Breast changes in pregnancy - be ready for change

breast changes in pregnancy From the very beginning of pregnancy your body undergoes substantial changes.Some of them are invisible to the eye, while others - such as an increase in breast volume - are obvious both for you and for others.


Pregnancy: What breast changes should be expected?

  • During pregnancy your breasts are a number of changes, the most obvious are the following:
  • growth and
  • acute sensitivity
  • Darkening of the nipples and the skin around them caused by the hormones that affect pigmentation of the skin darkening
  • blood vesselsbreasts (caused by increased blood flow to the breast)
  • appearance of thick yellowish discharge from the breast discharge from the breast - preventive maintenance and regular inspection Discharge from the breast - preventive maintenance and regular inspection (colostrum)
  • Bulging nipples;increasing the size of the nipple and areola
  • Lifting small glands on the surface of the areola (Montgomery tubercles).
  • Other changes are also caused by unstable hormonal during pregnancy.


how to adapt to change anything?

growth and that many women look forward to the appearance of the signs of pregnancy - because they finally appear very seductive curves!However, in women with prominent breasts, this change is less enthusiastic.Such women should definitely buy a good support bra.If the volume of the breast increases several sizes, it is possible that you will have to sleep in a cotton sports bra.


What Bra choose?

  • with good support
  • with the frame, hidden deep in the cups
  • on wide straps
  • With adjustable buckle (bras, which are fastened on the back, more comfortable for pregnant than a bra with zipper front)
  • not wear brasunderwire

acute sensitivity: Hormones are preparing your breasts for feeding your baby.There is growth and extension of the milk ducts, and their content of milk at an early stage of pregnancy.All this leads to the exacerbation of the sensitivity of the breast, especially the nipples.This change is also possible to pay in its favor: breast tenderness much enhance your sexual experience.

Isolation colostrum: colostrum is called "first milk."It's sweet and watery fluid that is easily digested.Development of colostrum begins during the second trimester of pregnancy.Initially, the colostrum yellowish and thick, but as we approach the due date, it becomes more liquid and almost colorless.Colostrum will be the first food your newborn baby while you will not have a full milk.Isolation of colostrum can happen at any time, especially during a massage or sexual stimulation of the breast.

Do not worry if this happens frequently, or not at all.

Women who during pregnancy have not been allocated colostrum still have enough milk for feeding a baby.


How to protect against breast cancer?

It is very important not to stop regular self breast examinations during pregnancy.Unfortunately, it was then the task become difficult to achieve because of all the characteristic changes.Breasts grow, it becomes hypersensitive, and sometimes they even appear seals.However, do not forget to check their own breasts every 4 - 5 weeks.

Many pregnant women at breast screening are small seals - clogged milk ducts.This red solid seals that are extremely painful react to touch.Warm compresses (eg, wash the breast with warm water in the shower or warm attachment napkins) and massage will relieve you of this problem and clean the ducts in a few days.If you are not sure about the nature of the detected compaction, ask a gynecologist.Do not worry ahead of time: breast cancer Breast cancer - a sentence? Breast cancer - the verdict? is very rare in women under 35 years.

If you are over 35 and you're going to conceive a child, be sure to go through mammograms Mammography - protection against breast cancer Mammography - protection against breast cancer before you begin to conceive Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics baby Conception, ovarian cycle, fertilization and genetics of a child.