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Conceiving only one of about two hundred million sperm "gets" to the awaiting fertilization.Lucky, because he is not only one of the two hundred million, and one of billions have not fulfilled their mission sperm "overall" (if we take into account the numerous attempts to get pregnant).Agree that the meeting of sperm and egg can without exaggeration be called a miracle.

miraculous conception

Mankind has long chants miracle conception and desire to have children, the offspring.This is the subject dedicated to books, songs and poems.In the folklore of every nation there are fairy tales, legends and parables, one way or another connected with the laid down in the genes desire for procreation.In some societies, children given to the role of guardians of a sacred kind, they are the epitome of reincarnation of ancestors.In other cultures, conceiving a child and his birth is associated with the lunar cycles and other natural phenomena.

Some women believe that conception can occur only at a certain moment, when their organism is most ready for this, so making enormous efforts to maximize the probability of conception How to increase the probability of conception: the first steps to improve the reproductive function in How to increase the probability of conception: the first steps to improve reproductive function the time of ovulation.Others believe that conception, pregnancy and childbirth depend only on the higher powers, and they can not influence the course of events, closer, or, conversely, to delay the hour of visiting baby born.

In fact, that conception has occurred, the conditions should be optimal.First of all, the egg must be in a special place, and the sperm must be "in good shape" - mobile, healthy and active.Conception occurs approximately 2 - 36 hours after intercourse.But to turn a fertilized egg into a fully developed embryo still not ideal conditions for conception.It is necessary that the medium in the mother, too, was almost perfect.

menstrual cycle and its influence on the conception

monthly menstrual duration (from the Latin «mene», which means "moon"), a woman's cycle is an average of 26-28 days.The most favorable time to fertilize an egg - ovulation, when the egg is released from the ovary and into the abdominal cavity, where captured the funnel of the fallopian tube.In the fallopian tube meets the egg with the sperm.The fertilization is involved only one sperm nucleus is fused with the nucleus of the egg.From that moment of fertilization and pregnancy begins.Ovulation occurs only once in 28 days and is possible only because a woman's body is changing continuously, and prepares the uterus for a possible egg fertility.

  • Ovulation

Many women ovulate like clockwork.But millions of others can not determine with absolute precision the time of ovulation.The ovaries and pituitary gland produces hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle, but it is also influenced by other factors, such as general health and psychological stability of the woman.Any negative impact on a woman's body or mind can lead to a violation of the established nature of the cycle.Poor nutrition (insufficient or incorrect), illness, stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? , lack of sleep, even dramatic emotional swings (from joy to sadness, or vice versa) - all of which can adversely affect the reproductive capacity of women and frustrate perfectly precise mechanism by which a woman's body.

Many women dream of a child and fanatically trying to conceive, in fact have yourself a disservice.All their effort is to get pregnant, which is why they are often completely neglect other important areas of life of conception.They are trying to create the ideal conditions and with maximum accuracy to predict the time of ovulation Ovulation - how to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? , but do not look after their physical and mental state.Nature has its own mechanisms of regulation.As is well known, as a result of natural selection, survival of the fittest, and that gives the strongest offspring.This rule also applies to a person, even in this age of advanced technology.So if you want to get pregnant, but are overweight, smoke, abuse alcohol or put 200% at work (on what your hormones are going wild), to carry out your dream will be difficult, if not impossible.

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