24th week of pregnancy: preparation of a new life

24 Weeks Pregnant Continue to watch your diet.At the twenty-fourth week of appetite in some women getting weaker - it seems that the food is nowhere to be placed.However, this is only the second trimester;It may increase the appetite and weaken more than once, but your task - to continuously provide baby all the important nutrients.


Over the past week the baby gained weight around 110 grams and now weighs almost a pound.The length of the body - 30 cm;tissue in his body gradually grow, will soon begin to accumulate body fat, and the child will be more proportional and like a newborn baby.His brain is growing very quickly, and continue to develop taste buds.The light began production of surfactant, a substance through which the lung alveoli baby will not stick together when he begins to breathe after birth.His skin is still thin and translucent, but soon it will begin to change.


In recent weeks, the upper edge of the uterus has risen above the navel - it is now about the size of a soccer ball.

As a rule, between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy women undergo screening for glucose.It can be used to establish the presence of gestational diabetes - pregnancy-related increase in blood sugar levels.If left untreated, diabetes increases the risk of difficulty in vaginal birth and a cesarean section because in this disease the child grows too large, especially in the upper body.Gestational diabetes also increases the risk of other complications of the child, in particular, such as low blood sugar blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health after birth.A positive result on blood glucose does not always mean that you have gestational diabetes.With this result, need to be tested for glucose tolerance, which helps to establish the existence of violations of the patient.

Many doctors recommend at this time there are not three times a day, five or six times, in small portions.This promotes better digestion and absorption of food, and also helps to avoid sudden changes in blood sugar levels sugar in the blood - a very important indicator Blood sugar - a very important indicator .

In the absence of medical contraindications continue to exercise regularly;swim, dance, walk in the fresh air.This will help reduce the swelling, which are likely to have already begun to emerge in this period, and will give you strength.

regularly moisturize the skin, especially in the abdomen, chest and hips - it does not reduce the risk of stretch marks, but will help prevent itching that occurs as the skin is stretched.

During leisure keep legs as high as possible - for example, raise them on the couch, on which lie.This will help to cope with the swelling and reduce the symptoms of varicose veins.

Do not neglect your emotional health.Try as much as possible to reduce stress.Walk in the fresh air every day, listen to music, play with pets, get creative.If you notice that the level of anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? not reduced despite the measures taken by you and / or you are in for a week and more than ever are depressed, see a doctor immediately.Depression during pregnancy is not uncommon;Remember that this is a dangerous offense with which the person in most cases can not cope on their own.

If you have not yet begun to equip a children's room, get it now.Choose furniture, wallpaper or paint for the walls (repair work is best left to other people - you now breathe fumes harmful chemical dyes) and with blankets, pillows, and so on.These pleasant chores can be an excellent remedy for stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .

How is a woman in the 24th week of pregnancy

woman feels good in this period, but started actively as the weight gain due to accumulation of fat and liquid.The accumulation of fat - a protective reaction - creates fat pad that protects the child from injury.But it may in the future and greatly hinder: overweight - is an extra load on the heart of a pregnant woman.Therefore, dietary restrictions are required.Do not eat foods that will lead to a significant weight gain - fat and sweet.And liquid accumulates due to increased volume of the liquid portion of blood (plasma), this fluid propotevaet through the walls of blood vessels, causing swelling.During this period, the woman is almost always there is some swelling of the face, feet legs and hands.Therefore, the diet should dramatically decrease the amount of salt and some reduce the amount of fluid intake.

If you do not keep to a diet, then at the 24th week, it is really the signs of toxicosis second half of pregnancy - edema and high blood pressure.

belly grows and every day the pregnancy is becoming more visible.During this period, the woman can be confusing false contractions - spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the uterus.If the fight does not bother constantly, then there is nothing wrong - it is training the muscles that are building up their strength before birth (as without training?).For if these fights are very frequent and worried woman, something about them you need to inform your doctor.

But in general it is a quiet time for a woman and it may extend it, keeping diet, motor activity, coupled with relaxation (relaxing, you should try to keep your feet higher by placing a small pillow under them, in order to avoid swelling) and hygiene requirements for clothingand footwear.At this time of great importance is the fact that a woman is - lingerie, clothing and shoes.All linen pregnant woman should be cotton, suitable for the size, do not squeeze the body.Outerwear is also better to wear loose and natural fabrics.Shoes - on sustainable low-heeled shoes, in any case does not fall down and sliding down.

condition of the fetus in the 24th week of pregnancy

continuing rapid growth of the fetus, by the end of this week he will have a length of 30-32 cm, weight - 600-640, the growing volume of amniotic fluid, which are so necessaryfor the growth and development of the baby.The child became larger, it already has a significant portion of the uterus and moving around a lot, so it becomes crowded.He no longer can roll and tumble in the amniotic fluid, but still grasping the umbilical cord and feels everything around handles.He's just like her mother, is the accumulation of fat, which protects its internal organs from injury and keeps heat.Develop and begin to work the fat and sweat glands.In the alveoli of the lungs of the child begins to produce surfactant - a substance that forms on the surface film that prevents the alveoli coalesce during exhalation.

develops central nervous system and sense organs.The child becomes very sensitive to the mother's emotional outburst, so do not scare him and engage in various conflicts.Your quiet state produces baby favorable impression.He actively listens to the outside world.If you are afraid of something, the child too scared.During this period, it is able to remain in an excited state to a few hours, alternating periods of anxiety and anxiety fading.He already hears the heartbeat and the mother is his soothes (if a normal heartbeat) or frightening (if the heartbeat is amplified).He hears voices and parents, the music and feel the bright light if it falls on the stomach.

increasing muscle mass due to thickening of the existing muscle fibers.It is the formation of the child's facial features: eyes are not so wide apart, ears and took the right position.Growing hairs, the first cilia.However, subcutaneous fat is poorly developed, so wrinkled face.

At this stage in the event of premature birth the baby can survive only when you create it special conditions (content incubator - a special crib incubator in which the temperature is kept constant) and the use of appropriate means of intensive care and resuscitation.

Galina Romanenko