36th week of pregnancy: do not be afraid

36th week of pregnancy Childbirth approaching, and some women fear grips.In that case very well help two things: a good preparation (after you finished school of motherhood) and insurance.And insurance - is a preliminary agreement on the introduction and reception of sorts with the specialist maternity hospital.All this is sure to put you at ease.

status of women in the 36th week of pregnancy

This week a woman continues to wait for delivery.Overall condition occurring during normal childbirth is satisfactory, but still worried about insomnia, heartburn, bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside , constipation and frequent urination.It is also possible the emergence or worsening signs of toxemia of pregnancy, varicose veins varicose veins - the operation is inevitable? Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable? and hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease Hemorrhoids - a shameful disease .

The reception was an obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation already is a discussion of the various options childbirth, including discussed the possibility of their pain relief.Some pregnant women are concerned that the births occur painful.Pain relief in labor has a long history.At the beginning of pain relief during labor used different magic rituals, then analgesia using infusions and decoctions of herbs.More than a hundred years ago for labor analgesia was used anesthetic, but experience has shown that it often gives the complications of the child.Also used drugs that relieves spasms of the muscles, pain relievers, some delivery processes, and so on.These techniques of anesthesia exist today.

If a woman is afraid of pain should discuss this with your doctor maternity hospital before childbirth, and for this it is necessary to advance to meet.The mere fact that the woman sees a doctor and believe it largely removes her fear of childbirth.Arrangement (it's your insurance) is necessary, but the last word in deciding how to use general anesthesia and anesthesia should be left for the doctor.

The most common method of pain relief in labor is an epidural today - a method when an anesthetic is injected under the hard shell of the spinal cord, resulting in a complete absence occurssensitivity in the pelvic area.

Today is a great place to take pain relief in labor psychoprophylaxis special techniques that are studied in the schools of motherhood.One hundred years ago, obstetricians first turned to the experience of labor in Indian women.It is known that they give birth between times, completely painless, doing heavy physical labor.But at the same time, the birth of a child is in the Native American tribes of honor and social status of mothers was significantly higher than in nulliparous women.

reasons for painless childbirth, which also never gave complications were constant physical labor, the feeling of joy and happiness during pregnancy and childbirth.Analysis of the experience of Indian women allowed to create a number of techniques for psychological preparation for childbirth.Particularly effective are the techniques of self-hypnosis and self-massage.

better start to learn self-hypnosis a few months before the birth.Woman learning to breathe correctly how to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques and combine breathing with relaxation and visual (visual) representation of the painting labor.Over time, a woman will begin to quickly enter into this state, and during childbirth do it automatically, self-anesthetize the childbirth.

self-massage techniques can help during painful contractions:

  • need to stroke the belly clockwise, then knead and rub in a circular motion lumbar region;
  • with the power to knead the skin of the dimples above the buttocks;
  • strongly pressed his thumbs place in the abdomen, where are the bones of the pelvis;
  • forefinger massaging a point at the rear surface of the opposite hand in the hole between the thumb and forefinger;repeat the process of the finger tightening screws, then firmly press the point and "twisting" a cog;
  • another point massage is on the inside of the lower leg, four fingers of the hands of women above the inner ankle;massage it is carried out just like in point massage brush.

condition of the fetus in the 36th week of pregnancy

By the end of this week, the fetus reaches a length of 45-46 cm, weight - 2400-2500 of this week your baby grows up and loses most of the signs of prematurity.Therefore, even if he is born a little earlier time, it did not really hurt.But still better to be up until the end of pregnancy, so try.The reward for this will be the health of your baby.

child forms are more rounded, wrinkled countenance disappears, fluff, elongated hairs on the head, the ears are sealed cartilage.The umbilical cord is attached near the middle of the distance between the vagina and the end of the sternum, nails almost reach the fingertips.Most of the newborns already have a sucking reflex and they can suck the mother's breast.

Very soon begin delivery.

Galina Romanenko