedule ovulation and using other clever schemes that increase the likelihood of conception.Some pregnant, absolutely not thinking about it.

Many couples simply go with the flow, allowing nature to do its job, and soon in the family appears adorable baby.On the other hand, some couples go to all sorts of tricks - buy thermometers to measure basal body temperature basal body temperature - try to move less Basal temperature - try to move less body kits for determining ovulation, sex on schedule - all to no avail, you can not get pregnant.What prevents quite healthy pregnant woman?Perhaps this confusion and myths ingrained in our minds?

to get pregnant, you need to have sex on the fourteenth day of the ovarian cycle

You've heard that most women ovulate on day 14 of ovarian cycle.This is not true.This assumption is based on the calendar method, ovulation prediction.So if you have a perfect cycle, which consists of a 28-day luteal phase (second half of the ovarian cycle) falls exactly 14 days, so you really ovulation occurs around this time.But the vast majority of women the cycle is not perfect, ie, greater than or less than 28 days, or even a regular cycle does not guarantee that ovulation occurs at exactly the same time every month.

to get pregnant, it is necessary to have sex in the first 24-72 hours after ovulation

There is some confusion as to when to have sex if you are trying to become pregnant.It is true that sexual intercourse should be as close to ovulation in order to increase the probability of conception.The mistake many couples is that they have sex only when, according to their calculations, ovulation or after it.In this strategy, the two tangible "minus".Firstly, the ovum is viable for only 12-24 (instead of 72) hours after ovulation.If you do not have sex until the day of ovulation, you are limiting your ability to become pregnant 12 hours.Sperm are viable for five days, so it's important not just to have sex after ovulation, but also to her.Ideally, sexual intercourse should take place in one or two days before ovulation.

Secondly, many women can not pinpoint the time of ovulation.If you are not sure when you ovulate, or a mistake in the calculation of the day of ovulation, you have sex it is in vain (that is, it will not give you anything but fun) in the "wrong" days.Therefore, experts recommend having sex at least three times a week to get there for sure during ovulation and increase the chances of conception.

probability of getting pregnant are highest in those days, when you have increased basal body temperature

Charting basal body temperature - one of the main tests of functional diagnosis of ovarian cancer.The basal body temperature (BBT) - is the temperature, which is measured in the morning, immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed in the rectum (or vagina or under the tongue).The temperature measured at this point, virtually unaffected by environmental factors, it is therefore called the base or basement.The method of basal body temperature to determine ovulation time, but not predict it.Increased basal body temperature indicates that ovulation has occurred.However, although this method is not effective in predicting ovulation, it allows you to accurately set the mere fact of its existence.Basal body temperature method also helps to identify abnormalities in the ovaries and diagnose various disorders of fertility, for example, anovulyarny cycle or luteal phase defects.

Infertility is no cure or treatment is too expensive

Many couples mistakenly believe that they are infertile.Even without consulting with a doctor, they give up, thinking that their problem has no solution, and they are doomed to being childless.Other couples believe that infertility can be cured, but it is very long and expensive process, and also to give up.This is one of the most harmful misconceptions, because it interferes with thousands of couples seeking help in the treatment of infertility Center Infertility Treatment - What are the priority principles Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority and family planning, and easily correct the problem that prevents them from getting pregnant.If you unsuccessfully trying to conceive for a year, you should seek medical advice.If you have irregular menstrual cycles, or schedule of basal temperature indicates the absence of ovulation, you should seek medical advice.Indeed, some of the methods of infertility treatment is quite expensive, but not all.

useless to consult your doctor if you are trying to get pregnant less than a year

That's not true.Many doctors do recommend a pair of try to get pregnant on their own within a year, and only then to resort to health care, but still you should consult your doctor when planning a pregnancy.It is advisable to undergo a full medical and gynecological examination Gynecological examination - an unpleasant necessity Gynecological examination - an unpleasant necessity (this applies to both partners), to learn about the state of health, to identify possible problems, and taking into account the results of the survey couples choose the most suitable and effective method of pregnancy planning.It is also recommended to start taking a special vitamin complexes for those who want to become pregnant.

During ovulation should be as often as possible to have sex

Well, sex is never too much, but even if you are making love around the clock during the expected ovulation, it does not guarantee that you will become pregnant.The probability of conception during each ovarian cycle is 20-30%.Many couples make a big mistake - they have sex only on the day of the expected ovulation.What if in the calculations was a mistake, and ovulation has already occurred?Accurately predict ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? quite difficult, so it's best to play it safe and have sex two to three times a week.

Most often infertile women, men are rarely similar problems

For some unknown reason, women believe that only sterile and impotent drug addicts, and in other cases, the inability of couples to conceive "guilty" woman.This is not so.From Infertility equally affects both women and men, with about 40% of infertility is caused by a "male" factor, another 40% - "female", and the remaining 20% ​​- an unfortunate combination of "male" and "female" factor.