Gymnastics for pregnant trimester 3 - what is allowed?

Gymnastics for pregnant trimester 3 The benefits of exercise for pregnant women today say very much.They help to better tolerate pregnancy, keep in shape and return to normal weight quickly after giving birth.There are many special training programs for pregnant women, and almost all more or less large sports center employs trainers who have received special training to enable them to work with pregnant women.However, when it comes to this subject, like gymnastics for pregnant women, 3 trimester for many women it is the stage at which they are thinking about whether to continue to engage in sports or exercise is better to postpone for as long as the baby is born.

Quite naturally, with gymnastics in the third trimester involve certain concerns, but most new moms, it will only benefit.Do gymnastics can almost up to the birth, although, of course, you will need to comply with certain restrictions and precautions and carefully listen to their own feelings.


gymnastics for pregnant women - the third trimester: basic rules

few general recommendations for women who continue to train in the later stages of pregnancy:

  • Consult with your doctor if you have a few months did not engage in sports, if youYou want to try a new kind of loads, or if during exercise you feel very sick, you quickens the heartbeat, shortness of breath, or there are any other symptoms that you did not notice before.
  • Avoid dangerous sports.It is quite obvious recommendation, but still worth to clarify: the third trimester may be any dangerous sports that are unfamiliar to you.Women who are well-biking or horseback, with safe pregnancy can do it even at this period (of course, this is not a mountain bike - it is for pregnant women in any case too dangerous), but to do this the first time expectant mothers should not.Choose the least complicated of the exercises that you have done many times before, that "remembers" your body - when performing the risk would be minimal.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.In later pregnancy, better to give preference to the general sports clothes made from natural, breathable fabrics.Although clothing made from polyester and other synthetic fabrics wicks moisture away from the body better than cotton, wear it is not necessary - in the third trimester is better to avoid stress, causing very heavy sweating.
  • Do not miss the warm-up.If you are very tired, it is better to replace a half-hour walk workout, you start to exercise, not warmed up.Exercises to warm up - walking on the ground, stretching, kick their feet, and so on - prepare your muscles and ligaments to more serious stress.If you do not follow, you may run into trouble such as pain in the muscles after exercise, which sometimes lasts for several days.
  • Drink plenty of water.During a workout, keep a water bottle handy and drink until you start to feel thirsty.Feeling thirsty is a sign that your body is not enough water, and it can not allow anyone, and - especially for pregnant women.
  • not perform exercises through force.Overcome himself in training - that's great, but not during pregnancy, and certainly - not in the third trimester.Train easy and fun, and do not bring themselves to extreme fatigue.
  • Get up slowly.After exercise in the supine position does not need to rise quickly to his feet.This is due, firstly, to offset the center of gravity in pregnant women, and secondly, that they attempt to dramatically rise often leads to a slight dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet , andsometimes - to fainting.
  • Do not do exercises that cause severe discomfort.Even if yesterday is an exercise to give you easy, but today, doing it, you feel bad, skip it.


number of exercises that can be done in the third trimester

Perhaps someone exercises may seem boring and too easy, but they are as safe as possible for women in late pregnancy.

  • «Butterfly»

Simple and very effective exercise stretching Stretching exercises - Be careful Stretching exercises - Be careful .Sit on the floor (it is recommended to lay down the mat for fitness), bend your knees and connect the left and right foot straight ahead.Place your right hand on your right knee, and the left - on the left knee.On the inhale gently lift the knees to the chest and lower them as you exhale, try to touch your knees and the floor, slightly pressing his hands on them.If you find it difficult to perform this exercise for both legs at once, you can do it in turns to the right and left legs.Repeat at least ten times in a row.

  • Bike

Starting position - lying on the floor, arms extended along the body, legs extended.Lift your feet off the floor, and simulates the movements that you perform when riding a bicycle.Fully pull the legs, when they lowered an imaginary pedal down.Do this exercise for three minutes without dropping a leg on the floor.Take three or four of these approaches, making between them an interval of 30-60 seconds.

  • kicks

Lie on the floor, legs outstretched.Slowly lift your right leg, until it is at right angles to the floor and your torso.Also, slowly lower it, and similarly lift the left leg.Perform ten to twenty consecutive strides each leg, rest a thirty seconds and repeat 10-20 times more.

You can also perform kicks, lying on its side.

Squats Starting position - standing on the floor, feet at shoulder width apart, arms extended at your sides or in front of him (this is useful if you have balance problems).Slowly squat until your knees are not bent at right angles.Also, slowly stand up and sit down again.Remember that when performing squats knees should be in a straight line with toes.Do 10-20 squats in a row.During one workout, you can do three or four of these approaches.

  • Push-ups from the wall

Perform routine push-ups in the third trimester can be very uncomfortable due to increased abdominal.Push-ups on the wall a lot easier and safer.Stand in one or two steps away from the wall and lean on her hands.Bending your elbows, approach the wall until your breasts will not appear a few inches from her.Then start to straighten hands, returning to the starting position.Try to do at least ten consecutive push-ups.

Yoga Prenatal yoga is popular today as ever.This ancient practice helps the expectant mother to keep their muscle tone, maintain good blood circulation, and thus practically no danger to the joints.In addition, yoga helps to relax, and teaches deep breathing, as is the ability to be very helpful during labor.Of course, in the third trimester it is not necessary to perform complex asanas, but simple posture will not bring any harm.It is best to practice yoga under the guidance of an experienced instructor, especially if you - are new to yoga.In addition, prenatal yoga in the classroom, you will meet other future mothers, and chat with them can be very helpful for you.