The first signs of pregnancy - significant and questionable

the first signs of pregnancy in early pregnancy can take place completely unnoticed and be a surprise for the woman.But there are times when a woman almost from the first day of conception appear nausea and vomiting.Most Yet such extremes do not exist, and there are early signs of pregnancy, but they are not so noticeable.

Types of signs of pregnancy

Some women immediately, instinctively, even without overt signs realize that you are pregnant.Others it is not given and the pregnancy is a surprise for them, sometimes late, because in some cases, women have little menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding, they are mistaken for menstruation.

Yet there is both subjective and objective signs of pregnancy.Obstetricians divide all the signs of pregnancy for doubtful (mostly different sensations woman), probable (this is what you can see or feel out) and reliable (confirming pregnancy or clearly indicate its presence).Already in early pregnancy can be found all three of these kinds of symptoms.

Doubtful (subjective) signs of pregnancy

Doubtful symptoms can be very different.Most often in the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman simply feels that it is something wrong.These symptoms are called questionable because, in some cases, or do not catch or a woman (especially if she really wants the baby) just think she has such features.By doubtful signs of pregnancy are:

  • altered mental status of women - the fickleness of mood (irritability and tears are often replaced by mood increased up to exaltation);it's all of sudden hormonal changes;
  • fatigue - that previously could be done very quickly, is now given to the work;
  • attacks can sometimes appear weakness, dizziness and nausea, which after some time pass without a trace;
  • changes in taste - dishes that were once loved can cause aversion and unloved - like;
  • appear special preferences or aversion to certain smells;
  • appear brown spots on the face and through the middle of the abdomen;
  • may appear frequent urination;
  • emergence of a more intense color of nipples and areola;
  • appearance of mucous secretions Mucous discharge - what is the norm for a healthy woman Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman from the vagina.

even in the first weeks of pregnancy begin signs of toxicity - nausea, vomiting, drooling.These features can be easily expressed or may heavily.It reaches a state of the first twelve - fourteen weeks, and then, when the placenta begins to function passes.

probability (objective) signs of pregnancy

Probable signs of pregnancy - are objective changes in the genitals and breasts of pregnant woman.Possible signs - these are signs that always accompany pregnancy, but they can also occur in some gynecological diseases, including changes in the hormonal levels.By the probable signs of pregnancy are:

  • regular menstruation at the time does not come;but with an irregular menstrual cycle, or with a heavy load on the woman at first could not make the delay values;
  • breasts nagrubayut;
  • obstetrician-gynecologist at survey sees cyanotic mucous membrane of the vagina and cervix, a small increase and softening of the uterus;
  • positive pregnancy test (if it has a high sensitivity) can be in a week;
  • increases basal temperature basal temperature - try to move less Basal temperature - try to move less body (it is measured in the rectum).

significantly (confirm) signs of pregnancy

reliable sign of pregnancy is confirmed pregnant.In the early stages these are signs that can be seen on ultrasound (US).After about three weeks in the uterus can be seen fertilized egg in the uterine wall to introduce and seven weeks already determined the heartbeat of the fetus.

to reliable signs of pregnancy reliable sign of pregnancy when there is no doubt include Significant signs of pregnancy when there is no doubt and laboratory tests.This definition of a pregnant woman's blood concentrations of hCG (quantitative indicator which rises up to the tenth week of pregnancy) and trophoblastic gamma globulin (it only appears in the blood during pregnancy).

establish exactly, pregnant women or not possible at an early timing.The earliest symptoms usually reveals the woman to confirm her hunch pregnancy test, but what makes the final conclusion has an obstetrician-gynecologist, after ultrasound and laboratory examinations.

Every woman should know the early signs of pregnancy first signs of pregnancy to delay: Eyes on intuition? The first signs of pregnancy to delay: Eyes on intuition? , as well as where and by what research they can be confirmed.

Galina Romanenko