Planning the sex of the child - boy or girl you?

Planning baby There are several options for planning sex of the child, but none of them is guaranteed.Besides bribes stork, at the future parents have few options as possible to try to plan the sex of the child.The methods range from natural (the use of certain positions for sex) to high-tech (sorting spermatazoidov).

Usually the chances of conceiving a boy or girl is 50 to 50. But some people would like to determine the sex of the unborn child, for example, because it is the dream of a boy or a girl only.Others want to conceive a baby of a particular sex to avoid hereditary diseases associated with sex.

Whatever the reason, it is important that parents are not pinned unrealistic hopes for the technology of sex determination of the child.And, of course, if the procedure does not work, did not love the baby is less than the "wrong" sex.

None of the methods is not guaranteed.In addition, some of the most popular ways is pure superstition.However, doctors believe that if the method does not harm the health of mother and child, there is nothing dangerous.

Natural methods of determining the sex of the child

Shettlsa method - one of the most known methods of planning sex of the child.His doctor suggested Landrum Shettls.The technique consists of choosing the correct time intercourse depending on the phase of the female cycle and the use of certain products.

Shettls In his book explains that the sperm containing the male Y-chromosome, smaller, faster and live shorter time than sperm with the female X-chromosome.Therefore, if a couple wants a boy, you should choose the sexual intercourse as close to ovulation.Thus, the male sperm get to the egg faster.

In addition, Y-sperm can benefit from the advantage, being as close as possible to the cervix.This can be achieved by selecting the position of the "man in the back."

If parents want a girl, they need to have sex in the missionary position for two to four days before ovulation to the time of the release of the egg were only X-sperm.

reportedly about 75% successful method Shettlsa (somewhat better for boys than for girls).However, many experts do not agree with the efficiency of this method and figures are believed to be exaggerated.

If you want a girl, you should have intercourse as close as possible to the time of ovulation Ovulation - how to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .And if you want a boy, it is better to choose the time for conception a few days before ovulation.

High-tech methods

probability of success in planning the sex of the child can be even higher if the use of high technology.Experts believe that MicroSort - a method that allows to separate the sperm from the male and female chromosomes - the best achievement to date.

procedure involves separation of X and Y sperm cells with a laser.After separation, the necessary samples are used for the artificial insemination of women.The developers of the method have reported 91% success rate for couples wanting a girl, and 73% - for the boy who wanted to.

is not the only high-tech method of sex selection.Other, more controversial methods - pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and chorionic villus sampling (CVS) - both methods are used to determine the probability of disease, but may also be used for sex determination.

In order to determine the sex of the embryo PGD involves the study and placement in the uterus only embryos of the desired sex.In CVS chromosome investigated embryo at early stages of pregnancy.Experts do not recommend these techniques for sex determination.