32nd week of pregnancy: Waiting for a miracle

  • 32nd week of pregnancy: waiting for a miracle
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32 Weeks Pregnant good news for preterm labor in the thirty-second week of pregnancy or after the baby has allchance to be born and grow up perfectly healthy.In the absence of serious violations of children born in this period, you do not even have to spend a lot of time in the hospital.



the thirty-second week of pregnancy the baby's weight reaches about 1.7 kg and height - 42 cm;uterus occupies more space in the abdominal cavity.You are typing approximately 0.5 kg per week, and at least half of the added growth by the child.Over the next seven weeks, its weight will increase at least by half, as he is now actively hoard subcutaneous fat, which will help it to survive outside the womb.He already has nails on the fingers and toes;some children in this period has got hair on his head, and someone else scalp resembles fluff.



To meet the growing needs of the child, during pregnancy the amount of blood in the mother's body increases by 40-50%.Uterus stronger pressure on the diaphragm and stomach;the consequences of this may be shortness of breath and heartburn Heartburn - no cause for concern? Heartburn - no cause for concern? .To reduce discomfort, sleep, enclosed waters of the head a few pillows and eat several times a day in small portions.

Back pain, especially in the lower back, is a fairly common feature of late pregnancy.However, if it becomes particularly severe or if you have never been hurt lower back, call your doctor - this may be a symptom of the beginning of preterm birth.


Question of the week: Who do you want to see next to him during childbirth

Or anyone but the medical staff?Childbirth is a deeply personal experience, and the decision on the presence of family members, friends or a trained instructor only you can make.What to consider taking such a decision:

There is no right decision.In a recent survey 44% of pregnant women were told that they did not want to see in the delivery room anyone but a partner and medical personnel;37% said they would like to close was someone else from the family, and 16% would like to close with them during delivery has been a close friend.Only 3% want to be near a maternity and instructor.

Some men are afraid to be present at birth (some women also fear that).Participation in the labor partner should be your mutual decision.If he agrees, under your pressure is a risk that this experience will seem to him a nightmare.This topic has been discussed many times, and in spite of all the pros and cons, there is also no right solution.As a rule, for men who want to be themselves in childbirth, the moment of the birth of the child becomes one of the most beautiful in my life;Everything else is better to wait in the hallway.

Do not succumb to pressure from the mother or mother-in-law - survival strategy In-law - a survival strategy , wishing to be present at the birth of their grandchildren, if you do not want.The same applies to cases where the spouse wants to participate in childbirth, a woman to resist.Childbirth should primarily take place in a comfortable environment for you, so your loved ones must respect your desire.

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