HCG when missed abortion - how to identify pathology in the early stages

HCG when missed abortion first trimester of pregnancy is the most critical in terms of the normal fetal development of the embryo.Often pregnancy is complicated by the death of the embryo, which can be detected by laboratory methods of investigation, in particular the definition of the hormone gonadotropin.HCG levels in the missed abortion should be assessed only in the process of dynamic control, once the study can not be used to confirm the diagnosis.


How the dynamics of growth hormone in the death of the embryo

levels of hCG in the missed abortion differs primarily a change in the dynamics of growth hormone.In the normal course of pregnancy there is a natural increase of gonadotropin.If for some reason the embryo dies, it stops hormonal activity, respectively, there will be no increase in hormone production.In some cases, one can observe that the level of hCG continues to grow, but it should be noted that this growth will be insignificant when compared to standard values.

There are individual characteristics of growth hormone activity for every woman, so we can not speak of the existence of any diagnostic criteria that must be observed in all clinical cases of missed abortion.In one case, a gonadotropin will continue to rise slightly, while the other - there is an abrupt decrease in or cessation of growth in comparison with the existing baseline.

If on the basis of the clinical picture of the disease, the patient's physician complaints implies missed abortion, it is necessary to carry out several studies at intervals of a few days.This will analyze the growth of the pregnancy hormone gonadotropin.This novel approach allows dynamic control of hCG levels in comparison with the rules for determining gestational age on the day of the study.


What methods help to confirm the diagnosis

developing pregnancy diagnosis is in most cases a kind of sentence for a woman, a strong psychological stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? .It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination to confirm the diagnosis, as often has to resort to holding scraping the uterine cavity curettage - how dangerous it is? Curettage - how dangerous it is? at missed abortion missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself Missed abortion - do not lose faith in yourself .Hormonal study is recommended to supplement instrumental methods of diagnosis (ultrasound scan).

If it is assumed that there was intrauterine fetal death for up to five weeks, the accuracy of ultrasound significantly reduced.This term has not always clearly defined fetal heartbeat, so the result of ultrasonic study should be evaluated in conjunction with the level of gonadotropin in the blood serum.An important diagnostic criterion is to determine the size of the embryo.If the received size will lag behind the normal range for pregnancy due date, the diagnosis of missed abortion in combination with other survey data will be confirmed.

Assign study hCG levels, if a woman has certain clinical manifestations of the disease:

  • discharge from the genital tract in the form of "daub»
  • pain in the lower abdomen pulling character
  • abrupt end early toxicity manifestations

If a woman comesat risk for the development of non-viable pregnancy, the doctor, who watches a woman during pregnancy, be sure to appoint a dynamic hormonal research.In combination with ultrasound it will be a defining moment for the choice of further tactics.Non-viable embryo can be quite long in the uterus without the development of pathological manifestations, so it is crucial to confirm the diagnosis.


importance of hormonal examination of pregnant women

Currently available methods of laboratory diagnostics much easier process for the differential diagnosis, the diagnosis.In the case of non-viable pregnancy hormone gonadotropin it is an important part of the survey, so this study should be mandatory for pregnant women at risk of developing complications.

Hormonal disorders is one of the possible causes of intrauterine fetal death.In the process of dynamic control of hCG in the missed abortion table visually it helps to see the changes in hormonal activity.With timely appointment of therapy restored hormonal pregnancy, which is the prevention of reproductive losses.It is important that changes in the level of hormones of pregnancy have been identified at an early stage when there is a chance of further safe during pregnancy.

Since the formation of an embryo in a woman's body begins to progressively increase the concentration of gonadotropin.This is the main indicator of the normal development of the pregnancy.

for timely diagnosis of complications, it is important to properly assess the first results of a survey conducted by the hormone.If a woman is at risk for the development of non-viable pregnancy, when a deviation in the level of the hormone from normal values ​​can not only carry out a strategy of follow-up.Two days later, should conduct a mandatory check-up of the hormone HCG.

Given the importance of determining the level of gonadotropin blood blood test: the mirror of health Blood tests: a mirror of health hCG has been included in the mandatory screening of pregnant women.It is conducted at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy.In the second trimester hCG blood included in the program triple or quadruple test.The volume of the survey at various screening tests depends on the equipment of the laboratory, with a complete examination consists of a quadruple test.

Marina Solovyov