How to survive the hardships of the first months of pregnancy: rest and proper nutrition

the hardships of the first months of pregnancy Pregnancy - during both happy and difficult.A woman waiting for the birth of their baby, and at the same time, sometimes going through a certain number of not too pleasant moments that are inextricably linked with motherhood.If a significant physical exertion on the body falls in recent months, it is already the second month of pregnancy, the expectant mother feels the changes in your body and emotional state that it can not remain unnoticed.And sometimes you have to make an effort to throughout the pregnancy to feel comfortable and live a full life.

second month of pregnancy is very important because it is closely linked with the early development of a child - in this period begin to form organs.Expectant mother on the second month begins to experience a lot of discomforts associated with pregnancy: nausea, vomiting, excessive salivation.And to better move this month, should listen to the advice of experts.

embryo development

second month of pregnancy (7-10 weeks) - is the embryonic period of development of the baby.It is characterized by organogenesis, when the organs of the body begin to denote the first, and then fully formed.

the seventh week, the embryo has a length of 16-18 mm, it has developed the eyelids and ears.By the eighth to ninth week embryo reaches approximately 20 mm in length, it begins to signify the contours of the nose, there nostrils.By the tenth week, he already has 30 mm in length, formed brain, which at this point is about one-third of the volume of the body of the embryo, the developing nervous system, the spinal cord.

changes in women

the second month of pregnancy, the woman is usually going through all the difficulties of the period.Fifty to ninety percent of women go through nausea, vomiting, dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , heartburn, excessive salivation, difficulty in the work of the digestive system.All these symptoms are normal, and often they disappear on the third month.

Often, women have problems with veins, spider veins appear Vascular Stars - a sign of several diseases Spider veins - a sign of several diseases on the legs and hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease .

Throughout pregnancy a woman may have pain in the back.You need to deal with it with the help of massage and water exercises.

limb spasms usually occur at the end of pregnancy, but may occur earlier.If a woman tormented by cramps, which often occur in the calf, you should consult your doctor, who may prescribe a course of treatment with magnesium.

Carpal tunnel syndrome - a compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, where there is tingling.This is a common problem for pregnant women.

hormonal disruptions in the body are manifested in different ways.Firstly, the chest is filled, it becomes difficult for it can be clearly seen vascular grid, nipples darken and may be pigmented.Dizziness - is also one of the signs of hormonal changes.
All of these factors are absolutely normal, because in this way the body makes it clear that it is changing, adapting to the new state, which would have to stay for weeks.

practical tips that will help move the pregnancy

punctuated vacation with a light load.Periodically, give yourself a chance to rest, relax, but also do not forget about the need to move, to breathe fresh air.You walk for at least half an hour a day.

Alcohol and smoking during pregnancy is strictly prohibited.It's a real poison for the future of the child, because at any alcoholic beverages during pregnancy and nicotine can have a negative impact on its normal development, his serious illness.Also avoid to be in a place where you can breathe in toxic volatile substances, such as paint and other "chemistry", protect themselves from domestic household products.
Eat balanced, do not sit on a diet.Good nutrition of pregnant women - the guarantee of health, proper development of her unborn child, and her well-being.Eat at least five fruits and vegetables daily, consume foods rich in calcium (cheese, low-fat cheese, milk), which are necessary for bone formation, do not forget about Vitamin D - it helps to absorb calcium.It can be found in eggs, fatty fish liver.

Eat enough green vegetables, which are rich in vitamin B9 and foods containing carbohydrates that give your body the energy needed for the child's development.Do not skip meals for breakfast, choose products that contain "slow" carbohydrates.

Some products are better excluded from the diet.Among them: the foie gras, raw seafood, meat, blood, raw milk, sliced ​​sausage.All this is necessary to avoid the risk of salmonellosis Salmonellosis - particularly disease Salmonellosis - features of the disease and listeriosis.Be careful about eating raw eggs and home-made, which uses animal products.

And most importantly - do not self-medicate, do not take any medicines or supplements alone.During pregnancy, you need to consult a physician at the slightest occasion, especially when it comes to taking medicines.