The first pregnancy - a difficult stage in a woman's life

first pregnancy first pregnancy - is an exciting period, which can also bring a lot of stress.The young mother appeared thousands of questions about everything from diet and ending a way of life, work, the ability to travel and medical care.In addition, the first pregnancy brings with it experiences concerning the relationship with his second half.

Do not be afraid

Uncertainty scares many women, but the pregnancy - is the natural state for the female body, which will do everything necessary to prepare for the birth of a child.You just need to enjoy arisen in your life, and it will go through all the difficulties of the period.

If this is the first pregnancy, you need to get as much information about how the process of carrying a child, as well as about the changes that are taking place in this period in a woman's body.To stay calm, expectant mother needs to know what awaits her.Useful information about the period of pregnancy can provide a doctor.In addition, there are many useful websites where you can get the necessary information.

One of the most important points that need to be aware of, is that healthy children born to healthy mothers.If a woman smokes or consumes alcohol, it is necessary to immediately stop doing it.Smoking leads to insufficient weight in newborns, and alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome.Alcohol crosses the placenta and can hinder the development of the fetus.Brain damage, violation of the structure of the facial region of the skull and delayed physical development - these are the symptoms that are typical of children with fetal alcohol syndrome.Understanding what may happen, help the expectant mother to give up bad habits during the first pregnancy.

Food also plays an important role in pregnancy, because the health of mother provides the child's health.During the first pregnancy, expectant mothers often have to listen to the advice of its older relatives still believe that pregnant women should eat for two.But this is not necessarily so.The most important thing - is to ensure sufficient intake of calories and eat a varied and nutritious food that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the healthy development of the child.It is not necessary to lean on high-calorie foods.This will slow down the process of returning to normal weight after giving birth.

first pregnancy can be a joyful event for the future mother and the child's father.It is important that the child's father was involved in all important aspects of pregnancy and did not feel unnecessary.You can ask him to think about the name of the child at the time, while the expectant mother is to consult a doctor.This will give the man understand that his participation is important during pregnancy.

What to expect

during pregnancy in a woman's body is a lot of changes.Although during the first trimester is usually around do not notice, expectant mothers will no doubt feel this change.Morning sickness, mood swings, breast swelling, appetite or aversion to food, constipation Constipation - Watch out for food Constipation - Watch out for food , fatigue, or frequent urination - is the most common early signs of pregnancy first signs of pregnancy to delay:Eyes on intuition? The first signs of pregnancy to delay: Eyes on intuition? in the first trimester.And if in the second trimester nausea and fatigue are usually held or weakened, then the stomach starts to increase, and the majority of women can not hide their positions.Also during the second semester of expectant mothers often begin to feel their child is pushed.By the third trimester, many women suffer from heartburn and pain in the body.The child begins to push, creating a so-called preliminary bout.During the third trimester pregnant women should carefully observe the behavior of the child and, in the case of signs of labor contractions, call your doctor immediately.

Pregnancy Monitoring

adequate medical care during pregnancy is essential for its safe flow.According to statistics, the vast majority of expectant mothers go to the doctor for more than 8 weeks of pregnancy, but taking special vitamins for pregnant prenatal vitamins - the validity of the appointment Vitamins for pregnant women - the validity of the appointment better to start as early as possible, including before the first visit to the doctor whenYou can choose from a pharmacy such vitamins alone.You can not skip routine visits to the doctor, as they not only allow you to control the process of pregnancy and the health of mother and child, but also allows the expectant mother to discuss with an expert all your doubts and questions.

Child safety

Security unborn child - this is one of the main concerns of the expectant mother.But women, for which the first pregnancy, may not realize that even ordinary activities may harm the baby.Replacing the cat litter, working with chemicals, the administration of drugs or food supplements Supplements - basic classification Food additives - basic classification , bathing in the jacuzzi or seafood meals - these are just some things that a woman during pregnancy should be avoided.Although the doctor or midwife tells the expectant mother about safety precautions at the first consultation, it will be useful on their own to look for information on this matter as soon as a woman learns of her pregnancy, is not to inadvertently damage the developing baby.