39th week of pregnancy: waiting for another week?

  • 39th week of pregnancy: wait for another week?
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39 Weeks Pregnant Some women in the thirty-ninth week of pregnancy focus on the upcoming birth, seeking the support of other women, especially those who have given birth;talk to their mothers, read a lot on the topic of birth, or just want to be alone.


What's going on with you

make cleaning the house for the first time in a few months?This may indicate that you have earned the so-called nesting instinct.You want to prepare the house for the appearance of the baby, put everything in perfect order, and that while it was certainly comfortable.The manifestations of this instinct manifest in men, but less frequently.This is a good time for that stock up, especially those which are stored for a long time and quickly prepared - they are very useful to you in the first few weeks of life, when you get used to a new way of life, and time for shopping will be very little.

Heartburn and constipation Constipation - Watch out for food Constipation - Watch out for food - two of the most common complaints in the penultimate week of pregnancy.Plantain and water can ease these symptoms.Avoid overeating and do not eat for a few hours before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams - it will also help prevent heartburn Heartburn - no cause for concern? Heartburn - no cause for concern? .

your body continues to develop the amniotic fluid, but its rate of absorption can exceed the speed of development, so its level begins to decrease slightly.Immediately call your doctor if you begin a withdrawal of amniotic fluid.Some women can take the waste waters of urination;When in doubt, remember that it is better to call the doctor too soon than too late.

At this later date, you will probably feel very "bulk" and already tired of the discomfort, which causes a big belly.At this time, as the need to frequently go out.Walk, go to the cinema and restaurants.After delivery, you will be quite difficult to find the time that you can spend together with her husband.


What's going on with your child

Now your child is likely to weigh at least 2.7 kg, and the length of its body is from 37 to 48 cm. With his body already fully Opal lanugo,nails have grown on the tips of fingers and limbs bend well enough.The child is quite ready for life outside the mother's body.


Food for two

In recent weeks, the baby continues to grow, so you should continue taking prenatal vitamins and increase your intake of iron.In addition, you need to drink more water to prevent dehydration during childbirth.


Fact week

Episiotomy - is cut between the vagina and anus, which, according to some experts, helping women avoid large gaps in labor.

However, the debate over what is better: the usual tears, or an episiotomy, are continuing.It is important to know that some women are birth without any tears.Before taking a decision on whether to do or not to do an episiotomy, you need to carefully consider skilled pros and cons of this procedure.

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