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not notice their own pregnancy woman goes to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms , and it appears in the maternityoffice, where he soon gives birth to a healthy - albeit completely unexpected - the child.She did not know that she was pregnant.Many have heard similar stories about the phenomenon known in medicine as a syndrome of denial of pregnancy.At first glance it seems that the victim of this syndrome may be poorly known any woman, regardless of her age, sexual experience and social status.As the results of a study published in 2009 in a special edition of Psychology Today, denial of pregnancy - a "mysterious and rare disorder."Mysterious and rare?Definitely.Upset?Not really.At least not a physical property of the disorder.


denial of truth

doubt that the woman may not notice their own pregnancy, perfectly normal.Given the hormonal and physical restructuring of the body, you need to believe that a woman should at least suspect that there's something going on that it is a child's heart.As a rule, women realize they are pregnant, a few months after conception.So why do some women remain in the dark about his position up to the birth, and sometimes after them?In general, we can breathe a sigh of relief, because of diseases caused by asymptomatic pregnant, does not exist, and normal, socially adapted woman is not in danger of becoming a victim of the syndrome of denial of pregnancy.

fact that denial of pregnancy - not a medical problem, but psychological.Denial - a primitive form of psychological defense, when the mind is literally denying unpleasant or frightening fact or thought.Agree, pregnancy falls under both definitions.For a woman it is perfectly normal to feel the wonder and fear when she finds out about her pregnancy.After all, not every pregnancy is planned and desirable.But most women, being in a position to quickly orient themselves, make correct conclusions, noting the characteristic symptoms - breast enlargement, nausea, cessation of menstruation.Women suffering from the syndrome of denial of pregnancy, ignore these symptoms or just do not associate them with the pregnancy.


denial of all forms

denial of pregnancy may be manifested in different ways, depending on the circumstances.The term "affective denial" is used in cases where a pregnant woman is not experiencing maternal feelings for the child and did not change their way of life, adapting to pregnancy.It is often women who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction and women who are not planning to raise their own children.There is also a psychopathic denial, denial of pregnancy when the syndrome affects women with mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? .Some experts also use the term "syndrome of denial of pregnancy" to describe women, hiding the pregnancy.

Approximately five hundred successful pregnancies have to worn-out one case of denial of pregnancy, but the media attention often rewarded with unusual cases of pervasive denial, when a woman has no idea about their own pregnancy until delivery.In this case, the woman turns to the doctor only at a late stage of pregnancy, with complaints of food poisoning Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach Food poisoning: how to avoid becoming a victim of its own stomach or stomach cramps.Some fall into the emergency room with vaginal bleeding or other complications, such as eclampsia, not realizing that they went into labor.

The risk group includes young women who have not received higher or secondary education, with limited intellectual abilities and menstrual irregularities;many of them suffer from mental diseases and disorders, in particular, increased anxiety syndrome and depression.There are cases when the pregnancy is caused by the denial of religious conflict in the family, fear of being thrown the father of the child, disagreements with parents or fear for the future of the child.


cold or pregnancy?

most severe syndrome of denial of pregnancy is manifested in cases where the pregnancy is almost asymptomatic.As a rule, women who deny their pregnancies explain nausea and malaise flu or food poisoning.They believe that a small (compared with standard) weight gain is caused by poor diet or sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise.Many women stubbornly believe in their own pregnancy, even when they are presented with all the evidence - because they have not stopped menstruating (bleeding during pregnancy Discharge during pregnancy - should not be afraid Discharges during pregnancy - should not be afraid - is quite common).In addition, in the past they often faced with violations of the menstrual cycle, so did not notice any abnormalities.If the denial takes the form of a serious and lasts until late in pregnancy, a woman convinces himself that strange stirring inside - it's just puchit stomach.Some women even buy a pregnancy test, and if the result is negative, believe, and do not go to the gynecologist, although such tests are very unreliable.

In some cases, women have good reasons not to believe in the pregnancy, for example, if they are diagnosed with "infertility".Agree, it is difficult to understand the situation, if you are accustomed to the idea that you will never be a child.Pregnancy may come as a surprise, and if a woman has long takes contraceptives.But most of all pregnant women are surprised, past surgical sterilization.Fortunately, only in rare cases, the expectant mother is still in the dark about his position before birth, most women still recognize the fact of her pregnancy.

Women suffering rejection syndrome pregnancy, ignoring the many symptoms: unexplained nausea, breast enlargement, weight gain, mood swings, cessation of menstruation.Noticing these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.Blood test - the only way to confirm or rule out pregnancy.

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