Signs of pregnancy: how growing belly

signs of pregnancy Pregnant woman's belly is growing rapidly.Thus already in the early stages of growth (value of standing bottom) of the uterus can be very accurately determine the time of pregnancy.In the later stages of stomach in women has been increasing not the same and its value on the date it is difficult to judge, since it depends on various factors.


How does the uterus during pregnancy

During pregnancy, changes size, shape, position, texture of the uterus, and the excitability of her muscles.Uterus increases gradually throughout pregnancy.Its increase is mainly due to hypertrophy (increase in volume) muscle fibers.Simultaneously, the multiplication of the muscle fibers, the growth of the newly formed muscle elements of musculo-fibrous skeleton of the uterus.

grow and mucosa of the uterine lining, it increases the number of glands themselves gland increases in volume, growing vasculature.Since then, the lining of the uterus is called the decidua or decidua.Increases and neural elements, dramatically increasing the number of sensory receptors that will be of great value during the transmission of impulses from the mother to the fetus.

uterus is not only plodovmestilischa that protects the fetus from adverse external influences, but also the body metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things , providing fruit enzymes and biochemical compounds needed for plastic processes rapidly developing fetus.All these substances are gradually accumulated in the wall of the uterus.


As growing belly during the first trimester of pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy (up to twelve weeks including) the size of the uterus and, accordingly,gestational age determined by bimanual (internal) investigation.Uterus on this term is located in the pelvis.The earliest gestational age, which is unable to determine the size of the uterus, is five weeks.In five weeks, the uterus is slightly increased from the pear and becomes more rounded.At eight weeks, the size of the uterus is about the size of the average female fist By the twelfth week of the uterus grows to the size of a man's fist, and comes to the pubis, lightly speaking over him.Outwardly, of course, increase uterine enlarged uterus - when the rate goes into pathology The increase in the uterus - when the rate goes into pathology not visible, but the stomach to the twelfth week of increases due to increased subcutaneous fat - the body is preparing to protect the child from possible injury.


As growing belly during the second trimester of pregnancy

second trimester of pregnancy - is the thirteenth - twenty-fourth week.After the twelfth week of pregnancy, the growing uterus may be palpable through the abdominal wall, so in this period, its value is determined by the height of standing above the pubis and bottom against top-level of the uterus (bottom) to the navel and the xiphoid process (lower end) of the sternum (the long bone in the middle of the front surfacechest to which the ribs are attached).The amount of standing uterus measured by a special measuring tape.

Four obstetric months or sixteen weeks (obstetric month is equal to four weeks), the fundus appears above the pubis to six centimeters and is located almost midway between the navel and the pubis.At twenty weeks, the uterus has twelve centimeters above the pubis or acts is four centimeters below the navel, in the twenty-four weeks, it is located at the navel and eighteen - twenty centimeters above the pubis.


As growing belly in the third trimester of pregnancy

During the third trimester of pregnancy (with the twenty-fifth week before delivery) uterus is growing particularly rapidly mainly due to the growth of the fetus.In the twenty-eight weeks of the uterus is twenty-four - twenty-six centimeters above the pubis, thirty two weeks - twenty-eight - thirty, and its bottom is midway between the navel and the xiphoid process.

Four weeks before birth (thirty-six weeks), the uterus is located directly below the xiphoid process, that is, thirty-four - thirty-six centimeters above the pubic area, and in the forty weeks it drops a few centimeters, which means that soon will begindelivery.

term full-term pregnancy is distinguished from premature not only the height of standing uterus, but the circumference of the abdomen, the navel shape and diameter of the fetal head.At thirty-two weeks pregnant abdominal circumference and diameter of the head is less than (respectively approximately eighty - eighty-five and nine - ten centimeters), navel slightly flattened, and forty weeks, these parameters are ninety and twelve centimeters, much jutting navel.

The first and repeated pregnancy, the height of standing uterus different.It depends on the fact that in nulliparous women elastic abdominal wall holding back the protrusion of the abdomen forward, whereas in subsequent pregnancy of such a deterrent anymore, so abdominal circumference more.Abdominal general is very important during pregnancy: the more developed muscles and taut abdominal wall better protect the child from injuries and sudden movements of the mother.

By increasing the belly of a pregnant woman can be judged about the pregnancy.

Galina Romanenko