22nd week of pregnancy: be careful with water

22 Weeks Pregnant If someone tells you that your belly is now more or less than it should be in the twenty-second week - remember that every pregnancy is different.If you regularly visit your doctor and he said that everything is normal, then it is.


Weighing in at 450 grams and 27 cm increase your child is increasingly beginning to resemble a miniature newborn.His lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming clearer and the gums have started to develop teeth.Eyes baby already formed, but in the iris still lacks pigment.All the baby's body, including the deep folds of skin now covers a layer of thin hair - lanugo.These hairs fall off when a child is produced enough body fat.In the abdomen, the child develops the pancreas - the body necessary for the production of some important hormones.


You may have already noticed a few stretch marks in their stomach - it is possible that there will be more as the baby's growth and an increase in uterine enlarged uterus - when the rate goes into pathology The increase in the uterus - when the rate goes into pathology is far from completed.At least half of all pregnant women before birth appear stretch.These small strips, texture is different from the texture of the skin;their color can range from pink to dark brown (depending on the color of your skin).Although most often they appear on the abdomen, they can also occur on the buttocks, hips, thighs and breasts.Their appearance is not related to being overweight or poor skin care;This is probably due to genetic characteristics and the influence of hormones.Incidentally, sometimes stretching appear in women who were not pregnant and men.

changes that happens to women in the second trimester of pregnancy, are not limited to an increase in the abdomen and the appearance of stretch marks.

For example, many expectant mothers hair becomes thick and shiny.In fact, they did not become more just that they fall less than usual - this is due to the impact of hormones that inhibit many processes in the body pregnant.After birth, hair quickly return to its previous state.

Increased levels of androgens - male sex hormones can cause increased growth of hair on the chin, upper lip, and on the hands and feet.Fortunately, shaving, waxing Hair removal: perfect skin without hair Hair removal: perfect skin without hair , shugaring other methods of hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you? Hair Removal: Which method is right for you? are safe during pregnancy, so feel free to use them.

Some women claim that their skin has never looked so good as during pregnancy.Others are faced with a variety of cosmetic problems, the most common - acne.Many pharmaceutical agents against acne can be dangerous during pregnancy, therefore before use, consult a physician.

On the 22nd week of pregnancy or later, may begin to darken the areola - the area around the nipple.Such hyperpigmentation is normal and is usually completely or partially disappears within a few weeks after birth.

status of women in the 22nd week of pregnancy

On the 22nd week of pregnancy, a woman usually feels good.However, do not eat salty food is unlimited, and the amount of liquid as she may appear implicit and explicit edema.Excess weight also becomes a problem.The fact that the volume of the circulated in the blood vessels of blood significantly increases, which creates an additional burden on the heart because blood carries nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissues of two organisms - mother and child.Therefore it is necessary to follow a diet: forget about fat and salty foods, cakes, pastries, soft drinks and so on.

During this period, you need to move a lot, alternating movement with rest, more sleep.Dosed walking outdoors should be the main way to combat physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) and hypoxia (inadequate oxygen supply).Important and Physiotherapy - it helps to improve the general condition and prepares the woman to follow a more difficult month of pregnancy and childbirth.

problems that may arise in the 22nd week of pregnancy

women continue to bother heartburn and constipation, but she successfully fights with them with the help of proper nutrition Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food and Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food the regime of the day.Another problem (but not all women) is the stagnation of venous blood in the rectum (hemorrhoids) and in the veins of the lower extremities.This pathology often associated with inherited structural features of the veins, and it is also quite possible to prevent or smooth as possible.

On the 22nd week of pregnancy a woman can increase swelling, which can go in dropsy pregnant women - the initial stage of late pregnancy toxemia or preeclampsia.Edema pregnant comes as a result of fluid retention in the body.Swelling in dropsy can be hidden and explicit.Hidden edema detected by weighing of pregnant women: weight gain of more than 300 grams per week indicates their presence.

Obvious swelling begin to form in the feet and spread upward.Swelling develop gradually and can reach varying degrees, ranging from a small swelling of the lower limbs and ending edema spreads to the face, back, abdomen, external genitalia, upper limbs.But sometimes swelling can grow very quickly - in this case women need urgent help.The general condition and well-being of pregnant women with small edema remains good, if they grow, the women worried about a feeling of heaviness, shortness of breath and fatigue.

such complications occur more often in women who have already had a pregnancy to chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular and endocrine systems, chronic infection.For rapid formation of edema prone women experiencing constant stress, overwork, lack of sleep, as well as women in their first pregnancy at the age of under 17 and over 35 years of age with a family history of late toxicosis of pregnancy (their close relatives moved once this complication).

If signs of edema pregnant women is assigned to a diet with restriction of salt and liquid (up to a liter per day, including the first courses).If significant swelling and grow rapidly, the treatment is carried out in a maternity hospital.

Prevention of preeclampsia is a proper diet, a combination of modes of physical activity with rest, complete elimination of stressful situations, timely treatment of chronic diseases, and most importantly - the systematic observation obstetrician-gynecologist.

How is the baby in the 22nd week of pregnancy

kid is growing, with a length of 30-31 cm, weight - about 320-350 In this period, especially rapidly developing nervous system and sense organs.Formed auditory and visual function is mental development of the baby.

is improved digestive system - works the stomach and pancreas secretes bile, the intestine is extended.The kidneys secrete urine, active endocrine glands - they have all been formed.Bronchi and lungs are developing, but bronchopulmonary system as a whole is not yet fully developed.It lengthened the cord - it gives the child more room for movement.But the birth of the fetus is still, of course, is not viable.

On the 22nd week of pregnancy to the forefront respect for pregnant women to diet, movement and rest.At the moment, it is vital for her and for the baby.

Galina Romanenko