35th week of pregnancy: it's time to gather

35 Weeks Pregnant At the thirty-fifth week it's time to make a birth plan, if you have not done before.Of course, delivery is very unpredictable, and perhaps not everything goes the way you planned, but having a plan will be useful even from a psychological point of view.

What happens to a child

Now, when the length of the child's body is approximately 45 cm, and weight - about 2.5 kg, it can not move in the uterus as active as before.Because of the closeness he can not do somersaults in your stomach, but it is unlikely to be less than kicked.By the 35th week of pregnancy, his kidneys are fully developed and have his liver can process some waste products.Most of his basic physical development so far completed and for the next few weeks, he mostly will gain weight.

What happens to the future mother

top edge of your uterus is now almost reaches the chest.The amniotic fluid was significantly less - a child takes up most of the space in the uterus.Increased uterus presses on other organs;Because of this, women in the last weeks of pregnancy, frequent urination, in addition, it often complain of heartburn and other gastrointestinal disorders.Only a few women pregnancy passes without such physical symptoms.

Since the 35th week, you will need to go to the doctor every week.Between the 35th and 37th weeks of pregnancy the doctor will make the analysis of a smear to detect the presence of cervical mucus streptococcus group B (GBS).GBS is generally safe for adults, but if during childbirth, he passed to the child, it can cause serious complications such as pneumonia, meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges or blood infection.Since 10-30% of pregnant women, these bacteria are present, although the women themselves do not know about it, such an analysis could prove vital.(These bacteria sometimes appear and disappear for no apparent reason why the analysis has not been done before) Women who are carriers of GBS during labor are given antibiotics, which significantly reduces the risk of infecting the baby.

together a plan of sorts, and it points out: if you want to use painkillers (if so, what), will be present at birth who-So close to you (it does not necessarily have to be the child's father, a close friend or your mother, which has already had to give birth - in general, any person, next to which you feel good and whose exposure does not cause you doubt) whether you want tobaby immediately to the breast, and so on.

practice of scheduling deliveries is not very widespread in our country, but in any case the doctor is obliged to listen to the wishes of the patient.If you have not made a written plan, state your wishes orally.Your loved ones to be with you at birth, also need to aware of your birth plan.

status of women in the 35th week of pregnancy

From this week pregnant women attending antenatal clinics are usually weekly, since so requires constant monitoring of her and the child.At this time there may well be such unpleasant phenomena as the increase in swelling and increased blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? , which can significantly complicate delivery.Therefore, the appearance of signs of a pregnant woman often hospitalized.But this does not mean that she bude bad doctors have long learned to cope with signs of toxemia of pregnancy, do not just run them.

to the hospital, you'll take with you:

  • three nightgown and robe (preferably all made of natural fabrics);the woman in the hospital usually give sick stuff, but they are at the time of delivery may get dirty, so after birth, most likely, it will be possible to change their clothes and better, if you have always in stock will clean shirt;
  • slippers on a stable heel and non-slip soles;They must be well washed and port from disinfectants (sneakers fit their skin or artificial leather);
  • hygiene items - disposable diapers (in maternity hospitals traditionally small lingerie), gaskets feminine pads - talk about wings Feminine pads - talk about wings maximum absorbency, refreshing wet wipes, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush Toothbrushes - make no mistakein choosing Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing ;You can also take a couple of small towels.

for kids prepare:

  • two undershirts - thin and warm, better flannel;
  • two diapers - thin and warm, flannel;
  • two hats - thin and flannel or jersey;
  • flannel blanket from the area;if the birth will take place in the winter, the wool or quilt;
  • disposable nappies (diapers) small size.

linen baby should be washed with soap and water or a child with a special agent for washing baby clothes, to dry in the fresh air and ironed on both sides with a hot iron.We should not forget about the documents - to the hospital with a need to take a passport and card exchange from the antenatal clinic.

women also always want to be beautiful and well-groomed, even in the hospital.This is a sign of fighting spirit that she needs during labor.A woman must pre-configure itself to the fact that the maternity need to go on holiday - a holiday meeting with the long-awaited baby.To his mother, he saw a beautiful, a woman must be beautiful practical hairstyle, manicured hands and feet and a minimum of makeup (kids do not like foreign odors, they are attracted by the smell of my mother's only true).

Special hairstyle do not need, but the hair should be nicely trimmed (that they can not be cut - superstition) and washed.That paint them and do perm really not worth it.If your hair is long, they can be beautifully put together in a ponytail or knot.

condition of the fetus in the 35th week of pregnancy

From this week the baby begins to gain 200 grams per week, the weight of the end of the 35th week is 2100-2200 g, body length - 43-44 cmthe volume of amniotic fluid around 850-900 mL.But this week is already considerable variation in the weight and height of a child who is dependent on the individual characteristics of pregnant women - all these options are the norm.If a woman gains weight very quickly, it is likely, its own weight - fat tissue or fluid.During this period of pregnancy weight gain such harmful for the mother (and any excess load on the cardiovascular system) and child (circulatory system operates with increased load and can not cope with the delivery of oxygen to child).

The child is well developed subcutaneous fat and there is no more threat of violation of thermoregulation in the case of premature birth.Partly disappear vellus hairs on the body, and his hair grow longer.Grow nogotochki - they are almost the same length as an adult, but in some children and longer.

all organs and systems of the child have been formed and it is ready to be born.But the brain, which is commanded by birth, is more visible when they occur - means that something in the body of the child still needs maturation.

At this stage, in spite of the full maturity of the child outside, it is better to wait for the hour in the abdomen mom at this time actively ripen his nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

Galina Romanenko