Analysis of hCG during pregnancy - informative hormonal research

Analysis of hCG during pregnancy In practice, often the need for timely diagnosis of pregnancy.Analysis of hCG during pregnancy allows the physician to recognize the complications that can become a cause of reproductive losses.Under the control of indicators of hCG hormone therapy carried Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? Hormone therapy - can cheat nature? .Often, it is assigned at the stage of preparation pregravid and continues until the end of the first, at least, the second trimester of pregnancy.To evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy is possible under the control of growth hormone levels in the blood serum.


Existing methods for detecting hCG

gonadotropin hormone production begins after fertilization process in an average of ten days.For detection of hCG can use a variety of biological substrates such as blood, urine.The result of the analysis of the hCG pregnancy HCG pregnancy - diagnostic significance survey HCG pregnancy - diagnostic significance Survey , which is obtained in the investigation of urine may not reflect the actual duration of pregnancy, as the concentration of the hormone gonadotropin in the urine increases later.The most reliable, accurate method is considered a hormonal study of blood serum.

Experts believe chorionic gonadotropin hormone particular pregnancy.If pregnancy occurs germ cell membranes begin to produce the hormone.If a woman has chorionic tissue, then I became pregnant, which can be confirmed by appropriate methods of research.The uniqueness of this laboratory method is the possibility of early diagnosis of pregnancy.

HCG blood test during pregnancy need to take under certain conditions:

  • study should be conducted before a meal
  • used for blood sampling venous blood
  • before taking the load analysis excluded, including emotional, physical

method of obtaining material for research is of great importance, since the error of any nature may affect the reliability of the results.


Determination of HCG as a method of screening

Recently, much attention is paid to the timely diagnosis of malformations in the fetus.This is largely due to the trend towards having children later in life a woman, that is one of the risk factors for disease.There are special methods of prenatal or prenatal diagnosis that can detect abnormalities in a fetus in the early stages.The advantage of these methods is their non-invasive, it is possible without the use of diagnostic imaging studies.

first screening can be performed in pregnancy with the tenth to the thirteenth week.

the wire fence of blood and determine the level of hCG and a protein associated with pregnancy (papp-a).These two indicators refer to the concept of biochemical screening.To improve the accuracy of the result recommended in strict deadlines to pass ultrasound.After analyzing the results of the research can be done to increase the percentage identifying fetal abnormalities up to 80%.

as a screening method, the level of hCG differs sufficiently high sensitivity for Down syndrome.Should not be used in this analysis as a single biochemical marker of pathology.This approach significantly increases the number of false positive results of the survey, since the change in gonadotropin levels observed in various pathological conditions of the fetus, including those that do not relate to the disease gene.


What can affect change in hCG

In practice, the doctor has to face changes in the indices of gonadotropin.Maybe there is an increase or decrease in hormone levels on standard normal values.Of great importance is the correct setting of the pregnancy as the hormone production in the first place depends on what term is a pregnant woman.When sending to a laboratory blood test is necessary to specify the period, which is expected on the day of passing the examination.

gonadotropin can change the value of hormonal drugs.Often, the reception of this group of drugs is appointed before pregnancy, so it is always necessary to consider the effect of synthetic hormones.Determining the level of HCG during hormonal support aids in the correction dose.With dynamic control at intervals for several days to observe the dynamics of growth hormone levels.If necessary, you can increase the dose of hormone medication Hormonal drugs - not just contraceptives Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives , to ensure the normal hormones to physiological development of pregnancy.

presence of multiple pregnancy also affects the values ​​of the hormone HCG.Increased levels of gonadotropins is proportional to the number of fetuses.

important prognostic factor is the reduction of the digital indicators of the level of hCG.In this case, we can talk about complicated pregnancy.If there is a significant decrease in the values ​​of the hormone (50%), it is one of the diagnostic criteria of threatened abortion, which requires the provision of therapeutic actions.

Upon receipt of a negative test result gonadotropin should consider the possibility of pregnancy, if the analysis was commissioned early, when there was enough storage pregnancy hormone.It is recommended to retake the blood over time or repeat urine test that will assess the growth of hCG.The optimal period blood test blood test: the mirror of health Blood tests: a mirror of health considered a few days delayed menstruation.The diagnostic value of this method of research to increase with increasing gestational age, reaching a maximum value at the end of the first trimester.

Marina Solovyov