37th week of pregnancy: almost formed man

37 Weeks Pregnant Restless sleep is one of the most common signs of the last few weeks of pregnancy.If you can not sleep at night, try to sleep during the day - relax, while you can.You will have a very hard work, so try to gain strength.



On the 37th week of pregnancy, the baby is not considered to develop to the end, as before birth there is still three weeks.However, if you're a parent now, his lungs are likely to be already mature enough to provide it with oxygen without the help of the mother's body.(Some kids, however, easily develop a little longer. Therefore, if, for example, you need a scheduled cesarean section, the doctor held him no earlier than the 39th week. Exceptions can only be made if there are medical indications for earlier intervention.)

Your baby is now weighing about 2.8 kg, and the length of its body is about 45-48 cm. Some children are born with already full of hair on the head.Hair length is from 1 to 4 cm. Do not be surprised if your child's hair color is not like the hair color of any of the parents.Such symptoms are sometimes inherited a very bizarre, and in addition, hair color may change with age.



Braxton Hicks contractions come more often, last longer, and sometimes cause very severe discomfort.To distinguish them from real labor contractions simple.Practice contractions come at irregular intervals, gradually weakening and tested soon after the change of body position.Labor pains gradually increase, starting at regular intervals (intervals slowly declining; the gap in less than five minutes of contractions is considered the beginning of the active phase of labor).

abundant vaginal discharge whole truth about vaginal secretions The whole truth about vaginal secretions may be a sign of retreat mucus plug, but sometimes the delivery begins only after a few weeksthereafter.If precipitates appear traces of blood - probably before delivery is a few days - or even less.(If you start now vaginal bleeding, call your doctor right away.)

Ask your doctor about the results of tests for group B streptococcus, of course, you will be informed about them, in any case, but it is better to know in advance the need to receive antibiotics during labor did nota surprise to you.

In late pregnancy, many mothers see unusually bright, detailed dreams.Someone they look like a beautiful fairy tale, someone - a horror movie, and dreams of many women is intertwined with one another.Do not try to find an explanation for these dreams in a variety of dream books - interpretation could be another cause for concern, furthermore, if it proves to be true, it is only thanks to coincidence.

The fact is that the time when a person is resting, the brain works - active but differently than when we are awake.Functions and mechanisms of dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams not yet fully clear to scientists, one is most likely that the dream - the result of the process of information processing that occurs while we sleep.During pregnancy, especially in the last stages of a woman worried about the future, gradually realizing that they are entering a new phase of life, which will differ significantly from what it was before.All thoughts and feelings on the matter are reflected in dreams.

just a few weeks before the birth the baby drops a little lower in the pelvis.This can happen in the 37th week of pregnancy, and a little earlier or later.The woman in this case feels some relief - a child is now more pressure on the bladder The bladder - structure and function Urinary bladder - structure and function and frequent urination, but the pressure on the diaphragm and the chest is reduced and it becomes easier to breathe.


How is a woman in the 37th week of pregnancy

37th week of pregnancy usually do not bring anything new, but some women at this time lowered the stomach and it becomes easier to breathe.This means that in two weeks will begin delivery.Births do not start at all women equally, in 40 weeks.The norm is labor, which began in the 38th to 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Due to the omission of the stomach enhanced urinary problems: it desires to become increasingly due to the fact that the baby's head is lowered pressure on the bladder.

can reinforce false contractions.In some cases, they are regular and painful, that is transformed into true.

placenta actively collects all the necessary (enzymes, vitamins, minerals) to ensure a high level of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things .At the same time, it ceases to suppress the production of substances that increase uterine activity, such as oxytocin and acetylcholine.

in the uterus increases the volume of the muscular layer and the number of nerve endings, and therefore it becomes very sensitive to the movements of the child.But in the last few weeks before delivery number of nerve endings decreases: the body prepares the uterus for childbirth and tries to make them less painful.The number of blood vessels in the uterus increases up to the birth.

In prenatal gynecologist examines the cervix and evaluates its condition, ie, whether it is ready for disclosure.During labor, the cervix becomes softer and thinner (anti-aliased).It is important to determine the degree of smoothing or disclosure.It is defined in centimeters: before delivery the cervix is ​​closed, and the second stage of labor (the period of the expulsion of the fetus) usually has been full disclosure of the cervix - up to 10 cm. The entire first stage of labor is the disclosure of the cervix so that the child can go throughthe birth canal.

Obstetrician-gynecologist draws attention to the fetal presentation (which part of it is turned out of the uterus), and measures the width of the pelvis and the pelvic bones mothers location.If detected some irregularities in the fetal position or size mismatch pelvis size of the fetal head, women can offer elective cesarean delivery.

Caesarean section - an operation by which the fetus is removed from the uterus through an incision in the abdominal wall and the wall of the uterus (abdominal cesarean section) or through an incision in the uterus to the vagina (vaginal cesarean section).The operation started doing this long ago - about a hundred years ago, but it has saved a huge amount of women, whose condition did not allow the story birth naturally.

operation is performed under general anesthesia or under epidural anesthesia (anesthetic is injected under the hard shell of the spinal cord, resulting in a complete lack of sensitivity occurs in the pelvic area).

Absolute indications for Caesarean section are the states, excluding the possibility of vaginal birth.Relative indications - a situation in which a live birth and a healthy baby through other means of delivery is questionable or risky for the mother.


development of the fetus in the 37th week of pregnancy

This week, the length of the fruit is 46-47 cm, weight - of 2600-2700, it had already taken a definite position in the uterus, which is not likely tochanges to the birth.However, there are cases when a child changes its position just a day before delivery.

best is cephalic, when his head is down and during the birth of the first pass through the birth canal.Yagodichek previa or feet - it is also the norm options.Wrong to consider this presentation, when the baby takes a cross or skew position in the uterus.But it is quite fixable - obstetricians and can cope with it.However, if a woman was found malposition, it is usually sent to a maternity hospital in advance, in a planned way - it allows the doctor to the maternity home in time to develop the correct tactics of childbirth.

this period the birth of children is usually well tolerated adaptation to adult life conditions, although often still there is some inhibition of metabolic processes, resulting in a higher weight loss and the long period of his recovery when compared with children born morelater date.

Galina Romanenko