40th week of pregnancy and beyond: a little bit more

40 Weeks Pregnant So you're on the fortieth week of pregnancy, and probably already wondering, "Where is the child?" Do not worry.Only 5% of women give birth on time, said the doctor.The birth to one or two weeks earlier or later period are common, but this, of course, to wait does not become easier.

By the end of pregnancy are increasing Braxton Hicks contractions.They may be more or less intense, but always weaker after you sit down or a little stroll.This is different from the real labor contractions that do not pass and do not become weaker, no matter what you were doing.

your child at the 40th week is completely ready for the birth.The body length of neonates is, on average, from 48 to 53 cm;the average weight - 3.4 kg.

Moms are busy in this period, mainly waiting for delivery.The signs of their approach are:

  • Waste amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid).In a normal amniotic transparent or yellowish slug;if it has an unusual color and / or strong odor, call your doctor immediately.
  • pain or cramping in the lower back.
  • cervical dilatation (it determines the physician during weekly visits to the clinic).
  • Waste mucus plug.(This plug during pregnancy protects the cervix and the fetus, and her departure can be determined by a large number of vaginal discharge).
  • regular contractions.They can start long before you start the active phase of labor.The pain in these battles gradually increases.Childbirth enter into an active phase, when the intervals between contractions is less than five minutes.

If signs of approaching childbirth sign of approaching childbirth - obvious urgency Signs of approaching childbirth - obvious urgency immediately call a doctor.


waiting for the delivery, check that all is ready for the birth of the baby.If you have a car, you need to purchase a special seat for a child.To carry a child in the car without it you can not, so take care of it in advance, especially if you go home from the hospital by car.

Make sure that you already have at home are necessary for baby stuff like diapers, blankets, towels, soap, shampoo and oil for children and, of course, clothing.Take to the hospital stuff that you put in the kid, when you're going home.

Take things that you might need in the hospital you personally.Choosing clothes, which you can change clothes, go home, pick the one you wore in her sixth month of pregnancy.

After delivery of your new responsibilities will take you a very long time.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to talk about it with your partner.He should be ready for the fact that you can not cook and clean as often as before;In addition, it is recommended to bring him to the care of the child.All this should be discussed before the child's birth to the time of his birth as possible to eliminate the differences.

How is a woman in the last week of pregnancy

finally came last fortieth week of pregnancy.It would seem that nothing has changed, and yet the woman's body is ready for childbirth.A little more - and will be swelling, high blood pressure and heartburn.But constipation, varicose veins varicose veins - the operation is inevitable? Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable? and hemorrhoids and after childbirth for some time will be felt.But eventually they will.After all, these events were largely due to reduced physical activity of women, and after birth, she will be even increased - try, roll with the baby, especially if there are no grandparents, and her husband at work.

so women in the last week you need to rest and gather strength - then it will be busy.You can leisurely walk in the fresh air around the house, read a book, watch TV (but not for long, the baby may not like it).You can expand the little things made for the child to places to look or glossy magazine - all that will entertain and pleasant emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , helpful.But about homework better to forget when you're in the hospital, her husband will do everything for you.

But what do you do if this week has passed, and still no delivery?Do not worry.Remember that now from your restraint and calm, much depends.So it happens that delayed childbirth, so the fruit is not yet ripe.But there are prolonged pregnancy - it is better to avoid.Finding your way around will obstetrician-gynecologist of female consultation.After studies and clarify the status of the fetus, placenta and umbilical cord blood in a woman may be referred to the maternity hospital for elective delivery, possibly by induction of labor process.

forty weeks of pregnancy - a time when a woman's body occur a variety of changes.Sometimes they are pleasant, sometimes - no, but in any case, a woman warm, calming and filled with joy that she feels a new life and gradually intuitively acquainted with her future child.During pregnancy, there is a strong link between a woman and her child, which will continue until the end of his life.

fruit in the last week of pregnancy

By the end of the 40th week of the fruit matures, its functional systems capable of adapting to the effects of childbirth and to adult survival.The length of a mature fetus is between 48-51 cm, weight - 3200-3400, the lower limit of the length of a full-term fetus - 47 cm, weight - 2500 term and maturity of the fetus different concepts.Full-term fetus is considered born since the 38th week of pregnancy.

sign of maturity of the fetus are:

  • head circumference on the direct size not less than 32 cm;
  • circumference of the shoulder belt is equal to or exceeds the size of the head of the line;
  • marigolds cover fingertips;
  • after the birth of a child shouting, opens his eyes, actively moving limbs, well it sucks.

In late pregnancy, there are changes in the endocrine system of the child: & amp;adrenals start producing hard epinephrine and norepinephrine (stress hormones How to beat stress? Create an oasis How to beat stress? , which will force the child to cheer up and move heavy transition from intrauterine to extrauterine area).Will the generic process of moving soft skull bones, and the presence of two fontanelles - places not covered by bony plates.During birth the skull bone head move and takes a form that allows it to pass through the birth canal.

a healthy newborn relatively large head, short neck and chest, a long belly and short legs.The skin of a healthy newborn elastic, velvety to the touch, covered syrovidnoy grease.In the first moments of life, pink color with a slight bluish tint (this is due to adaptation to extrauterine life).After primary treatment the skin as a result of thermal stimulation and stimulation of touch becomes bright pink - this is called physiological erythema.

When prolonged pregnancy newborn appearance changes: he has no vellus hair on the back and shoulders, syrovidnoy grease on the skin, skull bones more dense fontanels small joints between the individual skull bones are denser elongated nails.Prolonged skin is baby dry, scaly, macerated (soaked) in the feet and hands.Subcutaneous fat is weak, flabby skin looks.

However, all fixable in the nursing home and health, and preterm and post-term infants & amp;today well nursed.

Galina Romanenko