Magnesium B6 during pregnancy - the need of the drug

magnesium B6 during pregnancy all the necessary vitamins and microelements a pregnant woman receives with food.But it does not allow for the increased needs of the developing fetus and the mother's body.This raises the need for drugs, which contain the necessary elements.Magnesium B6 during pregnancy is appointed as a preventive measure for women who are at risk for complications, as well as for therapeutic purposes.


value of magnesium for the body

Magnesium is an important trace element for the place in the body metabolic processes.With the participation of magnesium are processes of glucose uptake Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source , power generation, as well as important processes in the nervous system.The condition of the nervous system trace element has a calming effect in the first place due to the normalization process of inhibition and excitation in the cerebral cortex.Against the backdrop of increased irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper and aggressiveness increases the need for magnesium in several times.

considered particularly important magnet for activity of the heart.Numerous developing heart disease, even with little micronutrient deficiencies.It has been proven preventive effect of magnesium on the development of atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries Atherosclerosis - a chronic disease of the arteries .The group risk include people living in major cities, as they are much more likely to have a magnesium deficiency.

person gets magnesium necessary not only to food and hard water.In this regard, it is important to take into account the area of ​​residence, as the region where the soft water, often develop clinical manifestations of magnesium deficiency states.There are foods that contain high amounts of this trace element.Such products are as follows:

  • whole grain breads
  • bran cereals (buckwheat and oats)
  • beans, soy
  • cocoa
  • dried

during pregnancy is necessary to include these foods in the diet of pregnant women.If the pregnancy is the daily requirement for women is 300 mg of magnesium, during pregnancy, this requirement is 450 mg.It allows to fill a given amount of a preparation containing magnesium and vitamin B6.


What helps the absorption of magnesium

Magnesium has a multifaceted effect on the condition of the body, but there is a feature of his assimilation.The body's cells absorb bad trace mineral magnesium, so the experts developed the formula of the drug containing magnesium with vitamin B6.The dosage of magnesium B6 during pregnancy allows the required amount of trace elements to the developing fetus.

Pyridoxine is an essential coenzyme involved in many metabolic processes.This unique combination facilitates the absorption of magnesium and its absorption in the digestive tract.There is no irritating effect on the gastric mucosa, and the drug is well tolerated without causing significant side reactions.

unique combination of magnesium and vitamin B6 is the most physiological for the body, it leads to mutual reinforcement of action of both components.

must be remembered that magnesium deficiency is also accompanied by a deficiency of vitamin B6.The preparation of magnesium B6 forte during pregnancy should be taken only after a doctor's prescription.It is necessary to calculate the optimal dose of the drug, taking into account peculiarities of pregnancy, women having comorbidities (eg, heart disease, etc.).It is also important to note that pregnant often takes complete multivitamin preparations, which contains a trace element magnesium and B vitamins B vitamins: the body useful helpers B vitamins: the body useful helpers .


The drug at the planning stage of pregnancy

Quite often faced with the fact that the pregnancy for a woman becomes random, not a planned event.This approach is flawed.Much attention should be paid to the preparation for pregnancy.At the planning stage a woman passes a comprehensive examination and receives treatment in the event of detection of various pathological conditions.It is also important to start prophylactic administration of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the subsequent normal pregnancy.

Magnesium B6 during pregnancy planning is an important part of a package of measures carried out.Magnesium is required for the normal process of transferring genetic information at conception, as it has the ability to regulate the reproduction of nucleic acids at the level of the nuclear material of cells.Subsequently, upon the occurrence of pregnancy if there are indications pregnant can continue taking the drug at a dose that is directly dependent on the duration of pregnancy.

Do not take magnesium B6 constantly.The most reasonable course is considered to be receiving the drug, so it is advisable to do a short break and subsequently resuming reception.

Magnesium has a positive impact on the functional state of the cells in the body, relaxes the muscle cells, so it is recommended to include in the comprehensive treatment of pregnant women who are at risk of miscarriage.To prevent development of pathological conditions requires join pregnancy, having the normal content of magnesium in the body.This can be confirmed using biochemical blood analysis.

If a magnesium deficiency is detected, it is necessary to make up for its holdings in a woman's appointment of the drug magnesium B6.With the normalization of the trace element is a break in taking the drug, so there is no need to take it continuously.Moderate deficiency of magnesium can be installed, if found that the serum magnesium content decreases less than 0.75 mmol / L.In the blood stream contains less than 1% of the total amount of the trace element in the body that should be considered when interpreting the results of the survey.

Marina Solovyov