23rd week of pregnancy: at rest

23 Weeks Pregnant On the twenty-third week of pregnancy, the baby can already feel your movements, so if you, for example, will dance, he will notice it.The length of the baby's body is now about 28 cm, weight - about 500 g;its movement is clearly being felt and could be seen on the surface of your skin.The blood vessels in the lungs continue to develop, preparing the child to breath outside the body of the mother;his ears will recognize more and more sounds.For example, it may already be familiar with some loud sounds, such as the barking of your dog or the noise of a vacuum cleaner - they probably will not bother.

condition expectant mother

Perhaps you have noticed that your ankles and feet swell more and more, especially towards the end of the day and / or in hot weather.The deterioration of blood circulation, along with some changes in its chemical composition can cause fluid retention in certain parts of the body, especially in the lower extremities - the external manifestation of this is swelling.

rid the body of excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways after birth, which is why for several days postpartum women, frequent urination, and increased sweating.So whenever possible, try to sit down, feet up higher.Coping with edema also help regular exercise, special support stockings or tights, and comfortable shoes.You may be tempted to drink less fluid, to cope with the swelling, but in reality you need to drink as much as possible.First, water is essential to both you and your child, and secondly, it is enough hydration of the body can prevent the occurrence of edema or at least reduce them.

Although swelling of the lower extremities are normal during pregnancy, very strong swelling may be a sign of a serious breach, which is called pre-eclampsia.Call your doctor if you are on your feet all of a sudden there was a big swelling, as well as the appearance of even minor swelling in the hands, face and around the eyes.

Sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams - another problem the 23rd week of pregnancy, which can be stored up tomost births.One of the best remedies for this are the daily walks in the fresh air.Walk at least half an hour a day, and soon you will notice that began to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

cord blood banks

This week's worth thinking about the possibility of saving cord blood Umbilical cord blood - why keep it? Umbilical cord blood - why keep it? your child.Cord blood taken from the umbilical cord and placenta after the birth of the child, and then stored at a low temperature for future use.Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cells Stem cells: on the edge of scandal Stem cells: on the edge of scandal , a kind of building blocks of the blood and immune system.Stem cells can be used to treat a variety of diseases, including leukemia and sickle-cell anemia.Of course, the collection of umbilical cord blood all hope that it will never be useful to the child and parents can only take a decision on its assembly.

Currently, the possibility of using umbilical cord blood have not been studied until the end and cause a lot of controversy, but many scientists are optimistic in this respect.They suggest that soon the umbilical cord blood can be used to treat diabetes, spinal cord injuries, heart disease, stroke, and severe neurological disorders.

However, it should take into account the fact that at this time we can not say, even approximately, when umbilical cord blood can be used to treat these diseases in humans.Doctors still do not recommend the collection and storage of cord blood, but do not deny that sometimes it is useful.It should be borne in mind that the cost of services cord blood banks is quite high.

In any case, think about it and decide you need now, as the implementation of the collection of umbilical cord blood is only possible immediately after birth.

How a woman feels the 23rd week of pregnancy

Recreation continues.But the rest is obtained full only when followed the correct mode of the day and the basics of good nutrition.Otherwise, if the woman does not follow all of this already serious problems can arise, as bloodstream crowded.Problems can arise because of the excess weight - the time has come when it is impossible to eat everything.Sweets, pastry, fatty meat food should not eat because of the fact that it promotes rapid weight gain.Takeout need from salty and spicy food - it retains water and promotes the formation of edema.The basis of the food should be lacto-vegetarian diet, low-fat meat and fish.

Women are prone to edema, may appear high blood pressure.This is serious, as a sign of the deepening of late toxicosis of pregnancy (morning sickness begins with edema).Maybe headache, dizziness occur and impaired coordination.When these symptoms should see a doctor.In this case, usually assigned urinalysis in which, as a rule, an increased amount of protein detected.In this state, a woman can help only in a hospital.In case of refusal of admission, it runs the risk that morning sickness will increase, and therefore, will suffer all the internal organs, especially the brain.In severe toxicosis second half of pregnancy may experience severe complications of the central nervous system, heart and kidneys.

If no such phenomena, it is necessary to move more, but so that these movements bring a woman pleasure, and did not cause excessive fatigue.Such a balance is achieved by a combination of motor activity and rest in a horizontal position and polugorizontalnom with raised legs.Prescribed by a doctor should be engaged in physiotherapy and master the principles of proper breathing.Sport is best not to miss, but if you really have no mood, you can sometimes replace them walking outdoors.Such walks (do not replace gymnastics, and combined with it) should be carried out daily.Outdoors pregnant woman should be not less than three hours in any weather - it strengthens the muscle system and the immune system, which normally decreases during pregnancy.

in antenatal women necessarily teach the basics of breathing exercises, which will facilitate the condition of the woman and child during pregnancy and helps during childbirth.Breathing exercises for pregnant women improves blood circulation of mother and child, the supply of the brain of the fetus with oxygen, reduce symptoms of toxicosis of pregnancy (both early and late), a decrease uterine tonic.

But do not forget that breathing exercises must be performed on a daily basis - only if they become habitual and natural and will fully perform its function.

How is the 23rd week of pregnancy, the baby

Its length is over 31 cm, weight - 500 g, increases the volume of amniotic fluid in the 23th week, it is more than 300 ml.Amniotic fluid - a fluid that is in the amnion (periconceptional bag) and provides an environment in which a child grows and develops.Amniotic fluid perform a variety of functions, changing its properties on various stages of pregnancy, and adapting to the needs of the fetus.

The composition of amniotic fluid contains proteins (from 210 to 390 mg per 100 ml), free amino acids, lipids, vitamins (A, C and B), hormones, enzymes, and several other biologically active substances.This composition allows the amniotic waters directly involved in metabolic processes.Amniotic fluid protects the child from injury, it creates favorable conditions for development.In the amniotic fluid the child can move actively, contributing to its growth and development.If the amniotic fluid is low (sometimes non-existent), the child can form a variety of malformations.

On the 23th week, the baby continues to develop rapidly all organs and systems: heart rate becomes more and more clear and loud (it can be a good listen phonendoscope) working endocrine system and sense organs.At the stage of development are the lungs.Very soon it becomes a viable fetus.

Galina Romanenko